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Jiang Feng: Foreign Minister Qin Gang is missing, Wang Xiaohong has been deprived of power, Rocket Army executives, a pot of bigger melons is this | Jiang Feng | Qin Gang is missing | Rocket Army | Wang Xiaohong | Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Fu Xiaotian |


[Voice of Hope, July 15, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Xin Ji) Jiang Feng, a senior self-media commentator, analyzed the frequent changes in the CCP’s officialdom recently, especially the mysterious disappearance of Foreign Minister Qin Gang.

Looking at the inside story of the CCP’s officialdom from the realistic version of “Lust, Caution” + Chinese version of “Wagner”

The most abnormal and puzzling hot discussion these two days is, what happened to Qin Gang? Both at home and abroad are waiting, and I feel that this is a melon. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs took sick leave for him under pressure, but everyone firmly believed: Well, what a melon. So I don’t give in, I feel that I don’t give up. When Fu Xiaotian, the popular host of Phoenix Satellite TV, appeared, the topic of the mistress’s illegitimate child began to sweeten the melon, and interested people quickly gathered around; I found out, good guy, there are Lust, Caution, and Chinese Wagner, this melon is really sweet and big.

There are a lot of rumors at present, each of which is spread with eyebrows and eyes, even comparable to the 007 blockbuster. Today we will talk about these so-called rumors, analyze them together, and further understand the inside story of the CCP’s officialdom.

After Qin Gang met Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ludenko in Beijing on June 25, he disappeared from public view for 20 days, sparking speculation from all sides.

The official announcement that Qin Gang was infected with the epidemic and returned to Yang violated the CCP’s secrecy practices, which is abnormal and concealed a bigger inside story

First, the CCP’s foreign ministry said that Qin Gang was due to “health reasons”. Why do you say that what the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said is really a “rumor”? Do you still remember the strange method of burying the car in the ground together with the child who was still alive in the accident on the high-speed rail? Wang Yongping, the spokesman of the Ministry of Railways, said, as for whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway. It is very typical to say that the CCP lies systematically, and even the spokesperson himself has no choice but to accept the lie.

Why is it not credible for the CCP media to say that Qin Gang is infected with the epidemic and is recovering? The whole country is aware of the new crown infection, and it usually recovers in about a week. Qin Gang had been missing for two weeks at that time, especially he did not participate in the major diplomatic activities that had been arranged. When the party media was exposed, it was released that Qin Gang was Fuyang and was seriously ill.

However, there is a “sense of violation” here, that is, the physical condition of party and state leaders is a top state secret, and in the state secrecy law, it is a secret matter in major decision-making on state affairs. Qin Gang’s position as Minister of Foreign Affairs belongs to the deputy state level, which happens to be in the category of national leaders. It is a very abnormal situation for the media to disclose his infection, and even such specific details as Fuyang. This in itself violates the CCP’s confidentiality principle.

Mao Zedong suffered a cardiac arrest before Nixon’s visit to China. Does anyone know? As soon as Nixon left, Zhou Enlai instructed: Inhale oxygen quickly. Zhou Enlai himself also died of bladder cancer, but he couldn’t even decide on the operation plan. During the past three years of the epidemic, not to mention the confidentiality of the whereabouts of all national leaders, even provincial officials have never had any reports of infection.

But in contrast to the West, US President Trump and British Prime Minister Johnson have both been infected with the epidemic, and their physical conditions and even treatment plans are open to the public. But none of the leaders of the CCP has been infected in the past three years, is it possible? In a word, the lives of Westerners belong to themselves, and the lives of CCP officials belong to the party, and they can only get sick according to their needs.

Over the years, ordinary people have also been trained to see more and more clearly the CCP’s set. The more the CCP explains, the more unbelieved the people are. They have never disclosed their illnesses or deliberately revealed them. There must be a bigger inside story, just waiting for something to happen. .

