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Zhongxin Characters|Yang Ming: No matter how good the screenwriter is, he can’t write my script

China News Service, Beijing, November 18 (Liu Xingchen) On November 1, on the same day as the exclusive interview with China News Service, Yang Ming appeared at the Panjin Mining Stadium to witness the Chinese Women’s Basketball League (abbreviation: WCBA League) first home win of the new season.

This rhythm has become the norm for Yang Ming’s work, and his steps are hurried but extremely determined.

President and head coach of Liaoning Yisheng Basketball Club, this is Yang Ming’s current certification of his identity. In the past, he was the championship coach who helped the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team reach the top of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA League) twice, and was also a “topic” coach on social media platforms. Time passed, and after turning around again, Yang Ming opened a new chapter in his life.

The Transformation of the “Firefighting Coach”

During his 15 years as a player, Yang Ming wrote the basketball fairy tale of “one person, one city” in Liaoning. On March 10, 2006, the Liaoning men’s basketball team narrowly defeated the Beijing team by three points in an away game. Before the game that night, Yang Ming was diagnosed with a scaphoid fracture in his left wrist. At the risk of ruining his career, the then 20-year-old scored 35 points. The young man in bright clothes and angry horse gained a legendary story that only belongs to him – breaking his wrist and shining in the capital.

In the 2017-2018 season, the Liaoning men’s basketball team won the National Games championship and won the first CBA championship trophy in team history. When delivering his acceptance speech, Yang Ming, as the captain, had a lot of feelings, “The first year I joined the team was the lowest point of (the team). To be able to win the championship at the end of my career, no matter how good the screenwriter is, I can’t write it.” Script.” After he finished speaking, his eyes were filled with tears.

Data map: Yang Ming during the game as a player.Photo by China News Service reporter Yu Haiyang

After that, Yang Ming said goodbye to his status as a player and retired after his success. At the retirement ceremony, when the red curtain slowly opened, the No. 12 jersey sealed a memory and became the resonance of the memories between him and Liaoning fans.

Assistant coach of Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team and deputy general manager of Liaoning Men’s Basketball Club, Yang Ming quickly completed his identity change after retiring. After the rematch of the 2019-2020 CBA League, the Liaoning team, which was aiming to win the championship, had a poor record. An announcement from the club asked Yang Ming to put on a suit and walk to the stage to become a “firefighting coach” and serve as the leader of the Chinese coaching staff.

A year later, the Liaoning team lost to the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team in the finals and finished second. It was Yang Ming’s first season as an independent coach. As a “rookie coach”, he accepted all the abuse from the outside world, “If the task is not completed well, I bear the main responsibility.” To this day, Yang Ming still regards this as a regret, “Due to my lack of experience in the first year, Failed to lead the team to win the championship.”


Data map: Yang Ming encourages players.Photo by China News Service reporter Yu Haiyang

“Rate 8 points for your coaching career.” Suppression first and then promotion, these four words can be used to sum up Yang Ming’s coaching experience appropriately.

After experiencing the pain of losing the championship, he continued to study hard so that he could always see the situation on the court in an instant and make accurate judgments. National Games champion and two consecutive CBA champions. At this point, Yang Ming became the first person in the history of the Liaoning men’s basketball team to win the league championship as a player and coach. In his words, the Liaoning team has won almost all honors in domestic five-a-side professional basketball projects in the past two years.

From “firefighting coach” to championship coach, he ushered in a phoenix-like transformation.

Learn to take detours and ups and downs

“Where are you, Yang Ming? I’ve been away for a few months, how come you disappeared when I came back?” This is what Liaoning men’s basketball foreign aid Morand wrote on social media.

After leading the team to defend the CBA championship, Yang Ming resigned as the head coach of the Liaoning men’s basketball team this summer. In a 33-second video, he reviewed every moment of his time as a player and coach in Liaoshen.

At another career peak in his life, Yang Ming chose to quit. “After the highlight moment, people need some detours, calmness and ups and downs to learn new things.” When talking about this surprising choice, Yang Ming’s words were full of maturity.

After leaving the head coaching position, he had arranged a number of plans for himself, including further studies. Today, Yang Ming’s identity is diversified. As the president and head coach of Liaoning Yisheng Basketball Club, Yang Ming needs to coordinate and arrange the daily work of the two teams, Liaoning Shuangxi Electric Women’s Basketball Team and Liaoning Yisheng Snow Wolf Men’s Basketball Team, in the WCBA League and the National Men’s Basketball League (referred to as: NBL League). ) in the horizontal jump repeatedly.

In addition, as a sports person, he began to expand his business lines such as game commentary and variety show recording. Enriched, this is Yang Ming’s summary of his work content. Taking commentary work as an example, he would arrive at the recording site one day early to prepare. His humorous commentary style allowed Yang Ming to quickly win the support of the audience.

