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National football coach Jankovic: Seize the loopholes of the Korean team and live up to the expectations of the people across the country – Sports – China Engineering Network


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National football coach Jankovic: Seize the loopholes of the Korean team and live up to the expectations of the people across the country

At 8 pm on the 21st, the national football team will face the South Korean team at home in the World Cup preliminaries.

After defeating Thailand 2-1 in an away game, the entire national football team landed in Shenzhen late at night on the 17th and has been preparing for this game in Shenzhen since then. On the evening of the 20th, head coach Jankovic and team member Zhang Linpeng attended the pre-match press conference.

National football coach Jankovic (second from right) and Zhang Linpeng (first from right) attended the press conference.Photo by The Paper reporter Song Chengliang

Regarding this game, Jankovic said, “Our whole team is very excited and excited. We pay tribute to the Korean team because they represent a world-class level.”

“But our goal is to compete in the World Cup – we got 3 points in the first away game, and we hope to continue the good moments with momentum. The athletes are very excited and waiting for the game to start.”

Zhang Linpeng will usher in her 100th game on behalf of the national football team against South Korea. “It’s been a long time since I saw so many reporters at the press conference. I think everyone is looking forward to tomorrow’s game, and so am I. A few days ago It’s been a good start in Thailand, and I hope to continue this momentum and play well against the Korean team.”

“I cherish every minute playing for the national team. It is an honor. I will try my best to fight for my motherland and the flag on my chest.”

Regarding the high attention paid to this game, Jankovic said,“I hope the team can live up to the expectations of the people across the country, not only in terms of results, but also in terms of fighting spirit, passion for victory and love for football.”

“In the game, we cannot simply distinguish between the offensive end and the defensive end. Scoring more goals is as important as conceding less goals. Take the South Korean team as an example. They are very strong offensively and have kept their opponents clean in several games, which shows their defense. Not bad.”

Fans previously greeted the national football team at the airport.

Regarding the question of how to defend Son Heung-min, Jankovic replied, “We not only have to defend Son Heung-min, but also everyone, because defense is a holistic issue. The stronger the opponent, the greater the offensive threat, and our defense needs to be stronger. Be motivated, take initiative, and have more energy.”

“Even the best teams in the world have holes, and we need to catch them.”

Jankovic also said that the national football team’s tactics will not be to “set up the bus.” “A game includes defense, offense, positional warfare, and set pieces. The requirements for the team are different at different stages. We will definitely go all out to win.” Ball, sometimes the scene can be very passive, we have to unite together in difficulties.”

In history, the national football team has only defeated the South Korean team twice, and Zhang Linpeng played the full 180 minutes of the game.

“I don’t like to compare previous results. The head coach has arranged the techniques and tactics for this game. As long as we follow the head coach’s ideas, we can achieve good results.” Zhang Linpeng said.

Tickets for this game are currently sold out, and there will be more than 40,000 fans cheering for the national football team on site.

Regarding the issue of high pressure at home, Jankovic said, “The fans will give us huge motivation, but we must first stay focused.”

In addition, Wei Shihao’s emotional control issues are also the focus of attention from the outside world.

In this regard, Yankovic said,“Actually, I have been communicating with all the players on this topic. As for how we communicate, this is a secret. Wei Shihao’s performance on the court is obvious to all and he is a very important player for the team.”

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