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[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, November 23, 2022]Recently, public opinion has focused on the intensive disappearance of teenagers in mainland China. The body of Liu Aocheng, a 14-year-old boy in Wuhan, has been found. His father sued the police for not allowing him to see the corpse, and rumors circulated on the Internet that the child’s organs had been gutted.

On November 21, a group chat video of the “Xiaozui Community Guangming Community Group” leaked online. The video shows that the group member “@光明路100号刘兵” posted multiple photos in the group that were suspected of salvaging corpses in the river. Someone saw it and posted a post asking: “Have you found the child?”

“@光明路100号刘兵” sent voice responses in succession. On the second day after the child disappeared, the family members asked the police to use drones and other tools to find the whereabouts of the child, but the police “just didn’t move” until the eighth day. The child’s mother broke the news that the child’s body was found in the river in Tianxingzhou. After the family notified the police, the police found someone to salvage it ashore. But after it was recovered, the police did not allow the family members to see the body. He touched the child’s shoes and confirmed that they were his son, because he had bought those shoes for his son before.

The salvage site photo posted by “@光明路100号刘兵” shows that when the body was salvaged ashore, it was suspected that it had been wrapped in yellow cloth, and the details of the body could not be seen. Rescuers cover the rescued person with a yellow cloth, which generally means that the person “has lost vital signs.”

According to previous Lu media reports, Liu Aocheng, a 14-year-old boy from Wuhan, went downstairs to throw garbage at around 8:30 p.m. on November 12, and then disappeared mysteriously. Liu Aocheng lives in Guangming Road, Wuhu Main Street, Huangpi District, Wuhan City, and his father’s name is Liu Bing. Tianxingzhou is an island in the middle of the Yangtze River, only two or three kilometers away from the Liu family.

Local officials announced that Liu Aocheng drowned to death, his body had been found in Tianxingzhou, and his identity had been “identified by his family.” The reason why the police did not allow the family members to see the dead body of the child is unknown.

But earlier, local netizens spread rumors that when the child’s body was found, “the organs were gone.”

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There is also news that more than one teenage boy has gone missing locally.

Recently, Hu Xinyu, a 15-year-old boy in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, mysteriously disappeared in a fully enclosed middle school, which aroused public attention on the intensive disappearance of teenagers in mainland China.

Some netizens reminded that China’s economy is in dire straits, and organ transplantation may have become the “pillar industry” of the CCP. Mainland parents must protect their children, especially those with “rare blood types.”

In fact, in recent years, the disappearance of teenagers and even children in mainland China has been very frequent, and the CCP officials deliberately conceal it for “maintaining stability”. But the news kept making its way to social media.

A few days ago, a Chinese netizen posted a horrific photo on Twitter, showing two naked boys lying on their backs on a white plastic sheet. Both of them had a sutured wound that ran through the chest and abdomen from top to bottom. Organs may have been removed.

Earlier, a horrific video was released on the Internet showing that villagers in a certain place in mainland China captured human traffickers and found the bodies of several children. These corpses were frozen in boxes with ice cubes by the traffickers and were about to be shipped out. The child’s relatives were crying bitterly as they dug up the body from the ice. Netizens speculated that the case may be related to organ reselling.

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(Comprehensive report by reporter Zheng Gusheng/Editor in charge: Hu Long)

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