Real-life version of “Lust, Caution” surfaced; mistress revealed to be taking antidepressant drugs

Sure enough, things came. Thus, Qin Gang’s mistress and child were exposed. It is said that Qin Gang’s mistress is Fu Xiaotian, the former host of Fengyun TV’s “Fengyun Dialogue”, who was recently arrested for other things and confessed her improper relationship with Qin Gang.

Is this statement credible? Of course there is no way to confirm the gossip. But I can’t remember it. Now it’s Li Changyu of the whole people. Everyone flips and flips, just like the great detective. As a result, many clues can be found from Fu Xiaotian’s Weibo in the past two years.

The last update of Fu Xiaotian’s Weibo was on April 10 this year, and the content was that she took her son, who had just given birth to more than 100 days, to take off from Los Angeles. She didn’t say the destination, but it should be back to China.

Fu Xiaotian’s Weibo on April 10

So far, the last time she was on Weibo was April 13. Moreover, for more than a month from March 4 to April 13, she basically posted continuously, sometimes twice a day, but in the next three months, she disappeared completely. There are rumors on the Internet that she was arrested, which seems to be groundless. So what is the relationship between her and Qin Gang? And why did she disappear?

On March 4 this year, she said “My son is 100 days old” and posted a bunch of photos. Based on this calculation, she should have given birth to her son in the United States on November 24 last year. I conceived around January and February last year. During this period of time, she was in California, because she said that on Valentine’s Day last year, she went to climb the hill of Top of the world in Southern California. On the day of her son Bairi, she went to climb this mountain again.

So at the beginning of last year, was it possible for Fu Xiaotian to meet Qin Gang privately? At that time, as an ambassador to the United States, all trips abroad had to be notified in advance in the United States. For embassies stationed abroad under the CCP’s totalitarian system, there was relatively little space for personal activities, and the higher the level, the stricter the monitoring. Therefore, unless the private meeting with Fu Xiaotian is for the benefit of the public, that is to say, arrange a time for the tryst within the public itinerary.

After searching, I found that in the itinerary of the CCP embassy’s visit to Qin Gang, he was at Caltech on February 25, 2022, and at UCLA on February 28, 2022. Both universities are in Los Angeles, and the distance between them is only 30 minutes. There is no other itinerary report for the time.

Chinese embassy about Qin Gang’s visit itinerary

At the same time, they were all in Los Angeles, plus the corresponding conception time, is it still a coincidence? Of course, this does not meet the necessary conditions that Fu Xiaotian is Qin Gang’s mistress and conceived a child at the above-mentioned time and place, but we can prove that this inference is reasonable. On the other hand, according to Dr. Li Changyu’s words, there are conditions for committing the crime. Then the real situation may have to wait for the confession of the parties themselves.

On March 11, Fu Xiaotian posted two Weibo posts in a row, saying, “My son’s father is not an American.” He also added a close-up photo of his son’s face, saying, “Look at you who still say that I am a foreign baby.” On the same day, she also mentioned that “we will return to China soon”, which should refer to the return on April 10.

Fu Xiaotian Weibo on March 11th and 12th
Fu Xiaotian Weibo on March 11th and 12th

On March 14, she said she had been taking Escitalopram for two months, and included a photo of two bottles. A search found that this drug is used in the United States to treat major depressive disorder (MDD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in adults and children over the age of 12.

Fu Xiaotian is taking medicine for severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder
Fu Xiaotian is taking medicine for severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder

This shows that her mental condition is not very good, and she may have severe depression. Moreover, this kind of medicine is a prescription medicine. Only after seeing a doctor and being diagnosed with such a disease, the doctor will prescribe and take the medicine. It cannot be bought without a prescription in a pharmacy. So, I don’t know if it’s postpartum depression, or is it that even after giving birth, you and your child still can’t see the light, can’t sit in the “prime palace” position and are depressed or anxious?

Further down, here comes the key point. On March 19 this year, Fu Xiaotian expressed his emotions on Weibo, and euphemistically sent a “birthday greeting” to someone. And March 19 happens to be Qin Gang’s birthday.

