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Asking politics in Hainan | Rows of green trees in a residential area in Haikou were “shaved” and pruned.


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News from New Hainan Client,, and Nanguo Metropolis Daily on May 26 (Reporter Wang Kangjingwen/Photo) Recently, some owners of Jiashun Garden and Haitang Community located in Xiuying District, Haikou City reported that the method of pruning green trees in the community property Too “rude” to saw off the long and thick rows of green trees directly from the main trunk without leaving a branch or a leaf. This “shaved head” pruning scheme exposes residents’ vehicles to the sun , affecting the cooling needs of the owners when they are active in the community.

The picture shows the trees in the community being shaved and pruned

The reporter recently came to Jiashun Garden and Haitang Community and found that not far from the entrance, next to the row of parking spaces on the side of the main road inside, a whole row of green trees near the wall had been “shaved”. It can almost be said to be “truncated in the middle”, leaving only a section of the main trunk. The reporter learned that these two communities belong to the same property management area, which is a project of unified planning and construction, and is currently managed by the same property company.

“Originally in summer, the sun was too strong and the weather was sultry. I was counting on some trees to provide shade and enjoy the cool air. As a result, when pruning these trees, the property management did not consider the actual requirements of the owners and did not publicize the specific pruning plan, so they asked someone to remove these trees. It was cut off almost from the middle of the trunk.” Some owners of the community said it was difficult to accept, and questioned that such pruning methods were unreasonable and unscientific, and would cause damage to the trees themselves.

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The picture shows the excessive pruning of trees affecting shade

Regarding the owner’s doubts, Han Shengguang, the property director of the community, said that during the two or three years of the epidemic, it was not convenient for the community to arrange tree pruning. These green trees are all tall and luxuriant.

“Hainan is now entering the typhoon season, with a lot of wind and rain. Considering safety issues, the property management has formulated this plan of pruning off all the branches and leaving only the trunk.” Han Shengguang said that these trees are actually very strong in growth, and even Sawing off all the branches will not affect the life of the tree. On the contrary, they will soon grow branches from the top. He advises the owners not to worry too much, as the lack of shade from the sun is only temporary.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Haikou Public Greening Management Office said that the pruning method of the property is unreasonable. If the tree is very tall, a height of six to eight meters can be left on the entire tree height according to the situation during pruning. The diameter of the crown can be kept between four and five meters. At the same time, small branches and cross-overlapping branches are removed to make the branches of the canopy thinner, leaving some branches for both shade and wind protection.

insert picture

The picture shows that after the trees were over-pruned, the electric vehicles were parked in a centralized charging area and were exposed to the sun.

“Regulations on Urban Gardening and Greening in Haikou City” The green space in the newly built residential area shall be maintained and managed by the owner or the property service company entrusted by the owner; the growth of trees in the residential area affects the lighting, ventilation and living safety of the residents, and if the residents request pruning, the green space shall be maintained The management unit shall organize pruning within three working days.

The “Regulations on Urban Landscaping and Greening in Hainan Province” stipulates that if the need to defend against emergency natural disasters, or the occurrence of natural disasters or emergencies causes trees to affect safety, relevant units may first trim trees or take other measures, and at the same time report to the city, county, The report of the landscaping department of the autonomous county people’s government.

However, the above-mentioned relevant regulations did not make specific technical specification requirements for pruning trees.


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