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Nucleic acid testing has always been a hot topic under the epidemic. Some mainland netizens discovered that a person named “Zhang Shanshan” (also reported as “Zhang Shanshan”) is related to 35 mainland nucleic acid institutions, “Where there is her company, there is an epidemic. In a few days, all staff will be tested.”

A few days ago in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, it was reported that some people who were waiting to be transferred had tested negative for nucleic acid. Later, netizens discovered that Zhang Shanshan, the supervisor of Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi, actually served as a supervisor of 35 nucleic acid institutions. Basically, “Where there is her company, where the epidemic broke out.”

Not only “Zhang Shanshan” raised doubts, but also “Zhang Hezi” also surfaced. According to industrial and commercial information, the parent company behind Lanzhou Hezi Huaxi is Shenzhen Hezi Gene Company, and the actual controller is Zhang Hezi. According to the internal media “First Finance and Economics”, the information on “Qichacha” shows that Zhang Hezi is the legal representative of 20 companies, most of which are biotechnology and gene technology companies, and 5 of them have been cancelled. In mainland China, there are more than 30 “Hezi Huaxi Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd.”, the holding companies behind them are basically Nucleo Gene, and the actual controller is Zhang Hezi, but the legal person is different.

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According to statistics, as of press time, Nucleo Gene has registered 16 “Nucle Huaxi” this year alone, and most of the registrations were concentrated in the past three months. Among them, Xining Company was registered in November; 8 companies in Zhuhai, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Yinchuan, Taiyuan, Qingdao, Dalian, and Haikou were registered in batches in October; Beijing Nuclear Huaxi Future Medical Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. and Guizhou The company registered the Lanzhou company in August; registered the Inner Mongolia company in May. Nuclear Gene also registered Nuclear Huaxi’s Hefei Company, Nanning Company and Yunnan Company through its 100%-owned Hefei, Nanning and Yunnan Nuclear Gene Technology Co., Ltd.

Netizens commented that these people may have unusual backgrounds.

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