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Zhao Gang: Resolutely win the battle against air pollution – Xinhua


Original title: Zhao Gang emphasized in the research discussion at the Office of the Provincial Air Pollution Control Special Action Leading Group Office that he will resolutely win the battle against air pollution with greater determination, higher standards and stricter measures

On May 23, Governor Zhao Gang went to the Office of the Leading Group of the Provincial Air Pollution Control Special Action to investigate and presided over a symposium. He emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech when he listened to the work report of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and follow the work deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government with greater determination, higher standards, and stricter measures , resolutely win the battle against air pollution. Vice Governor Zhong Hongjiang participated in the research discussion.

At the symposium, after affirming the preliminary work of the Leading Group Office, Zhao Gang pointed out that at present, our province, especially the Guanzhong area, has a severe situation and arduous task in pollution control and haze reduction. Relevant departments at all levels must earnestly improve their political positions and have a deep understanding of air pollution control. The extreme importance and realistic urgency of the work, with the implementation of the province’s special air pollution control action as the starting point, with the obvious improvement of air quality as the rigid requirement, keep an eye on the target, focus on the problem, refine the measures, and work for a long time to promote various High-standard and high-quality implementation of tasks. It is necessary to combine the promotion of air pollution control with the acceleration of the green transformation of the development model, focus on key areas and key indicators, strengthen law enforcement inspections in key industries, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure and land use structure, and advance in an orderly manner before breaking down Coal reduction and substitution and clean and efficient utilization will simultaneously improve ecological and environmental protection and promote high-quality economic and social development. It is necessary to give full play to the comprehensive coordination role of the special work class, strengthen analysis, research and judgment, strengthen work scheduling, supervision and inspection, assessment interviews, and accountability, do a good job in publicity and guidance, form a joint effort of joint management, joint prevention and joint control, and promote air pollution control in the whole province Constantly achieve new results.

Before the meeting, Zhao Gang visited the working groups of the Provincial Air Pollution Control Special Action Leading Group Office, and had an in-depth exchange of business work with everyone.

Wang Haipeng, secretary-general of the provincial government, and responsible comrades from relevant departments directly under the provincial government participated in the event. (Reporter Sun Peng)

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