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Original title: 55 teams compete for the 7th Amateur Golf Premier League National Finals

China News Service, Haikou, November 18th. The seventh “ThinkPad Cup” Amateur Golf Super League National Finals kicked off on the 18th at the world’s largest public golf course, Haikou Mission Hills Golf Club. 55 promoted teams and specially invited teams that stood out from the qualifiers of various divisions across the country gathered here to compete for the 2023 national championship.

Competitors take a group photo before the game. Photo courtesy of the organizer

This event is organized by the organizer Mission Hills Group and Shanghai Youjian Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Golf Playmate), and the event is sponsored by “ThinkPad”. At 11:00 a.m., the kick-off ceremony was held at the driving range of Mission Hills Golf Club in Haikou. 84 guests and the team captain swung the colored balls, creating a gorgeous scene. Nearly 600 people including representatives of the event organizers, league stadium representatives, sponsor representatives and media attended the kick-off ceremony.

Photo courtesy of the organizer of the kick-off ceremony

The seventh Amateur Golf Super League kicked off in April this year in Mission Hills, Haikou. It lasted seven months and held 75 qualifiers at 36 league courses in 21 cities with a total of 260 participating teams. The finals include the Dongguan Eagles, China Flying Eagles and other domestic relatively powerful amateur golf teams participating in the competition. All qualified teams will compete in a two-day team stroke play competition, and the annual champion, second, third and top 20 will be determined based on the total stroke scores of the two-day competition. At the same time, the tournament organizing committee will also release the annual top 100 amateur golf team rankings based on the competition results.

The Amateur Golf Premier League has gone through six years. According to Xu Liangcheng, deputy general manager of public affairs at Mission Hills Haikou, after six consecutive years of IP creation, the Amateur Golf Super League has become the largest amateur golf team in China with the widest coverage, the most participating teams, and the most influential Contest. A total of 22,230 players participated in the first six Super Leagues, attracting the attention and participation of 6 million golf enthusiasts across the country. The successful holding of each event has positive significance in promoting the popularization, development and promotion of golf culture in China.

Li Jiaqi, Chairman of the Amateur Golf Super League Organizing Committee and Executive Director of Mission Hills Group, said in an interview with reporters: “After seven years of hosting the tournament, we can say that we have realized our original vision. Golfers and fans from all over the country have come in droves to participate in the tournament. A grand event for golf. Currently, Hainan is striving towards the goal of building a free trade port. We hope to let the country and even the world see Hainan through the window of the Amateur Golf Super League. We welcome friends from all over the world to actively participate in the construction of the free trade port. among.”

Liu Erhong, vice chairman of the Amateur Golf Super League Organizing Committee and chairman of Shanghai Youjian Network Technology Co., Ltd., said that as the competition gradually grows, golfers from some well-known clubs at home and abroad will be attracted to participate in the future. At the same time, youth super leagues, women’s super leagues will be set up. leagues, etc., constantly enriching the event system, making the quality of events last forever, and becoming a shining brand in China’s amateur golf community.


Photo provided by the organizer of the competition site

The Shanghai Amateur Women’s Golf Team is an old friend of the league. This year is the seventh time it has participated in the national finals. Captain Cai Juan said: “The Amateur Golf Super League is currently the largest and highest-level amateur event in China. From the mechanism to the caddy service, everything is very professional and has been widely recognized by the participating teams. I hope that we can get together in this golf event every year to compete with each other and renew friendship.”

Liu Junming, captain of the ThinkPad team, said: “The restrained and unobtrusive nature of golf, which advocates self-challenge, is highly consistent with the calm, wise and elegant high-end business style of the ThinkPad brand. We hope to use the high-end event platform of the Amateur Golf Super League to expand our presence around the world.” We will show the world the charm of Lenovo ThinkPad within this range.”

The organizer of the event said that the Haikou Mission Hills Resort under the Mission Hills Group is one of the first batch of sports and leisure specialty town pilot projects in the country. With the three major sports of “football, basketball, and golf” as the core, it operates the world’s largest Mission Hills Resort. It also has sports tourism projects such as the Volcanic Rock Public Golf Course and the China Football (Southern) Training Base. Through cooperation with the world’s top sports resources such as the American Professional Basketball League NBA and IOGC International Golf Academy, it has opened the NBA Basketball Training Center, NBA Basketball Interactive Experience Hall, World brand sports tourism projects such as IOGC International Golf Haikou Mission Hills Academy have become a “window” for Hainan and Haikou to display their unique golf resources to the world, and promote the innovative development and steady progress of Hainan Free Trade Port’s tourism industry.

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