“If the local government and the central government work together, it will greatly help Taiwan’s economic growth.” Why don’t you underestimate the impact of local elections on the economy? – Weekly Today

Taiwan businessmen’s repatriation investment exceeds 1 trillion Taiwan dollars, which means “the business community has great confidence in Taiwan”

In an interview with “Weekly Magazine”, Lai Bosi pointed out that in recent years, under the leadership of President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s economic performance is obvious to all. %, jumping to 6.57% in 2021, far better than many Asia-Pacific countries.

Secondly, the ruling party has achieved certain results in economic reforms in the past few years, such as attracting mainland Taiwanese businessmen to return and take root in Taiwan. The results are quite positive.

According to statistics from the National Development Commission, as of the end of 2021, a total of 254 Taiwanese businessmen have been attracted to invest in Taiwan, with a total investment of NT$1.384 billion, creating more than 80,000 job opportunities and driving supply chain manufacturers to increase investment.

Lai Bosi believes that due to the headwinds of the Chinese economy and the impact of the US-China trade war, Taiwanese businessmen have more and more uncertainties in their operations in China. Judging from the amount of repatriated investment of more than NT$1 trillion, the business community is very confident in Taiwan.

Lai Bosi: If the local government is out of tune with the central government, it may be detrimental to economic development

Lai Bosi also pointed out that if the local government and the central government are not in harmony because they do not belong to the same political party, it may be difficult to promote policies.

For example, the Taichung Thermal Power Plant’s plan to replace coal-fired power generation with gas fuel, or the promotion of offshore wind power in Changhua, have all been postponed by the local government.

“If the local government is out of tune with the central government, it is likely to be detrimental to Taiwan’s economic development. Therefore, if the ruling party wins local elections, it will have a positive effect on Taiwan’s economic growth. The central government and the local government are in harmony, which is conducive to economic growth.”

Wang Meihua: Taiwan’s economic fundamentals are stable, semiconductor output value, employment, and taxation have contributed a lot

Regarding Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway’s $4.1 billion purchase of TSMC’s ADRs, Wang Meihua said in an exclusive interview with “Weekly” last week that TSMC is the world’s leading company in terms of technology, operations, and profitability. Top notch company.

Buffett’s big purchase of TSMC means that he has a deep and thorough grasp of TSMC’s information.

According to statistics from the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) and the International Institute of Obstetrics and Technology of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the output value of Taiwan’s IC industry will reach NT$4.82 billion in 2021, an annual increase of 26.7%, and it is estimated that this year it is expected to grow by more than 17%.

Wang Meihua believes that, including output value, employment population (including direct and indirect), and the tax revenue brought by the semiconductor-related industries for the government, they all contribute a lot to Taiwan’s economy.

In response to high inflation, major economies around the world have started a cycle of interest rate hikes, leading to increased volatility in the financial market and an uncertain economic situation.

However, under the aforementioned general environment, Taiwan’s economic growth and inflation rate are still relatively stable.

Wang Meihua does not deny that Taiwan will be affected by the international boom to some extent. However, compared with other countries, Taiwan’s economic fundamentals are relatively stable; in the face of many uncertainties such as interest rate hikes, inflation, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and China’s dynamic zero-clearing policy, Taiwan must respond cautiously, “However, we are not pessimistic about the future economic prospects.”

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