Fu Xiaotian Weibo
Fu Xiaotian Weibo
Fu Xiaotian Tweets
Fu Xiaotian Tweets

In addition, Qin Gang was promoted from ambassador to the United States to foreign minister at the end of December last year, and became a state councilor at the “two sessions” in March this year, a triple jump, from deputy provincial to deputy state. In Xiaotian’s blog post, there is a saying of “smooth progress”. She hopes that “the family will be reunited”, which seems to imply that she hopes that this “he” will be “reunited” with herself and her children.

Moreover, on April 10, the day Fu Xiaotian returned to China, she sent a tweet in which she and Qin Gang’s interview photos, as well as photos of a child named Er-Kin (Er-Kin) In the tweet, a very far-fetched reason was used to link these two things together. “Forcing the palace”, the reason and purpose of returning to China seems to be coming out.

Fu Xiaotian's tweet on April 10
Fu Xiaotian’s tweet on April 10 “Forcing the palace” has a strong meaning

So far, the illegitimate child of a beautiful mistress, this melon is indeed delicious. But after tasting it, friends may say that Qin Gang is a deputy state-level official of the CCP, and one or two mistresses are not a problem to the CCP at all. Yes, my friends are right! Only when something happens to CCP officials will there be women’s problems, but it will never happen because of women’s problems.

In the CCP’s bureaucratic system, the leaders are all playing games. If you don’t play, are you waiting for the opportunity to report on the leaders? Why do CCP cadres have so many promiscuous acts? That is an important means of voluntary surrender, just like the triads test whether you are determined, and make you enforce the family rules and have blood on your hands. Almost all officials who stepped down due to corruption will be involved in the issue of life style. The essence of a totalitarian system is to use power to seize social resources. Women, like medical education, are such social resources.

Ye Jianying, one of the top ten marshals of the CCP who came out of Guangdong Hakka, why is he called “Hua Shuai”? Six wives, and three mistresses in public at the same time. Did the Party punish him for this? Mao Zedong also said that “Lu Duan is not confused about major affairs” and entrusted him with the daily affairs of the central government before his death. Didn’t Chen Yun also say at the central high-level meeting after the “June 4th” in 1989: Our children just make some money and some women, but they don’t know how to dig our ancestral graves. Therefore, not only does keeping a mistress not become a crime, but it is an important sign of a good successor to the party. Indeed. Qin Gang’s problem is not a woman’s problem.

CIA Russian spies broke the news about Qin Gang’s rebellion;

So what’s wrong with Qin Gang? This is the second version uploaded on the Internet: the spy problem.

Because Fu Xiaotian is the host of Phoenix Satellite TV’s “Fengyun Dialogue”, just like Yang Lan, the original head of Phoenix Satellite TV, such an identity will naturally come into contact with dignitaries from various countries. Yang Lan, like his husband Wu Zheng, is a double-faced agent known to both China and the United States. The two countries need each other, and neither of them has been taken down. Therefore, even if Fu Xiaotian is a spy, all she is constituted is a messenger, because she herself is not a decision-maker or a person who influences decision-making. That is to say, even if there is an investigation on her, it is limited to asking about Qin Gang’s related matters, and there is no What’s the matter with Qin Gang?

However, unexpectedly, “Cheng Yaojin came out halfway,” Putin, who was eager to please Xi Jinping, gave a “big gift”: Russia’s deep-diving agents in the CIA in the United States detected it, and the evidence was very hard, saying that Qin Gang had rebelled. Putin immediately sent someone to take a special plane to send the news directly to Boss Xi in Beijing, but he did not dare to report to Boss Xi online for fear of leaking the secret.

This version sounds a bit absurd. The foreign minister of a great country has become a spy, which is rare in the history of diplomacy. Moreover, Qin Gang’s official career is smooth and smooth, and the CCP treats him well, so it is against common sense to rebel. But whoever the CCP wins is generally announced publicly. For example, Dong Yunhu, secretary of the party group of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, was dismounted a few days ago. Isn’t it public? However, the CCP’s silence on Qin Gang’s matter makes people feel that the matter is more serious than ordinary corruption.

