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Xinjiang defeated Beijing Control 112-105. Player ratings: 4 players received full marks, 4 players passed, and 2 players pulled their hips | Jones | Yu Dehao | Zhu Xuhang | Wu Guanxi_NetEase Subscribe

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In the CBA regular season, Xinjiang defeated Beijing Control 112-105. Xinjiang played relatively comfortably in this game. After all, the firepower continued throughout the game. Even if Beijing Control closed the gap after relaxing in the final quarter, Xinjiang could still win.

The four players from Xinjiang performed perfectly, and they all dominated the situation. The first among them must be Qi Lin. Indeed, he has fully demonstrated his confidence during this period. He scored 31 points on 10 of 17 in the game. This kind of shooting rate and scoring ability have conquered countless people. In addition, Abdul is now in peak condition. He has gone on a rampage in several games in a row. Especially when other players can’t score, he can always stand up. In addition, the organizational ability has been explored, and the defense is still strong, with a total of 19+6+8.

And the two foreign players also had a great impact on the game. Jones played like a fish in water in the first half, and it was true that Beijing Control could not limit his performance. On the offensive end, he can score goals and organize the team. He can activate the team’s rhythm. It’s just that Jones was injured during the game, and it’s estimated to have little impact. And Teles is really easy to use. You have to know that he is a microwave player. Accurate three-pointers, excellent organization, plug and play. Every time he is asked to play, he can contribute his value.


At the same time, Yu Dehao, Wu Guanxi, Sirzati, and Zhu Xuhang all performed passably. Especially for Yu Dehao, he scored two consecutive three-pointers in the third quarter to help the team regain the advantage, which was a huge highlight. But after getting tired, Yu Dehao still stopped dribbling. And Wu Guanxi’s crazy scoring in the last quarter can be regarded as some help. But he was still too soft. At the same time, Sirzati worked very hard on the court. He continuously fought for the ball and won praises from countless people. He also defended very hard. In addition, Zhu Xuhang was both offensive and defensive today, hitting 2 of 4 three-pointers, and the defense was still the basics.


But both Lu Tubula and Tang Caiyu showed their crotches. Among them, Lutubula couldn’t finish well, couldn’t rebound well, and couldn’t defend well. He only scored 2 points on 1 of 3 in the game. And Tang Caiyu has fallen into a slump again, hitting 0 of 2 three-pointers. I hope he can adjust in time during the window period.

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