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Carefully build a good ecology of “attaching hearts and keeping people”


Carefully build a good ecology of “attaching hearts and keeping people”

——Practical Exploration of Liaoning Province to Allow All Kinds of Talents to Settle Their Lives and Work

Guangming Daily Research Team

In September 2018, when presiding over the symposium on further promoting the revitalization of Northeast China, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Measures must be taken in various aspects to create conditions for retaining talents, so that all kinds of talents can feel at ease, settle down, and secure their careers.”

  In Liaoning in May, everything is flourishing, and a picture of spring plowing full of vitality is slowly unfolding on the land of Liaoning and Shenyang.

Get over the difficulties and regain your vitality. As the “eldest son of the Republic”, Liaoning has had glory and downturns, and now it has shouldered the burden of revitalizing the Northeast and is flourishing. Once upon a time, brain drain became a key problem in Liaoning’s transformation and upgrading and the realization of high-quality development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has inspected Liaoning many times and made arrangements for the revitalization of Northeast China and talent issues. In September 2018, when presiding over the symposium on further promoting the revitalization of Northeast China, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Measures must be taken in various aspects to create conditions for retaining talents, so that all kinds of talents can feel at ease, settle down, and secure their careers.”

Over the past five years, as a leader in the revitalization of Northeast China, Liaoning Province has fully implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of instructions, and has taken the lead in launching a talent “turnaround” with high-quality talent work. Recently, the research team came to the land of Liaoning and Shenyang to carry out in-depth research on the practice and exploration of Liaoning to create an environment of “attaching people with heart and keeping people”.

Members of the “Luoyang Youth Commando” of Shenfei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. are dealing with production technology issues.profile picture

 1. “External introduction and internal education” to empower and cultivate talents for the revitalization of Northeast China

Cloud of Wisdom, Scientist Workshop, Science and Technology Block… On the south bank of Shenshui, a new science and technology city adhering to the development concept of “integration of production, life and ecology” – Hunnan Science and Technology City is rising.

Through the car window, the words “Shengjing gate, talent green space” on the construction site fence changed from small to large, and the research team came to the construction command center of Hunnan Science and Technology City. In the exhibition hall on the second floor, Liu Kuo, deputy director of the Science and Technology City Planning and Construction Department, introduced: “The planned land area is 91 square kilometers, and the start-up area is 7.2 square kilometers. After completion, the Hunnan Science and Technology City will become a comprehensive national science and technology project supporting the revitalization and development of Northeast China. center.”

At No. 33, Quanyun Road, which is a 5-minute drive from the command center, a picture scroll of “robot +” innovative practice with rich heritage has been carefully woven. In front of the gate of Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., the eleven red characters “Seize every day to break through the ‘stuck neck’ problem” are particularly eye-catching.

The production line in the factory is even more amazing to the research team. There are mobile robots running around, and mechanical arms flying up and down. In the enterprise exhibition hall, the research team met Zhang Lei, the candidate of the provincial talent project “Xingliao Talent Plan”, the winner of the “Mayor’s Special Award” of Shenyang Municipal People’s Government, and the company’s technical director.

He said with emotion to the research team: “In Shenyang and Xinsong, I have progressed and matured a little bit from a student who just graduated. This is a hot spot for cultivating my growth. There are also my relatives and friends. The party and the government serve the enterprise. The development has created many favorable conditions, which makes us full of confidence in the revitalization of Northeast China.”

The revitalization of Northeast China in the new era is a comprehensive and all-round revitalization. The development of the digital economy has become an important engine for reshaping the economic structure of this old industrial base. Shenyang International Software Park, which breeds new formats and models of the digital economy, is expected to provide a new platform and strong support in promoting the integration of informatization and industrialization.

Siasun Semiconductor Equipment BG vacuum manipulator robot product debugging site.profile picture

As one of China’s “Most Dynamic Software Parks in 2022”, Shenyang International Software Park has always adhered to the core development strategy of “introducing from the outside and cultivating from within” and “grasping the two ends and leading the middle” since its establishment in the Hunnan Science and Technology City, and vigorously introduced Industry leaders and high-growth technology companies, including Huawei Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center, ThunderSoft, TravelSky, Philips and other well-known companies. Su Wan, general manager of Haichuang Talent Service Center in the park, said: “At present, the second phase of the park with a planned land area of ​​more than 1,100 mu and an overall construction area of ​​1.5 million square meters is being accelerated. After the project is completed, the total number of employees will increase from the current ‘40,000+’ to the scale of ‘100,000+’.”

As more talents settle in the park, Shenyang’s software industry ecology will be more complete, thereby driving industrial development, promoting technological innovation, enhancing the city’s image, and empowering and nurturing talents for the all-round revitalization of Liaoning and even Northeast China.

