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The national football team’s anti-Korea game is 37!The counterattack still relies on Wei Shihao, the old fan: The absolute speed of the first player is no worse than Sun Xingmin_Korea Team_Game_Fans


Original title: The National Football Team’s victory against South Korea is 37!The counterattack still relies on Wei Shihao, the old fan: The absolute speed of the first general is no worse than Sun Xingmin

“If we really want to fight South Korea, it will be a 37-30 game. First of all, we must have a good mentality.” ——Fan Zhiyi

The national football team defeated Thailand 2-1 in an away game and got a good start in the top 36 of the World Qualifiers. The morale of the whole team was boosted. Last night, November 17, the team returned triumphantly from Bangkok and arrived at Shenzhen Airport late at night. They were warmly welcomed by Chinese fans. Players such as Wu Lei, Wang Shangyuan, Zhang Yuning were enthusiastically received, and the fans shouted the names of the national players with high enthusiasm. In fact, the fans’ requirements are very simple. Win the games you should win and boost morale, and everyone will support the national football team without hesitation.

In the second game of the top 36 group, a fierce battle is inevitable! At 20:00 pm on November 21st, Beijing time, the national football team faced the South Korean team at home. The South Korean team is the final opponent in this group, and the national football team also wants to score points against them. How to defeat them? Some fans came up with an idea: “Intensify and press like crazy! Cut off the opponent’s key passes and fragment the game time.” “Don’t be afraid of getting cards, just mess with him. Anyway, there is the Singapore team behind us. This is a draw with the South Korean team. The national football team is a national hero!”

Encouragement is encouragement, encouragement is encouragement. In the confrontation between China and South Korea, we must strive to score points, but Jankovic’s formation and adjustments still need to be considered. I have to admit that the gap between the national football team and the Korean team is getting wider and wider, while the gap between the national football team and the Thai team seems to be getting smaller and smaller. In the 2017 Changsha battle, except for a few overseas players, the South Korean team was still playing for Asian clubs. At that time, China and South Korea were still capable of fighting. Now, it is 30-70!


Jankovic admitted that the Korean team is a world-class team in terms of individual skills and team stability, but we still fight for victory. Take a look at the luxurious lineup of this South Korean team. Asia’s number one brother and iconic Premier League forward Son Heung-min, Paris midfielder Lee Gang-in, former Guoan guard Kim Min-jae, Wolves’ Huang Hee-chan, Mainz’s Lee Jae-sung, Stuttgart’s Zheng Youying, Ten players playing in Europe, including Red Star Belgrade’s Hwang In-beom, Midtjylland’s Cho Kyu-sung, and Norwich City’s Hwang Yi-soo, beat Singapore 5-0 in the first round. Hwang Hee-chan, Son Heung-min, and Lee Gang-in were just a small test.


Former international footballer Fan Zhiyi looked forward to the match between China and South Korea, “The South Korean team has a relatively high morale. Son Heung-min is at Tottenham. Who are the surrounding players? But can his teammates in South Korea pass the same ball and break through? We need this Ah Q spirit.” Yes, can we really beat the Chinese team one by one? I don’t think it is possible.” “We must use isolation defense and not let the ball go to the feet of Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-can. The game must be interrupted, even if it costs or yellow cards. , the price of a red card. Other players let them do their work, which is the level of the Korean team.”


Fan Zhiyi believes that the national football team cannot defend alone and must counterattack. Who should we rely on to counterattack? He believes that it depends on Wei Shihao. “Wei Shihao is the most daring to play against Thailand. If he is adjusted, he must be able to hold and control the ball, and the midfielder’s hardness must be strengthened. It is possible that the national football MVP will be the next game.” Wei Shihao. The back line depends on Jiang Shenglong and Zhu Chenjie. Jiang Shenglong’s absolute speed is no worse than Sun Xingmin, and Zhu Chenjie also has speed. Who will use the remaining two full-backs? I estimate that Zhang Linpeng may not necessarily start, and Wu Shaocong’s level is also very good. We need to be on the spot. Grab the ball, tighten the formation to make it easier to cover, and the center retreats to a position near the midline.”

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