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The shortlist of the 2023 “Better Life Movement Model” of the Three New Alliances was (

The shortlist of the 2023 “Better Life Movement Model” of the Three New Alliances was (
The shortlist of the 2023 “Better Life Movement Model” of the Three New Alliances was (

CCTV News: On November 21, 2023, the 2nd China (Chengdu) Lifestyle Sports Conference jointly sponsored by China Central Radio and Television Station CCTV Network and Chengdu Sports Bureau will be held in Chengdu. Recently, after careful deliberation by multiple selection committee members from various fields including the State Sports General Administration, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Sport University, Shanghai Sport University, Minzu University of China, and Xinhua News Agency, the 2023 “Models of the Better Life Movement” were shortlisted The list finally emerged.

A total of 27 individuals or team members were shortlisted for 9 role model titles, including Sports Popular Model, Sports Campus Model, Sports Leading Model, Sports Trend Model, Sports Family Model, Sports Promotion Model, Sports Team Model, and Sports Spirit Model.

In the “Better Life Movement Model” character collection activity for nearly half a year from May to the end of October 2023, more than 2,300 role models or groups from all over the country gathered together through self-recommendation, recommendation by event selection committee, and media mining. They come from all over the country, as well as from coastal and inland areas, covering all aspects of national fitness. Their various achievements also demonstrate some new trends, new leadership, and new integrations.

New Fashion: “Fashion Movement” Leads the Way

In 2023, there will still be some fashionable athletes and bloggers who have become popular role models in sports with their innovative events and performances. The video of Guizhou girl Yangliu dressed in ancient costumes, entering the sports arena alone with a bamboo pole, drifting on a single bamboo pole, and dancing gracefully in a small space has also become popular around the world, perfectly interpreting the truth that tradition is the world. Zhang Jing, who has unlimited energy and is willing to explore various extreme sports, switches between bungee jumping, skydiving, diving, paragliding, motorboating, flying airplanes, exploring, ziplining, paragliding, surfing and other projects, explaining the infinite possibilities of life. . Of course, Ou Minghui, the most valuable player of the village BA, played with great momentum. The village BA gave him a broad stage, and the general trend of integrating culture and tourism gave him a broad world. And he originated from Taijiang. After becoming famous, he still adhered to his original intention and took root in the local area to train more players, which gave him the foundation to gain a foothold.

Sports trendsetters gather elites from various fields. For men, Zhang Yansen, who went from a general art candidate to a master’s student in three years, and finally became the 2023 Asian Bodybuilding Champion, the secret along the way is to take it one step at a time, and God rewards hard work. Relatively speaking, young actor Jiang Zhigang turned studios, factories and lounges into places for boxing, diving, rock climbing, long-distance running and rope skipping. He relied on his perseverance in fashionable sports and scientific use of time to break through circles. woll Panxi, who uses skateboards to connect the world, has borne fruit in Hunan, a desert land of sports fashion and sports. He has helped 14 cities and prefectures in Hunan to establish their own skateboarding clubs and groups.

In the female field, sports trend role models come from all walks of life: Guo Qiaoni was once a medical staff. She is currently engaged in triathlon, cycling, marathon, mountaineering and other projects, and is also helping and healing people. Professional makeup artist Zhang Li insists on sharing the secrets of human body beauty, but after 8 years of fitness, she discovered that exercise is the best secret to beauty. Continuous participation in fitness, yoga, Pilates, etc. has made her independent, self-reliant, self-loving, and brave enough to make breakthroughs. NIKO, a girl from Jilin, accidentally turned her hobby into a career. After getting into skiing, she raised her own funds and studied hard. Finally, she became a professional skater from an amateur and won many major skiing awards at home and abroad.