In recent years, in the developed areas along the southeast coast, the innovative construction of new technology applications and supply-demand linkages has become a new engine for technological iterative upgrades, industrial digital transformation, and urban renewal. Shenyang City, which is determined to reform, is actively rushing to deploy. On April 28, 2023, starting with the “Three-Year Action Plan for Attracting and Gathering High-level Talents and Urban Application Scenario Conference”, the “Shenyang Talent Activity Month” was launched. With the theme of “Shenyang’s future, coming because of you”, the press conference released a three-year action plan for attracting and gathering high-level talents, doctoral job requirements and the “Shenyang City Application Scenario List”, releasing a huge talent attraction. In order to attract high-level talents to stay in Shenyang to innovate and start businesses, Shenyang City held the “PhD Shenyang Tour” activity on May 26, recruiting doctors from all over the world with favorable conditions, demonstrating the determination and sincerity to seek talents and gather talents .

“Building a new city”, “expanding the park”, and “constructing the scene”, in the new era of the revitalization of the Northeast and Liaoning, Shenyang City will take on a major role, be a pioneer, and set an example, and strive to be a good “high jump team” for the revitalization of the Northeast.

 2. Create a highland for intelligent equipment manufacturing talents

On May 7, the 16th High-Skilled Talent Commendation Conference was held in Beijing, commending 30 winners of the China Skills Award and 295 national technical experts. Fang Wenmo from Aviation Industry Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Aviation Industry Shenfei”) won the China Skills Award.

Carefully build a good ecology of

A corner of Shenyang International Software Park.profile picture

“Gather the world’s talents and use them”, “gathering” is just a process, and “using” is the goal. How to let talents from all corners of the country “show their talents” and “show their talents” on the “black land”, the Northeast Old Industrial Base fully understands General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, and the spirit of craftsmanship, combined with its own unique historical tradition of model workers Lead innovation and create a highland for intelligent equipment manufacturing talents.

Walking slowly through the factory avenue of Shenfei Aviation Industry Corporation, the research team noticed that the red banners of “Luoyang Youth Commando” were particularly eye-catching. Although the Sri Lankan people have gone, the heroic spirit has blossomed everywhere.

Since 2013, the aviation industry Shenfei has been named after the aviation hero Luo Yang, and with the youth commando team as the carrier, it has organized young people to learn from Luo Yang, to be pioneers, and to be pioneers. Over the past 10 years, the “Luoyang Youth Commando Team” of Shenfei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. has solved more than a thousand production technical problems and sent warhawks to the blue sky.

Speaking of the top talents of the “Luoyang Youth Commando Team”, the staff of the Career Development Office of the Human Resources Department of the Aviation Industry Shenyang Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. counted the treasures: Sun Zhiqiang, who has the unique skill of “hand feeling installation”, and the chief of the Aviation Industry Industry, known as the “ace milling worker” Wang Gang, a technical expert, Fang Wenmo, a great craftsman who created “literary precision”, and Li Xiaodan, an additive manufacturing expert who has made outstanding achievements…

There is a long table, several small tables, several computers and a row of bookcases. Various operating tools and technical materials are placed on the bookcases. There is a faint smell of engine oil in the air. This is the model worker innovation studio of Sun Zhiqiang, the winner of the famous “National May 1st Labor Medal”.

Sun Zhiqiang was nicknamed “Neurologist”. Based on the studio platform, more than 30 professional technical and skilled personnel have applied for 92 national defense patents, national invention patents, and utility model patents, and completed 13 innovative achievements. The cables and conduits are installed and routed to every corner of the aircraft.

Different from the rough industrial style of Sun Zhiqiang’s model worker innovation studio, Li Xiaodan’s innovation studio is a bit more bookish, and a calligraphy work hung in a prominent position reads “There is great potential, everything depends on human effort, and the key lies in doing”. 4 doctors, 12 masters, and 5 undergraduates form a highly educated studio that is rare in the aviation industry Shenfei. Under the leadership of Dr. Li Xiaodan, this group of proud children in blue uniforms worked hard for 28 days and “delivered” the first 3D printed aviation part of the aviation industry Shenfei in a simple plastic shed.

In order to encourage the majority of young people to take the road of becoming talents with skills and serving the country with skills, Liaoning has continuously strengthened the excavation and promotion of the craftsman spirit of excellence, and established the brand of “Liaoning Craftsman” by setting models and setting benchmarks. Implement the “Skills Liaoning Action”, plant the “Golden Seeds” of craftsmen from a big country, and create an environment where high-skilled talents stand out.

In Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd. (“Shengu” for short), Ma Changhao is known as “the dancer on the tip of the knife”. His workshop makes the rotor part known as the “heart” of the compressor. And what he processes is the most core component in the “heart” – the impeller. The “dancing” knife is the turning tool of the lathe, and the impeller is cut out one by one under the turning tool controlled by him.

“The growth of my skill level has benefited from Shengu’s innovative environment and research atmosphere.” Ma Changhao introduced that in order to strengthen the cultivation of high-skilled talents, Shengu has established a standardized mechanism for model workers and master studios to give full play to the talents of model workers and masters. The leading role provides intellectual support for the cultivation of high-skilled talents of the group and various organizations at the grassroots level, so that the innovative energy of talents can continue to burst out, making great contributions to reducing costs and increasing efficiency and improving production efficiency for enterprises.

“A single flower is not spring, and the garden is full of purple and red.” In 2023, there will be 1.351 million high-skilled talents in Liaoning, and 14 skilled talents will be awarded by the state. There is no doubt that Liaoning has played a beautiful talent “breakthrough” and “turnaround” on the track of high-skilled talent training.

 3. Ignite the talent engine for the high-quality development of the old industrial base

In December 2021, Liu Bengang, an “Outstanding Technological Innovation Pacesetter” born in 1985 of the Shenfei Aviation Industry Corporation, was awarded a red flag car by the company for his innovative completion of key projects.

There are rewards for job innovation achievements, and high-level talents have equity. “In the aviation industry Shenfei, the salary incentive model based on value creation has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.” Zhao Lei, head of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of the Aviation Industry Shenfei Shenfei, said that the company has set nine-level talent allowance standards, and the annual talent allowance is 46 million yuan. While the per capita income of the “14th Five-Year Plan” has increased significantly, the salary should be tilted towards the employees who create value, so that these talents can get a reasonable return.

Back then, as the “eldest son of the Republic”, the Northeast once became a highland where talents gathered. However, since the beginning of the 21st century, China’s economy has gradually embarked on the fast track of high-quality development, but the Northeast has increasingly encountered “peacocks flying southeast”, and the phenomenon of “talent depression” has emerged.

The revitalization of Liaoning lies in the revitalization of talents. In recent years, Liaoning has been adhering to a brand-new concept, finding out problems and deficiencies, using power to make changes, and continuing to work hard on “attaching hearts to retain people” with a fundamental strategy, striving to embark on a road of high-quality development.

“Liaoning insists on retaining people with ‘real gold and silver’ treatment, and many employees of the aviation industry Shenfei have enjoyed subsidies.” Zhao Lei introduced that the company fully enjoys the provincial and municipal talent incentive policies. Since 2021, the company has received the government’s talent policy every year on average Incentive nearly ten million yuan. After 2019, 30 people have been recognized by various talents in the “Xingliao Talent Plan”, which has greatly improved the sense of acquisition, pride and honor of high-level talents in the enterprise.

“Xingliao Talent Program” is a brand project and a leading project used in Liaoning talent training. The plan highlights four types of talents including strategic scientific and technological talents, “transplantation with soil” teams, high-end industrial talents, and specialized talents in the industry field, and rewards and scientific research funding support for the above-mentioned types of high-level talents who come to Liaoning and stay in Liaoning.

Career flourishes because of talents, and talents gather because of career. To retain talents, trust and motivation are naturally important, but whether there are opportunities and stages is more critical. In recent years, the National Robotics Innovation Center, the Shenyang National Research Center for Materials Science, the National Key Laboratory of Energy Catalytic Conversion… many “national brand” innovation platforms have been deployed in Liaoning. World-class industrial clusters such as intelligent manufacturing, precision manufacturing, and fine chemicals are unleashing surging momentum in Liaoning. A number of “big powers” such as the first domestically-made aircraft carrier, carrier-based aircraft, transonic wind tunnel main compressor, underwater glider, etc., came out in Liaoning one after another.

After graduating from Sun Yat-sen University, Ge Yutong, a girl from Shenyang, went to work in a state-owned enterprise in Shenzhen, Guangdong. She returned to Shenyang in 2019 and applied for the Shenyang Cell Center. She is currently the manager of the quality management department. She said: “This is an emerging industry, and I am willing to participate in it. At the same time, living in my hometown of Shenyang has a higher happiness index.”

“The business prospect here is very good. There is broad space for development on the new track, with profound technology accumulation and a top domestic scientific research platform.” In 2021, Chen Fenggao joined Shenyang Meixing Technology Co., Ltd. to work. Before joining the company, he has been working in Jiangsu, Beijing and other places. He has more than 10 years of experience in technology development and management. He is a big data professional. He has inspected several enterprises in Guangdong, Shanghai and Liaoning. Seeing the rapid development and changes in Liaoning, and feeling Liaoning’s desire and emphasis on talents, he finally decided to stay in Liaoning and start a business.

