Create a new benchmark for shared mobility iRent won the 31st Taiwan Excellence Award

Possessing a large number of R&D and innovation talents and solid soft power, Taiwan’s products have always enjoyed high evaluations in the world, and have gradually become synonymous with quality assurance. iRent shared cars and motorcycles independently developed and designed by domestic teams, leading the world to create a shared mobile platform that integrates Internet of Things technology, mobile devices and real-time car and motorcycle rental services, breaking through the traditional car rental service model and creating a new pattern for the mobile market. Received the certification of the 31st “Taiwan Excellence Award” on 11/23 (Wed), affirming the digital native service that the iRent team has built a new car rental model and the added value created. Not only will it drive the development of domestic peripheral industries, but it is also expected that iRent will become a model for shared mobile services internationally.

The product value exhibited by iRent made it stand out from 1,109 participating products and was certified by the “Taiwan Excellence Award”. It not only affirms that iRent solves pain points in this digital native service through big data analysis and consumer feedback, optimizes and refines towards a more humanized and intelligent goal, and has an impact on the car rental industry chain, such as Drive emerging shared transportation brands at home and abroad to join the market one after another, and extend the application of the Internet of Vehicles. It also recognizes iRent’s ability to break through the traditional framework and bring about changes in the overall transportation industry and the establishment of smart cities, such as the connection of shared services, mass transportation, and public construction, to implement the sustainable development of environmental protection trends, and to share the model with green energy. The car models bring energy saving and carbon reduction contributions. In addition, iRent has created a variety of application scenarios, changed the way consumers move, and continued to bring more diversified and extended services close to consumers with the brand spirit of “Out of the New Daily”, not only reaching the milestone of one million members, As a result, a group of new car rental demanders have been created, and a new shared mobile culture has been shaped.

Echoing the spirit of Taiwan’s boutiques that “only innovation can bring about changes in life”. In addition, in response to the impact of the epidemic in recent years, iRent has also made innovations and adjustments in its services. In addition to strengthening the daily cleaning and disinfection of vehicles, it has also imported vehicles that are rented and returned at the same station this year. The joint efforts of Hetai Group and Formosa Plastics Group The “Efficient Anti-Coronavirus Air Purification System” jointly developed is the only brand in the car rental industry equipped with this air purification system. Through deep ultraviolet rays, it can effectively resist 99.9% of new crown virus, enterovirus, influenza virus, etc., creating a safe car interior space. Customers can use the car with more peace of mind.

iRent not only brings innovative thinking to domestic related industries, but also attracts international attention. In recent years, it has received many delegations from all over the world to visit Taiwan. They want to learn about iRent’s innovative technology and business model, and use it as a knowledge base for the development of shared services in the country. Similarly, with the support of the “Taiwan Excellence” certification, iRent will continue to build an innovative business model, and looks forward to exporting its product strength, technical strength, and successful operational experience accumulated over the years in the future to connect with the international market and represent Taiwan. It has demonstrated outstanding soft power internationally and has become the benchmark for providing instant shared mobile services around the world.

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