After serving as a guest commentator for the Asian Games and CBA in Migu Video, Yang Ming defined it as “his hobby”. “Regarding the basketball profession, commentating is what I prefer to do, and it is also a new attempt.” By observing different types of games, he is practicing his reaction ability while also absorbing the essence of each team, “to analyze the players’ abilities, understand the coach’s coaching style, and learn excellent tactics at critical moments.” In this way, Yang Ming continues to improve his business learning. ability. In previous interviews, he has said that expressing opinions from a professional perspective and sharing insights with fans is a kind of promotion for the basketball career.


The picture shows Yang Ming participating in a variety show recording

With his rich experience in the field of athletes and coaches, “professionalism” has become Yang Ming’s unique advantage. “I will observe the content from a professional perspective, give you intuitive interpretations, and express my true thoughts while maintaining professionalism.”

As an observer, Yang Ming recently participated in the recording of the physical competition reality show “Oh My Good Body” jointly produced by Migu Video and Mango TV. This is the first variety show he participated in after resigning as head coach. He was deeply impressed by the sportsmanship displayed in the content. “Everyone can feel that sportsmanship is brought to its extreme in the program. It does not contain any performance elements and gives people a strong visual impact.” During the period, Yang Ming talked about his experience as a coach. Only by crossing the comfort zone can history be created. , “From a competitive sports perspective, in my opinion, second and last are the same.”


The picture shows Yang Ming participating in activities in a variety show

Compared with the coaching period, Yang Ming’s workload has increased, but the pressure is not the same. “To be honest, no one cares about the coaching position. Nervousness, suffocation, and even more exaggerated situations will occur.” This was Yang Ming’s monologue after leading his team to win the championship in May this year.

When he was the head coach of the Liao Basketball Team, staying up late watching videos and preparing for games was a normal life for Yang Ming. The growing bags under his eyes were an external manifestation of his pressure. “Sometimes when I’m already lying down and getting ready to go to sleep, if something suddenly comes to my mind, I get up immediately and write it down.” Yang Ming recalled.

Do not rule out returning to coaching position in the future

Nowadays, after work, Yang Ming will follow the Liaoning team’s games through various channels. In his eyes, the outside world has high expectations for the Liaoning men’s basketball team, and only a championship is enough to satisfy all parties. “The Liaoning team’s staffing and tacit understanding are unique in the league. As long as there are no widespread injuries, they will most likely be able to defend their title this season.”

During the interview, Yang Ming bluntly stated that he would not rule out returning to the coaching position in the future. “Everything I do now has something to do with basketball, and my future development direction will not leave basketball.”


Yang Ming had a dinner with the foreign team of Liao Basketball Team.Image source: Yang Ming Weibo

In mid-October, Yang Ming attended the new season departure ceremony of the Liaoning Shuangxi Electric Women’s Basketball Team. He said frankly that the Liaoning women’s basketball team is a team with a profound heritage and glorious history. He hopes that the team can play the spirit of Liaoning basketball and return to the top as soon as possible. The WCBA league has shown signs of recovery compared with the past, but many women’s basketball clubs still have problems such as high operational pressure and lack of reserve forces. Helping the team achieve sustainable development is Yang Ming’s current focus.

In the past two years, the Chinese women’s basketball team has achieved remarkable results. They have become the best team in Chinese sports in the “three major sports”. “The women’s basketball generation has complementarities in terms of age structure, technical and tactical abilities, etc., coupled with the self-confidence bonus brought by winning the competition, the team has reached a very high level, and the outstanding results can continue for several years.” Yang Ming commented.


Yang Ming attended the expedition ceremony.Image source: Yang Ming Weibo

From the Men’s Basketball World Cup to the Hangzhou Asian Games, the performance of the Chinese men’s basketball team has been unsatisfactory. The gap between performance and expectations has led to widespread doubts, which have even extended to personal attacks on players. Xu Jicheng, vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, said recently that he hopes the outside world will use an encouraging perspective to help the team. Yang Ming deeply agrees. “Negative public opinion guidance will bring greater pressure to the team and athletes, and excessive criticism is not conducive to their growth.”

“The fighting spirit shown by the team is what everyone likes to see more. Those who play hard on the court will always receive the least criticism.” Yang Ming commented.


Yang Ming received the championship ring.Image source: Yang Ming Weibo

We are about to go far and live up to our time. Along the way, Yang Ming has always practiced this sentence. On the evening of the 15th, he received the heavy CBA championship ring at the familiar Liaoning Stadium. “I hope the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team will raise more championship flags for our team and hometown under the leadership of the new coaching staff. Please fans continue to support them!” Yang Ming, with tears in his eyes, choked up several times at the scene.

Honors are all in the past. When the pressure of the past dissipates with the wind, the high-spirited “young man” carries his bags and faces the distance.

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