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Kluang’s happiness ranking questioned as housing prices rise and prices rise | Johor China Press


Reporting/Photography: Lin Desheng

Kluang people believe that the statistics of Happy City cannot represent all Kluang people.

(Kluang News, 13th) The ranking of Kluang Happy Cities has been ridiculed by netizens because the house price, commodity price, and inflation rate in Kluang are higher than those in other counties and cities. Protection against rapid inflationary effects.

Kluang was selected as one of the top ten happiest cities in the country in 2022, and it is also the happiest city in Johor. However, the standard of this indicator made people in Kluang question. When interviewed, many people frankly admitted that the price of goods in Kluang is outrageously expensive. They don’t know what the so-called definition of happiness is?

Rising food prices have made some people in Kluang feel unhappy.
The minimum price for a bowl of curry noodles in Kluang is RM7.

Zhang Huichun, a member of the public, told China Press yesterday that the Kluang housing industry is developing rapidly, and housing prices are getting more and more expensive. Some second-hand cheap housing has not been renovated, but the selling price is close to 200,000 ringgits, which is frighteningly expensive.

She said that food prices in Kluang have risen surprisingly in the post-epidemic era. A bowl of mee hoon kueh costs RM8. The hawker said it was because pork was too expensive, and the only way to maintain expenses was to increase the price. price suspicion.

For Zhang Huichun, Kluang is still a suitable city to live in, but for retirees, it is difficult to maintain a basic life in Kluang without some savings.

Zhang Huichun: The rate of inflation in Kluang is scary.

Citizen Zhou Youcai said that Kluang has an excellent geographical location, with Nambah Mountain as a leisure place, and there are plenty of sports venues and shopping centers. The only disadvantage is that the price of food seems to have surpassed that of Johor Bahru. For example, a bowl of curry noodles is 8 ringgits, and a cup of tea is 2 ringgits. .

He pointed out that although Kluang’s local construction has improved slightly, he believes that the city council and city councilors do not know what to ask when dealing with some people’s livelihood complaints, and the teamwork spirit needs to be strengthened.

He believes that Kluang cannot yet become a happy city, because the transparency of the happiness index survey conducted by the local government needs to be strengthened, and the scope of respondents should also be expanded.

Zhou Youcai: Kluang cannot yet become a happy city.

The Malaysian Urban and Rural Sustainable Development Indicators Network (MURNInets) conducted an online questionnaire survey earlier, and a total of 117 local governments across the country participated in the survey. Among them, Kluang, Johor was selected as one of the top ten happiest towns in Malaysia in 2022, and it is the only county and city in Johor state to be included in the top ten.

Kluang’s happiness index soared from 86.29% in 2021 to 99.93% in 2022, making it the most livable town in the 16 districts of Johor.

Wild animals are rampant in Kluang, and incidents of wild monkeys breaking into houses often occur.

Wild monkeys and elephants break into houses frequently

The wild animal problem in Kluang is rampant, and incidents of wild monkeys and wild elephants intruding into residential areas are emerging one after another, but the relevant authorities have not yet provided targeted solutions.

Some Kluang residents interviewed said that Kluang is now regarded as an open wildlife park in the eyes of other counties and cities, especially when wild monkeys break into their homes to steal food from time to time, or wild elephants destroy the fence gate of their homes and look for food in front of their homes. Problems with crops grown.

Nanba Mountain is a famous leisure spot and a leisure place for Kluang people to relax.

Citizens pointed out that wild animals have a great impact on residents in residential areas, but the authorities have no targeted strategies, and the troubled people must bear and suffer huge property losses.

Residents said that if the problems of wild animals flooding and affecting people’s daily life are not resolved, the title of Kluang Happy City is really a bit of a misnomer.

Lin Wenhua

Not up to the standard of Happy City

Lin Wenhua (65 years old, retired)

I have lived in Kluang for half a century, but I think Kluang is still a long way from a happy city.

I don’t think one indicator should be used to decide whether you are lucky or not. The most important thing is that you feel happy.

I think that if Kluang wants to become a happy city, the price of goods should be lowered so that the burden on the people can be reduced.

Luo Jinchang

Insufficient infrastructure, inconvenient transportation

Luo Jinchang (72 years old, retired)

I am surprised that Kluang has become one of the top ten happiest cities in the country, because for me, Kluang is suitable for living, but it has not yet reached the happiness index.

The indicators of happiness in my eyes include adequate infrastructure, convenient transportation and communication, and affordable prices. However, Kluang has not yet met the above requirements.

Li Guangcheng

Only with livable conditions can we be happy

Li Guangcheng (83 years old, retired)

The meaning and definition of happiness for people who live to the seventies is different from that of young people, but for a happy city, I think it should be a livable city.

The so-called livable city has good living conditions and is suitable for all ages to live in. However, Kluang has a lot of inadequate infrastructure, the economy has not taken off, and there are very few job opportunities. It is necessary to move towards the goal of a livable city. There is still a long way to go.

Some Kluang people believe that a happy family reunion is also an indicator of happiness.

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