Giving toasts is a great cause. Liaoning strives to enhance the city’s ability to siphon talents and create an ecological environment in which the city and talents “go to each other”. Relying on various high-energy innovation platforms, Liaoning Province has attracted 21 top talents including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences and foreign academicians, and 36 leading talents including winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. In 2023, on the basis of the system reconstruction, optimization and upgrading of the “Xingliao Talent Program”, Liaoning will focus on high-end, implement strategic layout and overall promotion, and accurately support 1,000 high-level talents and teams.

Liaoning is moving from a “talent lowland” to a “talent paradise” through hard training, thousands of scouring and use, and all means to retain. Su Wan has a deep understanding of this. She said that thanks to the “good service” created by Liaoning to retain people, the gathering of high-end talents and high-tech enterprises in Shenyang International Software Park has created a virtuous circle. Now there are more than 1,500 companies in the park, including 48 of the world’s top 500 companies. 106 companies, listed companies and subsidiaries.

 4. How to find a way to strengthen the province with talents with Northeast characteristics

In August 2022, during his inspection tour in Liaoning, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is time to promote self-reliance in science and technology, seize the day to break through the “stuck neck” problem, and strive to hold key core technologies and equipment manufacturing in our own hands. Liaoning fully implements the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, and strives to create an environment of “attaching hearts and retaining people” through the combination of “building ladders”, “using mind” and “creating brands”, and has created a high-level talent province with Northeast characteristics. the road. To achieve such results, what did Liaoning do right?

“Build a ladder” to strengthen the construction of a hard environment for talents.Liaoning, which is ready to take off in a new era, has built a high-end platform for talents in the new era to “joy” to pass through Shanhaiguan and “joy” to pass through the east of the Guandong by “building a new city”, “expanding the park” and “constructing the scene”. The high-standard, high-starting Hunnan Science and Technology City, which solicits planning and construction schemes from all over the world, has sprung up; a group of modern industrial parks led by Shenyang International Software Park have expanded their parks; “Constructed for the leading urban scene. A series of measures have brought new vitality to Liaoning, a former heavy industrial province, and also added a lot of color to the answer sheet of the era of “retaining people with heart”.

“Work hard” to promote the optimization of the soft environment for talents.Major events in the world must be done in detail. In Liaoning, the concept that talents are the first element has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. From the government to enterprises, they are gradually solving the talent problem with practical actions. Liaoning continues to deepen the reform of “decentralization, management and service” in the field of talents. Through policy guarantees, service follow-ups, and atmosphere creation, while strengthening the “hard conditions” support for talents, it pays more attention to the creation of a “soft environment” for talent development. Solve the “key and small matters” of talents with “heart”, “warm people’s hearts” with the atmosphere of love for talents, “smooth people’s hearts” with first-class services, and continuously improve the “hard power” of attracting talents with high-quality “soft environment”.

“Create a brand” to stimulate new vitality in talent competition.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Liaoning has highlighted the traction of the “Xingliao Talent Plan” to build the main force of Liaoning’s innovative development and lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive revitalization of talents. In 2023, Liaoning will also deepen the special action of “hand in hand” to attract talents, and make every effort to build a brand platform for attracting and gathering talents. By holding brand activities such as China Overseas Students (Dalian) Haichuang Week and Northeast Asia (Shenyang) Talent Exchange Conference Intensify the introduction of talents. By promoting the “Xingliao Talents” youth forum, integrating the “Xinghai International Forum”, and implementing the “Friends of the Yalu River” academician and expert association, etc., to attract and gather high-end talents. Starting a new journey, Liaoning takes a series of talent work brands as the starting point to keep the attractiveness of talents online and make the pace of high-quality development more confident.

The only way to innovate is to win people. Liaoning, this old industrial base, under the national strategy of the revitalization of the Northeast in the new era, is carefully building a good ecology of “retaining people with heart”, trying to attract talents from all over the world to “break through the Guandong again”, and join in the grand cause of the revitalization of the Northeast come. The influx of talents, intelligence and innovative vitality into Liaoning will surely unleash infinite development potential and play a brand-new movement of the times.

(Research team members: Ren Xiaogang, researcher at Beijing Xi Jinping Thought Research Center on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; Li Hui, Zhang Huina, Liu Guangyu, and Fu Hong, researchers at Beijing Academy of Science and Technology[Beike Think Tank]; Guangming Daily reporters Liu Yong and Luo Asahi)

“Guangming Daily” (version 05, May 26, 2023)

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