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Zong Xiaoli: Revise yesterday’s forecast, the dollar will maintain an upward trend! |

Zong Xiaoli: Revise yesterday’s forecast, the dollar will maintain an upward trend! |
Zong Xiaoli: Revise yesterday’s forecast, the dollar will maintain an upward trend! |

【School point of view】:

There is one thing to say, regarding the trend of the US dollar index yesterday, Xiaoli made a wrong prediction, and he voluntarily admits it here. The reason why the U.S. dollar index will be predicted to fall in the short term is mainly due to the analysis of the domestic game situation in the United States. As explained in yesterday’s exchange review, the domestic game on the debt ceiling issue in the United States has entered a similar “game of chickens”. It is doomed that the negotiation will not go smoothly, and it will not be resolved so quickly. Although US President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy are both claiming that the US will not trigger the debt ceiling, this is not an option, but it is said and done. After all, the negotiations on the debt ceiling are advancing extremely slowly, and there is not even the slightest good news so far, so the school will judge that it may only be at the last moment that someone will make concessions, and the US debt ceiling issue will be resolved. It will really be resolved, and this mentality of betting that the other party will surrender in advance is precisely the logic in the chicken game theory. In this situation, the pressure on the US dollar index is obvious. Considering that the US dollar index will continue to strengthen in the next step Therefore, it was only yesterday that the U.S. dollar index was given a prediction that a short-term correction may occur in advance, but the ultimate goal is to make room for a larger rise in the next step.
However, no matter how much you think about it, it is not as convincing as the real market trend. Obviously, the current US dollar index still chooses to protect the market and does not consider short-term corrections. After a short fall, it started the rising mode again, and hit a new high directly, further tearing up the upward opening, pushing the price of the US dollar index further higher, and the bullish pattern is clearly displayed.
For such a trend, market sentiment and technical aspects are undoubtedly beneficial to the dollar bulls. In addition, the price of the US dollar index has shown an upward breakthrough in early trading today, which will further aggravate the bullish sentiment in the market, which is quite beneficial to the bulls of the US dollar index. As long as there are no unfavorable factors in the next step, it is entirely possible for the US dollar price to rise further. Therefore, today’s correction of the view will continue to be bullish on the US dollar index.
At the operational level, the U.S. dollar has already risen during the Asian session. As long as there is no accident in the next step, the possibility of continued price rise is still very high, so today you can choose an opportunity to do long on the U.S. dollar index; considering that the market still has the possibility of sweeping the market within a day Sex, it is recommended to focus on looking for buying opportunities after the pullback today, because this way has the least risk, the largest profit, and is the most suitable for operation, for reference!
【Trading straregy】:
To sum up, today we will focus on observing whether the U.S. dollar index can continue to rise. It is good to choose an opportunity that is low and high. Corresponding to European and American currencies, today we can look for opportunities to rallied and short-term. Combined with the disk, we will give the following suggestions, and refer to operations as appropriate, light positions:
Sell ​​in the 1.0745-1.0755 range, stop loss 20 points, target 1.0725, 1.0705, 1.0685.

Today’s second operating currency pair, you can choose GBP/USD trading. The operation idea is mainly to sell short on rallies, and give the following suggestions in combination with the market, and refer to operations as appropriate, light positions:
Sell ​​in the 1.2400-1.2410 range, stop loss 20 points, target 1.2380, 1.2360, 1.2340.
At present, the price of gold is in a sensitive position. It takes time to observe and confirm the next trend. It is impossible to make a prediction in advance, and it is impossible to make a layout. Therefore, it is recommended to wait and see today, and it will not be too late to make transactions after the situation is clear!

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