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The 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games, which lasted for nearly 6 months, concluded successfully_News Channel_Xiamen Net


The closing ceremony of the 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games was held on the 18th.

Nearly 4,000 athletes participated in the Xiamen Youth Cheerleading Championships.

With the “arrow” out of its sheath, nearly 200 “arrowers” across the city competed in the National Fitness Arena.

More than 700 athletes participated in the Xiamen Youth Speed ​​Skating Championships. Jimei Xincheng Citizen’s Square staged “Fast and Furious”.

The three-person basketball game staged a strong dialogue between the National Fitness version of “Village BA”.

In this year’s air volleyball competition, the players’ level has improved compared to previous years.

The futsal tournament saw a record number of participants.

You come to my “net” and swing your racket passionately. Nearly a thousand people in the city participate in the tennis match.

The badminton competition attracted many citizens to participate, and the number of participants reached a new high.

The beach Frisbee competition was held at Xiaobailou Beach on Huandao Road, attracting many young players to participate in the fashion carnival.

Xiamen Net News (Haixi Morning News reporter Wang Chaoyuan, Fu Xiying and You Lijuan) It lasted nearly 6 months, 26 major events, blossomed all over the six districts of the city, and more than 32,000 athletes participated… On the afternoon of November 18, with the flag of the host host, Successfully delivered, the 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games officially concluded in Wanda Lugang.

Since the Xiamen National Fitness Games was launched in June this year, the rich content and various forms of events have attracted many citizens and online sports enthusiasts to actively participate and watch the games on-site, demonstrating the strong mass heritage of the Xiamen National Fitness Games. It vividly depicts the significance of the Xiamen National Fitness Games. Looking back at the overall situation of the National Fitness Games, it was brilliant and full of highlights.

Highlight 1

Wide coverage and large scale of competition

This year’s Xiamen National Fitness Games offline events started in June and will continue until November, reaching six districts across the city, providing citizens with nearly half a year of events and activities. According to statistics, more than 32,000 athletes from across the city staged wonderful “dialogues” at the National Fitness Arena. Among them, the number of participants in four sports including badminton, tennis, table tennis and futsal reached a record high.

Lin Yihan, a citizen of Xiamen, is 18 years old and is currently attending college in Hangzhou. This summer, after graduating from high school and preparing to go to college, she learned that registration for the badminton competition of the National Fitness Games had begun, so she signed up as soon as possible, and later won the women’s singles all the way. Champion of Group A. “The scale of this year’s competition is larger and the participation experience is better.” Lin Yihan said that his first participation last year was the badminton competition of the Xiamen National Fitness Games, driven by people around him. This year she competed again and unexpectedly won the championship. We look forward to the participation of more high-level private athletes, and hope to have the opportunity to participate in other events of the Xiamen National Fitness Games.

Highlight 2

Rich projects highlight the universality

It is understood that the 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games will include 11 benchmark events and 15 youth championship events. Among them, billiards, beach frisbee, e-sports, and archery were included in the benchmarking competition for the first time, attracting the attention and participation of many young citizens and injecting fresh blood into the National Fitness Games. A good “chemical reaction” took place between traditional and fashionable projects, and they sang on the same stage as the “annual drama” of national fitness.

As far as the beach Frisbee event is concerned, the Frisbee event of this National Fitness Games attracted many non-local Frisbee enthusiasts to participate. “There are many people who come from Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places to participate.” According to Fu Hongjia, president of the Xiamen Frisbee Sports Association, among the contestants this time, there are high-level players from Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places. Joining has strengthened the exchanges between Xiamen athletes and them, helping to improve the level of competition. It is worth mentioning that a total of 300 participating places were opened for this competition, and all the places were “snatched” in just 3 minutes. This shows the public’s enthusiasm for the beach Frisbee event. “Everyone is very enthusiastic about Frisbee. We were also shocked by this speed.” Fu Hongjia said.

Aqiu, a second-year master’s student majoring in physical oceanography at Xiamen University, participated in the beach Frisbee competition. He told reporters that the sport of Frisbee is very fashionable and currently all the people playing beach Frisbee in Xiamen are young people. What attracted him most about this sport was that it was a self-referee project, and the players were very friendly, which allowed him, who was originally “socially afraid” and not good at expressing himself, to boldly communicate with his teammates while participating in Frisbee. Communicate, dare to speak your mind, become confident and cheerful. “The sand quality of this year’s competition venue is great, and the overall experience is very good.” Aqiu said that he hopes to have the opportunity to continue to participate in the Xiamen National Fitness Games beach Frisbee competition in the future.

