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The relatives of the 10-year-old boy in Shanxi disclosed the details of the autopsy: two rows of ribs and teeth were knocked out, and both ears were bleeding|corpse_NetEase News


(Original title: Relatives of the 10-year-old murdered boy in Shanxi disclosed autopsy details: two rows of ribs and teeth were knocked out, and both ears were bleeding)

[The relatives of the 10-year-old boy in Shanxi disclosed the details of the autopsy: two rows of ribs and teeth were knocked out, and his ears were bleeding from the beating]Zhang Moumou, a 10-year-old boy in Linyi County, Shanxi Province, was confirmed dead after 20 days of missing contact. The suspect Xie Moumou , Wang Moumou are the biological mother and stepfather of the lost boy. The boy’s body was found in a cemetery around Xiadoushi Village, Linyi County, where his stepfather lived.

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On May 26, a Daxiang News reporter learned from a relative of the murdered boy Zhang that after a forensic autopsy, the child’s two rows of ribs were suspected to have been broken with his feet, his teeth were also knocked out, and both ears were bleeding. After the boy Zhang was killed, the suspect wrapped the child’s body in a plastic bag, wrapped it with tape, and buried it in the cemetery. Due to the hot weather, the child’s body had decomposed.

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The 10-year-old murdered boy returned to the village for burial

Zhang Moumou, a 10-year-old boy in Linyi County, Shanxi Province, was confirmed dead 20 days after he lost contact. The boy’s body was found in a cemetery around Xiadoushi Village, Linyi County, where his stepfather lived. On May 25, the Elephant News reporter saw in the village that part of the cemetery had been cordoned off, and one of the cemetery lands showed signs of being newly turned over. At present, the boy’s body has been sent back to Feng Jiazhuo Village where his biological father, Mr. Zhang, was buried. On the evening of the 25th, some young people were on duty at all the entrances and exits of the village. In order to protect the safety of the villagers, no one from outside the village was allowed to enter.

According to people familiar with the matter, the place where the boy was found was a public cemetery in Xiadoushi Village, with dozens of tombstones. On May 23, the police led suspects Xie Moumou and Wang Moumou to identify the scene here.

This cemetery is about 5 kilometers away from Fengjiazhuo Village, where the boy’s biological father lives. The boy’s relatives had found this place before and found something unusual in the ancestral grave of the boy’s stepfather. The boy’s relatives said in an interview that the boy’s body had burns and fractures.


On the evening of the 24th, Mr. Zhang, the biological father of the 10-year-old boy who was killed, posted a message on the short video platform, saying, “Thanks to the relatives, friends, and caring people for their silent contributions over the past 20 days. Village burial, let the children rest in peace.”

On the night of the burial, more than a hundred relatives, friends and villagers came spontaneously to see the boy on his last journey. The boy was buried near his grandfather’s tomb. The boy’s aunt expressed the hope that the public security organs can give the family a complete explanation so that the murderer will be severely punished.

The boy was killed, and the villagers revealed the triple label on the biological mother and stepfather

Zhang Moumou, a 10-year-old boy in Shanxi, disappeared and was killed. The suspects were his biological mother Xie Moumou and stepfather Wang Mouhu. On the evening of May 24, 10-year-old Zhang Moumou was buried in the village where his biological father lived, and hundreds of villagers spontaneously sent their farewells.

At present, many media have interviewed people who are familiar with Zhang’s biological mother and stepfather. Through combing and integrating the upstream news, trying to restore it to the eyes of others from multiple keywords, what kind of people are these two people?


biological mother and stepfather

Keywords: domestic violence stepfather

In the mouths of different people, many people evaluated Zhang Moumou’s stepfather Wang Mouhu as “violent”.

According to reports, Wang Mouhu is a truck driver. He complained that it was difficult to make money, and he often encouraged himself with some popular chicken soup on the Internet. One day Wang Mouhu specially sent a text, warning himself to restrain his bad temper.

Ms. Yang, a villager, revealed that Wang Mouhu had divorced twice because of beating his wife: “I heard from my mother that Wang Mouhu used to beat his mother at home, beat his mother out, and refused to let him in. Now his mother can only Live with his sister. Wang Mouhu’s first two wives were beaten away, and his first wife gave birth to a daughter, and he often beat his daughter, and I heard that he even alerted the police station.”

Another villager said that Wang Mouhu not only beat his stepson (the deceased) but also his own daughter. “Last year, he broke his stepson’s bones in two places.”

The child’s biological father, Mr. Zhang, revealed that the child’s stepfather, Wang Mouhu, had always been violent and had also been divorced. “His (Wang Mouhu’s) ex-wife said that he had a very serious tendency to violence after drinking and often beat people. That’s why they divorced.” marriage.”

Keywords: Aixiu’s mother

Xie Moumou’s appearance is not considered beautiful, but she has beauty skills and various filters in the short video on her mobile phone, so she also has a sense of accomplishment in playing short videos. The number of likes for each video is about 100-200. Such an achievement, for an amateur who is nothing, is already very satisfying. Xie Moumou maintains his life and raises his children by relying on his work in the beauty shop and his tricks in the flag team. Sometimes, she also needs to help her mother do some work such as beating dates.

Some people think she has a bad reputation. Some villagers said that the biological mother of the boy who was killed was a good person before, but she started to change after joining a drum band three or four years ago. She was impetuous and greedy for money.

According to Ms. Yang, a villager, Xie is okay. “I didn’t see her beating her own child in public. When dancing together, I saw her child being very close to her and clinging to her. In fact, I was in the village ( Feng Jiazhuo Village) her character is not bad, and her neighbor relationship is also good. These days we have been discussing how she became like this.”

Another villager said that Xie Moumou became pregnant with Wang Mouhu after they got together, and the child was not as good as before.

Keywords: “actor” parents

After Zhang Moumou disappeared, Xie Moumou and Wang Moumou burst into tears and performed their “performance” in front of the camera.

Regarding the questioning of the child’s biological father and aunt, Xie insisted that the child ran away from home in the early morning of May 3. According to media reports, the two had posted a video on the Internet crying and looking for someone. Wang Mouhu once responded to netizens’ doubts and said: Now I can only find out the baby quietly. This is the biggest clarification for me.

In the video, the two said in tears: “I will go to the fruit tree field as long as there is a house and a hole.” “I am a stepdad, so I can’t clarify it. Only finding out the baby is the biggest clarification for me”…

On Xie Moumou’s social platform account, he also posted many times saying that he hoped that the child would go home as soon as possible.

A villager once sent a WeChat message to Xie Moumou after the child disappeared, “She replied in seconds, saying that she went to the orchard to look for the child, and said that the pressure of public opinion was pointing at her. She is still playing Alipay’s ant farm, not as anxious as in the conversation.”


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