In fact, this statement has its internal logic. The strongest force in the CCP’s foreign ministry is the remnant forces of Zhou Enlai, including the forces of special departments such as the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China that did secret work, which is the force that pushed Li Zhaoxing. Qin Gang is also behind this force. Because the previous Wang Yi was promoted by Tang Jiaxuan, who was also the ambassador to Japan, and others. This means that Li Zhaoxing will be followed by Wang Yi, and Wang Yi will be followed by Qin Gang, forming two forces that alternate and take turns.

The most touching skill of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to act according to the face of the master. At present, Xi Jinping’s attitude towards Europe, America and Russia determines the real work direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Qin Gang worked in Europe, and later served as the ambassador to the United States. In the previous round of political contests in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he forced out the Deputy Minister Le Yucheng who was the ambassador to Russia. Le Yucheng went to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to completely leave the diplomatic system. Instead, Qin Gang became the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, as soon as Qin Gang, who represented the pro-American forces, took office, he asked Zhao Lijian, the representative of Wolf Warrior, to stand aside. This time Qin Gang was announced to be out of the epidemic, and Zhao Lijian’s wife happily returned to Weibo, saying, “Today is a good day.” This is the true manifestation of the pro-American or pro-Russian struggle within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which depends on the face of the master. All internal struggles have become superficial, and it depends on whether we can catch it carefully.

This is the rational logic of Putin’s “big gift” to betray Qin Gang. When the Russo-Ukraine war was in decline, Putin had to do everything possible to bind Xi Jinping on the chariot, regardless of whether Qin Gang really betrayed the United States, but let Xi Jinping hold the real power of foreign affairs in the hands of people who are wholeheartedly pro-Russian. It will have more influence on foreign policy and benefit Russia than putting it in the hands of Qin Gang, who has a better understanding of Europe and the United States than Russia, and has more benefits to Russia; .

But there are two things that this version can’t justify:

First, at the age of 57, Qin Gang was promoted to three levels in a row as foreign minister. Without Xi Jinping’s trust, it would be impossible to achieve this. So can this trust be destroyed by Putin’s denunciation? What’s more, Qin Gang’s appointment as minister was not because he was pro-American. More precisely, he was determined by a character who understands Europe and the United States but is a hardliner against the United States. Xi Jinping needs a person who maintains effective ties with the West but can also reflect his anti-American stance. Qin Gang is just right, that is to say, Qin Gang can also be very anti-American and pro-Russian in his bones;

Second, this is more important. The day after Qin Gang disappeared on June 26, Xi Jinping hurriedly transferred Wang Zhizhong from Guangdong to serve as the deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security, adding sand to Wang Xiaohong’s independent kingdom. Later, Wang Xiaohong was directly removed as the director of the Secret Service Bureau, and Wang Zhizhong was officially appointed on July 13. Wang Xiaohong is the top leader of the Ministry of Public Security and also the director of the Secret Service Bureau. This is the same as Cai Qi, who is a member of the Politburo Standing Committee but also the director of the Central Office. The key is to protect Xi Jinping’s personal safety. So now that Wang Xiaohong’s key positions are going to be split, it means that something is really wrong with the top management of the central government.

Combined with the mysterious disappearance of Qin Gang, people can’t help but think of the most common way of political power struggle in the history of the CCP to deal with opponents-to overthrow the anti-party group. Bo Xilai and Ling Jihua are the latest ones. That is to say, even if Putin’s whistleblower is true, it will not be easy to win Qin Gang, let alone move Wang Xiaohong’s territory.

The biggest melon: the Chinese version of “Wagner” – the Rocket Army wants to rebel, Qin Gang sticks to the bag

Now there is a third theory that Qin Gang failed to prevent the rocket army commander Li Yuchao’s son from leaking secrets in the United States, and even said that Qin Gang helped the Rocket Army conceal the situation of sending spy balloons to detect the United States, which made Xi Jinping dissatisfied. These speculations are flawed.

