Direct hit” 300 people from TSMC chartered a flight to unveil the war of crystal clearing in the United States!Opponents will go if Taiwan does not go. Insight into the pros and cons of going to the U.S.

Direct hit” 300 people from TSMC chartered a flight to unveil the war of crystal clearing in the United States!Opponents will go if Taiwan does not go. Insight into the pros and cons of going to the U.S.
Direct hit” 300 people from TSMC chartered a flight to unveil the war of crystal clearing in the United States!Opponents will go if Taiwan does not go. Insight into the pros and cons of going to the U.S.
Direct hit” 300 people from TSMC chartered a flight to unveil the war of crystal clearing in the United States! If Taiwan does not go, the opponent will go, and see the pros and cons of going to the United States to protect the country.Photography・Guo Hanling

Author: Li Wenyi Researcher: Zhang Fangyu Producer: Wu Zhongjie

1. The first charter flight from TSMC arrived in Phoenix, and nearly 300 employees were sent to the United States. How will it change the global semiconductor industry and affect the fate of Taiwan in 20 years? If Taiwan does not go, the opponent will go too! An analysis of the pros and cons of Protecting the Nation Mountain in the United States.
2. The four major states in the United States are competing for it with all their strength! Plant No. 21, which grew out of the desert, and 4 suppliers gathered in a railway town…Let’s take a look at the key investment map first.
3. An exclusive interview with the former U.S. Under Secretary of State and TSMC’s pusher in the U.S., explaining how the revitalization of semiconductors in the U.S. will affect the domino effect of the competition and cooperation between the U.S., China and Taiwan.
4. An acre of land only costs one dollar, and the cost of building a factory can be as high as 10 times! Don’t just focus on subsidies to fight for international layout. The current situation of mining “Crystal” mines by Taiwanese businessmen who are the first to go to the United States has been made public.

In early November, a group of TSMC employees moved with their families and dogs. They took the 1:35 pm flight to Phoenix, USA. This is the first charter flight to send a large number of employees to the United States since TSMC invested in the Arizona plant. Moreover, in the next few months, there will be 6 chartered flights to send a total of more than 1,000 engineers and their families to the United States.

They are not only the main force of TSMC’s Arizona plant, but also the key talents in the “crystal” battle in the United States to revitalize the semiconductor century.

With the White House supply chain security report, the passage of the chip bill, and the release of subsidies one after another, from TSMC to Samsung, they all decided to invest more in the United States. , Germany’s Merck and other major equipment and material manufacturers have to follow suit to expand their services in the United States. So far, the four major semiconductor giants TSMC, Micron, Samsung, and Intel alone have invested more than NT$2.6 trillion in the United States.

In order to record the “Crystal Rush” that affects the competition between the United States, China, and Taiwan, and will affect the fate of Taiwan in the next 10 or even 20 years, Shang Zhou’s interview team set foot on Arizona’s so-called “silicon desert” in advance. Silicon Desert) “first-level theater.

TSMC has sent the latest batch of “diggers” to manufacture chips for the United States. The “pit” that is about to dig out crystals is TSMC’s 21st fab in North Phoenix. This new factory, which is still under construction, has an entire base area equivalent to a quarter of that of Nanke, Taiwan. It is a “huge landmark” in the mouth of local residents. It is said that the “first batch of machines and equipment arrived at the factory” ceremony in early December , U.S. President Biden may personally attend the platform.

Under the support of the U.S. government, this no-fail plan has become a craze for “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” in the American academic circles and semiconductor industry.

However, this wave of enthusiasm is not limited to semiconductors, but has spread to campuses, real estate, and the catering industry, and even mattress sellers want to get a piece of it!

According to the survey, the median house price in the Everbright Phoenix area has recently risen from US$290,000 in 2020 to nearly US$450,000 in October this year; in addition, it has also reversed the fate of an entire town, turning wasteland into a massive construction project , Major construction investment places.

According to the analysis of the Phoenix City Government, the first phase of the TSMC fab will create an investment return of US$38.2 billion (about NT$1.2 trillion) for the city within 20 years, equivalent to the city’s 2020 annual 16% of the output value.

The Greater Phoenix Economic Development Promotion Council (GPEC) also estimates that the plant will create nearly 4,300 direct and indirect job opportunities within 10 years, which is equivalent to increasing the number of semiconductor jobs in the region by another 20%.

In addition to Arizona, this crystal rush has already spread to Ohio, Texas and other states. The United States is experiencing an unprecedented semiconductor reflow movement. The difference from the past is that this time, the hands of the US government can be seen everywhere, vigorously lighting the fire.

With the determination of the United States, although it is impossible to say that it will eventually usher in victory, it is obvious that it will definitely affect the world’s semiconductors, and even the fate of Taiwan.

Keith Krach, the former U.S. undersecretary of the State Department and the promoter of TSMC to the U.S., said bluntly in an exclusive interview with Shang Zhou that the ultimate result of this wave of upsurge is: “China is the loser, and others are the winners.” Why. He thinks that only by producing advanced semiconductors in the United States can Taiwan be protected? If even the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes are distributed to the United States, Taiwan’s irreplaceability will be relatively reduced. Why do the advantages for Taiwan still outweigh the disadvantages? In addition to semiconductors, how should real estate, banks, and beverage stores mine “crystal” mines? “Inefficiency” may be a new opportunity for Taiwanese factories? In the battlefield where you have to go, how to use long-term thinking to win to the end? This issue of the report will have a special article for in-depth analysis.

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