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Qin Haiyang, who trains hard for physical fitness, is always the last one to leave – Sports – China Engineering Network

Qin Haiyang, who trains hard for physical fitness, is always the last one to leave – Sports – China Engineering Network
Qin Haiyang, who trains hard for physical fitness, is always the last one to leave – Sports – China Engineering Network

Original title: Qin Haiyang, who trains hard for physical fitness, is always the last one to leave

China Sports News reporter Li Dongye Gong Xuewen

Editor’s note: Faced with the complex and severe preparation situation for the Paris Olympics, the national teams in each event are advancing winter training with high standards and strict requirements. Model party members, with a sense of responsibility and mission to be loyal to the party and win glory for the country, actively play a vanguard and exemplary role, inspire and lead the majority of young athletes to take the responsibility of “the mission is on their shoulders, and the struggle is for me”, and go all out to devote themselves to training and preparations.

Qin Haiyang conducts physical training.Photo by China Sports News reporter Wei Zheng

Air resistance rowing, single-leg squats, big rope jumping, ball catching and throwing… On November 14, at the Physical Fitness Center of the Training Bureau of the General Administration of Sports, the national teams in multiple sports were carrying out winter training in full swing. “Practice hard to win the battle with physical fitness” “Physical fitness is the ticket to the competition”… The slogans in the venue encourage the team members to work hard to lay down their physical foundation in winter training, carry forward a style of not being afraid of hardship, tiredness, and difficulties, and go all out Prepare for the Paris Olympics.

“You can take a break if you do 2 to 3 pull-ups in a row. If you feel good, you can do a few more and take a break.” Under the leadership of the physical coach, the national swimming team is strengthening its physical fitness and making up for its shortcomings. Each team member has a form in hand, which clearly records the training results of each event, so that the team members can more intuitively understand the changes in their bodies after each physical training class.

Qin Haiyang won 3 gold medals in the men’s breaststroke event at this year’s World Swimming Championships, 5 gold medals at the Universiade, and 9 gold medals in three World Cup events to become the annual World Cup champion. Not only that, he also broke the world record in the men’s 200-meter breaststroke at the World Championships with a time of 2 minutes, 05 seconds and 48 seconds. A series of honors are inseparable from hard work. During physical training, Qin Haiyang is always the last team member to leave, and this is the case in almost every physical training session. “I always feel that I can work harder and practice a little longer. I basically don’t need to look at the form now. The changes in the body are clear to me, so I just record the data. If I feel weak in the last physical training class, I will practice more in the next class.” Qin Haiyang’s physical training in the past two weeks has mainly focused on the lower limbs. After experiencing successive competitions, he is currently in a state of recovery. He hopes that through this period of adjustment, his body functions can be restored to the previous normal level.

In the scientific training principle of “three obediences and one major”, physical fitness is a very critical link. “Relatively speaking, swimming endurance events have a wider range of competition, so physical fitness is as important as special training, and both are indispensable.” Qin Haiyang believes that special training and physical fitness must be carried out simultaneously, so that the future road will be wider and further. .

There are still more than eight months left before the Paris Olympics. As the last winter training in the Paris Olympic cycle, it is crucial to consolidate the foundation of physical fitness and comprehensively improve the level of competition. “We already have a specific plan, which focuses on preparing for the Olympics step by step. I will also go all out to complete the training tasks and improve through winter training.” Qin Haiyang said that he hopes to achieve greater success at the Paris Olympics.

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