In addition, registration for the National Fitness Games online event opened on August 8, National Fitness Day, with competitions in 6 events, attracting more than 5,000 sports enthusiasts from all over the country to participate in “cloud” interaction. Online and offline combinations, new and old projects “join hands” to meet the diverse fitness needs of citizens.

Highlight 3

Many parties participated, everyone gathered firewood and the flames were high

The closing ceremony of the 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games innovatively combined the offline finals of e-sports events. Awards were given to the top three in Honor of Kings, League of Legends, Peace Elite and Live Football competitions.

The event kicked off with a vibrant youth street dance performance. According to the organizer, the 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games adheres to the idea of ​​”government guidance, government-enterprise collaboration, and association participation” to organize the games, and mobilizes more extensive social forces to participate, which is inseparable from the support of various sports associations in the city . At the closing ceremony, the organizers of the event also awarded the “Excellent Organization Award” to the 20 individual sports associations participating in the 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games, fully affirming the various associations in the organization process of this year’s Xiamen National Fitness Games. The positive contributions they have made will encourage them to further play the role of social forces in organizing competitions in future National Fitness Games.

“A total of 50 teams participated in this year’s Xiamen National Fitness Games futsal match, a record high, with the number of players reaching 582. If conditions permit, we plan to expand the registration scope next year and encourage more players to sign up and participate. Expand the influence of the event.” Zeng Ming, Secretary General of the Siming District Football Association, introduced to reporters at the closing ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that this futsal final was held at Ma John Stadium, which is full of football historical memories. It can be said to be a “restart” for Xiamen grassroots football. Zeng Ming told reporters that the reason why he chose to hold the finals at Ma John Stadium was to continue Ma John’s spirit and use the National Fitness Games as a starting point to drive more people to “move.”

In addition, at the closing ceremony, the organizing committee continued the tradition and donated 60,000 yuan to the Municipal Red Cross Society. These donations will be combined with the social sports instructor station to carry out scientific fitness guidance services, which will benefit more citizens and allow them to scientifically Sports, happiness and fitness.

Highlight 4

Strong supply of diverse and integrated events

The 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games will fully integrate resources, achieve complementary advantages, and continuously upgrade the integration of events.

According to the staff of the Municipal Sports Bureau, this year’s Municipal National Fitness Games includes 11 benchmark events including three major balls, three small balls, health qigong, billiards, e-sports, beach Frisbee, and archery. It integrates the mass department and performance events of this year’s Municipal Sports Games. carried out simultaneously. In terms of event intelligence, this year’s badminton, tennis, rope skipping and other events have been continuously upgraded based on the continuous introduction of event systems. Citizens can conveniently and quickly query relevant information such as game times, venues, results, etc. with just a click on their mobile phones, making the event more convenient. More “smart”, more convenient and more intuitive.

In terms of the introduction of national physical fitness monitoring into the competition venue, this year’s benchmarking competition carried out national physical fitness monitoring work for citizens and athletes, attracting the attention and participation of thousands of citizens. By participating in the national physical fitness monitoring, citizens can understand their own physical fitness and physiological conditions, thereby improving the scientific nature and pertinence of sports and fitness.

In terms of assisting rural revitalization, this year’s three-person basketball game went to rural areas in four districts outside the island to hold exchange games, attracting nearly 20 teams to sign up to participate, allowing more rural people to enjoy the national fitness version of “Village BA”. Healthy and happy.

Highlight 5

Strong atmosphere and powerful publicity

On the basis of fully integrating the respective advantages of traditional media, emerging media and self-media, the organizing committee has strengthened the promotion of events and activities and expanded the scope of promotion. This year’s Xiamen National Fitness Games made a “combination” in publicity and reporting. The event was announced and reported on mainstream central-level media such as People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet, China News Service, and China Central Broadcasting Network. The total media exposure reached Hundreds of millions of times. Compared with previous years, the depth, breadth, influence and three-dimensionality of event coverage have been greatly improved.

It is reported that the 2023 Xiamen National Fitness Games will be guided by the Xiamen National Fitness Leading Group, hosted by the Xiamen Sports Bureau and the Xiamen Sports Federation, hosted by the Xiamen Sports Development Center and the Xiamen Social Sports Instructors Association, and hosted by Haixi Morning News , operated by Xiamen Sports Industry Group Event Operation Co., Ltd.

■ Photo by reporter Chen Lijie and Tang Guangfeng

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