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Rockets vs. Lakers Preview: How will Uduka deal with Shen Jing when he plays with thick eyebrows?_James_Game_Dillon


Original title: Rockets vs. Lakers Preview: How will Uduka deal with Shen Jing when he plays with thick eyebrows?

On November 20th, Beijing time, the Rockets will challenge the Lakers away from home. This is the second meeting between the two teams this season.

On November 9th, Beijing time, the Rockets defeated the Lakers by 34 points 128:94 at home. This was the largest point difference for the Lakers to lose this season, and it was also the largest point difference for the Rockets to win this season.

After the Lakers lost to the Rockets, they have achieved a record of 4 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 games. They are currently 7 wins and 6 losses, ranking 7th in the Western Conference. The Rockets’ recent 6-game winning streak was ended by the Clippers, and Harden won the Rockets. 3+1 victory, currently with 6 wins and 4 losses, ranking sixth in the Western Conference. Both teams have a very good momentum recently.

The last time the two teams met, Lakers core Anthony Davis stopped due to injury, which caused the Lakers to be blown away by the Rockets inside, making the fourth quarter of the game completely garbage time. This time, Nongmei can play. When Nongmei and James can play at the same time, When they play, it is worth paying attention to whether the Lakers will avenge their disgrace and avenge their disastrous defeat to the Rockets.

The grudge between Dillon Brooks and James has been going on for a long time. In the playoffs last season when Dillon Brooks played for the Grizzlies, he showed no respect for James’ language and was beaten by James in the playoffs. This summer, Dillon Signed with the Rockets at a high price of 90 million for four years. His performance this season has been very good and he is the Rockets’ most efficient offensive player.

The last time the two teams met, Dillon Brooks ate up Reeves and Russell in the low post many times and played extremely tough. In this meeting, Reeves may become a substitute player. Will the Lakers focus on the defensive end? The singles against Dillon are very worthy of attention.

In this game, Dillon will most likely face James. Dillon’s defensive value is infinitely magnified. Dillon’s defense injects energy into the Rockets’ overall defense, making the Rockets’ overall defense appear very tough. Can Dillon guard James? Very worthy of attention.

The inside battle between the two teams is also worthy of attention: Shen Jing VS Nongmei

This season, Shen Jing’s performance is very good. Both his performance on the court and his statistics are showing an upward trend. Facing Valanciunas, Sabonis, and Jokic, Shen Jing played well. This time In the face of thick eyebrows, whether Shen Jing can continue his previous outstanding performance deserves attention. Top insiders like thick eyebrows are the reference for testing Shen Jing’s current level.

Will the return of the thick eyebrows change the situation of this game? You must know that in the last match, the Lakers were beaten by the Rockets in the absence of the thick eyebrows. This time the thick eyebrows come back, will the Lakers’ inside line be strengthened, making it difficult for the Rockets to score in the paint? It’s so easy. Whether thick eyebrows will affect the situation of the two teams is very worthy of attention.


This season, the Lakers’ role configuration is very polarized. They mainly rely on James and Big Eyebrow. Among the Rockets’ defensive resources, there are Dillon, Tate, Ethan and other players to face James. As a veteran who is about to turn 40, can James be able to Matching the Rockets’ long-term defensive intensity, and the Rockets facing players with thick eyebrows include Shen Jing, Jeff Green, and Jabari Smith Jr., the Rockets are at a disadvantage in the interior matchup. Will the Rockets double-team the thick eyebrows? strategy, worthy of attention.


The other players of the Lakers, Russell, Wood, and Reeves, although they have excellent offense, have poor individual defense ability. Reddish and Prince, although they have excellent defense, are relatively poor offensive players. The Lakers lack offensive and defensive players. , Therefore, will the Lakers’ lineup flaws be amplified by Udoka? You must know that when the Lakers lost to the Kings, James played almost the entire fourth quarter. This is a huge drain on the 40-year-old veteran, and it also shows that The Lakers rely heavily on James, and the Lakers’ configuration does not give James much help.

In the Rockets’ last game, when they lost to the Clippers, they were beaten 3+1 by James Harden, which may have affected the team’s morale. Since the Rockets have been staying in Los Angeles continuously, without the fatigue of traveling, the Rockets Whether it will recover from the regrettable loss to the Clippers is worthy of attention.

This season, the Lakers are the best team in protecting the rim, averaging 6.8 blocks per game, ranking first in the league, while the Rockets are a team that is very determined in attacking the rim, and the internal competition between the two sides is very worthy of attention.


This is the second meeting between Rockets coach Udoka and Lakers coach Hamm this season. The first time the two sides met, Udoka completely defeated Hamm. Will Hamm make adjustments based on the first meeting? , we will wait and see.Return to Sohu to see more

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