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Manchester City chairman issues warning to Premier League rivals, report mentions 115 accusations_Mubarak_Football_Season

Manchester City chairman issues warning to Premier League rivals, report mentions 115 accusations_Mubarak_Football_Season
Manchester City chairman issues warning to Premier League rivals, report mentions 115 accusations_Mubarak_Football_Season

Original title: Manchester City chairman issues warning to Premier League rivals, report mentions 115 accusations

Manchester Mayor Haldou Al Mubarak has issued a vital warning to Premier League rivals as he celebrates the club’s success amid reports of up to 115 accusations.

As one of the most glorious clubs in English football, Manchester City easily wore the Champions League trophy, one of the highest honors in European football, at the end of the last round of matches. This marked their victory not only in the Premier League and FA Cup, but also in the Premier League and FA Cup. Further establishing their undisputed top position on the global football stage!

Chairman Mubarak expressed with confidence and pride that he firmly believes that Manchester City is fully capable of repeating last season’s epic treble victory. Last season, the Manchester City team coached by Guardiola won all championships including the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League, once again consolidating its dominance in world football. City currently lead the Premier League table this season – aiming to equal and surpass Liverpool’s record of four consecutive Premier League titles – and have successfully reached the knockout stages of the Champions League. The FA Cup competition that will start in January next year is also very exciting.

Chairman Mubarak emphasized that behind the club’s fruitful achievements in the past ten years is the hard work of all Manchester City employees and the spirit of hard work they follow. He said: “Looking back on last season, Manchester City undoubtedly created the most shocking football achievements and business legend in history.”

After leading the Turkish national team to successfully reach the Champions League and complete the triple crown that shocked the world, people from all walks of life continued to raise questions about how to surpass such amazing results. Faced with such questions, Mubarak always firmly emphasized: “Keep Continuous efforts, updating our own concepts and practices, fully challenging ourselves, constantly innovating, and pursuing higher performance inside and outside the arena every moment can drive us towards a more brilliant future!” About new goals and Strategic Plan, Chairman Mubarak said, “We are not afraid at all to set new goals and develop new strategies for the sake of our club, our community and all our stakeholders, especially our loyal fans, we I will work hard and move forward indomitably!”

Recently, during Mubarak’s speech, Manchester City Football Group also released the club’s performance report for the 2022-23 season. The report confirmed that Manchester City has achieved record-breaking revenue and profit levels for two consecutive years.

According to statistics, the club’s expected revenue in the 2022-2023 season is as high as 712.8 million pounds, an increase of 99.8 million pounds compared with the same period last year; the estimated net profit is 80.4 million pounds, almost twice the revenue of 41.7 million pounds in the previous fiscal year. superior! It is also worth mentioning that Manchester City Football Club’s profits from player transfer transactions are also astonishing 121.7 million pounds. Among them, Cole Palmer’s transfer to Chelsea for 42.5 million pounds is a classic case in the Premier League transfer market.

In addition, Manchester City also improved operating efficiency in the past season to increase its salary expenses from 308,675 pounds last year to 368,213 pounds as of the end of June. The increase was mainly due to the generous bonuses the club received after the success of the Triple Crown. and salary incentives for team members.

Faced with such an explosive set of figures, we can’t help but ask, what factors have created Manchester City today? The answer actually lies in the following aspects: First of all, lottery sales and a robust business model established around souvenir sales have brought a lot of considerable revenue to Manchester City; secondly, high copyright fees and payments from broadcasters have also been a factor for the club. The main source of funding; match day income also provides strong financial support for Manchester City. More importantly, this year, the club finally became one of the most valuable long-term football club brands in the world, and ranked first in the most authoritative brand finance football top 50 report.

Despite this, City’s response has also attracted widespread attention, at least in the Premier League arena. Manchester City has been plagued by 115 accusations of breaching Premier League financial regulations, but Mr Mubarak insisted that they were confident of fighting these doubts and resolutely Maintain the club’s clean reputation.

According to the latest news, as of February 6, 2023, in accordance with Premier League Rules W.82.1, the Premier League Professional League has submitted multiple allegations involving Manchester City Football Club’s alleged violations of Premier League rules to the independent committee under Premier League Rules W.3.4. In response to these accusations, the football club has previously spoken out unambiguously, welcoming and actively supporting the league’s appointment of an independent panel to conduct a fair review of the incident, striving to fully consider and consider comprehensive and irrefutable evidence supporting its position.Return to Sohu to see more


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