Who is the happiest when the son of the commander of the Rocket Army leaks secrets and has an accident? The other high-level members of the Rocket Army, the CCP is so eager for the opponent to have an accident so that he can take over and replace him. But everyone sees that something happened to the Rocket Army this time, and it was really a hot pot: after Commander Li Yuchao was rumored to be taken away, Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wu Guohua was accused of committing suicide on July 6. Major General Zhang Fusheng, who has a military background, was officially arrested on July 5. Since March, there have been three commanders, two deputy commanders, and several cadres at the military division level. Who leaked the secret, who was responsible, how could it be done in one pot? It doesn’t matter if you take out a few more in other military theaters, the Rocket Army can’t do that at all.

Why? You can see that Li Yuchao came all the way up from the commander of the Second Artillery Base, and most of the others came all the way up from the Rocket Army, because Xi Jinping can arrange cronies in other military branches, but your cronies don’t understand rockets, missiles, or aerospace. As long as you don’t play around, the Rocket Army is the military with the highest technical content. Therefore, there is only one possibility that can push Xi Jinping to the point where he can do it all, and that is that the Rocket Army is rebellious.

CIA Director Bill Burns, who visited China secretly in May, always visits with secret and sensitive missions. For example, before the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, in November 2021, he secretly visited Moscow, had a showdown with Putin, and warned Putin that if he invaded Ukraine, the United States and its allies were ready to support Ukraine. But Putin is not convinced.

CIA Director Bill Burns
CIA Director Bill Burns secretly visited China in May to inform Xi Jinping about the spy balloon

Burns told Xi Jinping about the spy balloon, the location of the Rocket Army’s launch of the balloon, the trajectory of its actions, and even high-level dialogues. It can trigger Xi Jinping’s purge.

The Rocket Force is the only military service that can fight against Taiwan and the United States. Its medium-range missiles, nuclear submarines and silos are the biggest threat to the United States. A few years ago, the U.S. Air Force Academy published a detailed tactics and missile deployment information of the CCP Rocket Force. The warning is very serious, that is, I can kill you at any time. Do you think the Rocket Army can’t be frightened? Once the war started, they were the first to be wiped out. In fact, the Rocket Army is a branch of the military that is difficult for Xi Jinping to deploy his cronies, so as long as Putin and the US CIA join forces, the Rocket Army will either be forced to rebel or be liquidated. This is the biggest melon!

Only this kind of reason can explain the series of actions such as Qin Gang being implicated and Wang Xiaohong’s most critical position being replaced. It is understandable that Wang Xiaohong, the director of the Secret Service, was replaced: you did not grasp the most serious and dangerous mutiny. And what about Qin Gang being involved? Because the Rocket Army needs people of sufficient weight and level to express their motives to the United States. You can understand this by watching Prigozin’s rebellion. At that time, I commented, why didn’t Prigozin’s rebellion succeed? Why does he always set up the Air Force Commander Sunowei King as the banner? Because Wagner is a criminal organization, the West and Ukraine do not accept Prigozin as the new political leader. Even if he captures the Kremlin, he will not be recognized internationally, so he will die.

Whether it is a military coup or a palace coup, the immediate approval of the West, especially the United States, is the most critical. Of course, Qin Gang would be the best choice for this kind of communication.

We cannot confirm whether Fu Xiaotian played the role of messenger in such rebellion activities. From her mysterious background, being able to establish a garden named after herself at Harvard Churchill College is definitely not something a young graduate can achieve. How many network resources are in her “Fengyun Dialogue” program, and how many of them are from the military, or even the Rocket Army, we have not yet determined. But from her birthday message to Qin Gang, she solemnly advised Qin Gang: physical freedom and inner freedom are much more important than success, promotion and fortune.

It can be clearly pointed out that this is Fu Xiaotian’s clear wording to persuade Qin Gang to break away from the kidnapping of the CCP system and defect to the West. So was Qin Gang persuaded by the beauty, or was he originally a partner in a military coup that was buried deeper? That is a deeper layer of delusion.

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