New leadership: “Sportsmanship” passed down from generation to generation

Among the sports promotion role models, Zhang Dan, the runner-up in figure skating at the Winter Olympics, performed an elegant life on the ice rink. In the figure skating competition at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, Zhang Dan and her partner Zhang Hao moved the world when they missed a quadruple jump during their performance of “Descendants of the Dragon.” In 2023, she and Zhang Hao will return as kings after watching A Thousand Sails, but they will appear as performers in the original ice dance drama “Walking on Ice and Chasing Dreams”. They have been integrated into the footsteps of 300 million people on the ice and snow. There is also Dai Zhe, a native of Xiangtan, Hunan, who held up the dream of rural basketball. On weekdays, he is a village cadre responsible for the safety of Qingshui Village, but on weekends or holidays, he transforms into a basketball coach, providing free basketball to hundreds of rural teenagers in the past seven years. training. Compared with his persistence in loneliness and dedication, Shen Haoze, who has reduced himself from 190 pounds to 150 pounds in 7 years, has completed 100 marathons and led 100,000+ people to participate, has written another kind of Inspiring legend.

Among the role models of sportsmanship, the 80-year-old happy runner Li Zhanzhe continued to run on the track despite worldly opposition. After completing the miracle of the 6th World Marathon Grand Slam, he passed on the marathon spirit to the people around him. Feng Lijuan, a mother of the dragon boat team in Dongguan, Guangdong, has gone from simple paddles to high-tech paddles, from no women’s dragon boat team to women’s dragon boat teams in 17 villages in Shatian Town. She slides from the fields to the world, carrying more spiritual power. It is worth mentioning that Lu Zhu, a craftsman from the Lisu ethnic group in Yunnan, loved manufacturing since he was a child, so he started selecting arrowheads, picking arrow feathers, assembling arrow shafts, and making crossbows. Because of his love for archery, he went from Wuthering Mountains to domestic and international competitions, and finally became a crossbow king.

As a role model in sports, Hainan Coconut Processing Factory worker Fu Xiangming also has another identity, that is, a volleyball free agent. During the day, he worked in a factory, and at night he went to the village volleyball court to feel the passion. Under his leadership, his team not only played in Hainan but also spread across the country, and also restored the reputation of Hainan Wenchang as the hometown of volleyball. Lai Hongjing, a physical education teacher at Rongjiang No. 1 Middle School in Guizhou, has been sticking to his post for 18 years and taking root at the grassroots level. He is not only a football sower who leads children out of the mountains, but also a witness to the miracle of the Village Super League. Sichuan explorer Liu Yong, who completed a 5,239-kilometer canoe unpowered paddling expedition across the Atlantic Ocean in 54 days and 23 hours, is leading the Chinese people to explore various unknown areas. He has spent more than 25 years “exploring the world alone” and has visited more than 120 countries and regions on 7 continents (including the Arctic and Antarctic, the Himalayas, the deserts of the Middle East, tropical rainforests, etc.). The Chengdu Universiade torchbearer is also sowing seeds in his own way.

New fusion: the breath of youth is coming

Although the overall performance of China’s three major football teams is sluggish, this year’s Chinese middle school students are creating miracles in the world. Among the shortlisted sports team models, the women’s football team of Shandong Licheng No. 2 Middle School won the women’s final championship of the World Middle School Football Championship, showing the world that Chinese people can play football. The Zhejiang Province Linhai Huipu Middle School team narrowly defeated the giant Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School team to win the championship, which gave the world a shot in the arm. From county teams, provincial teams, to national competitions, the real-life version of “Slam Dunk” was once again staged in China, giving confidence to the Chinese men’s basketball team in its trough. The Phoenix Racecourse Equestrian Team spent eight years not only making a mark in domestic competitions, but also bringing equestrian tourism and equestrian industry to Inner Mongolia through performances, photography and even equestrian culture.

The growth of an athlete cannot be separated from the support of the family – from the first day to the 1080th day, witness the child’s cry and resistance, to fall and get up step by step, and then to overcome the curves and obstacles in the BMX competition XIXI Mother and daughter have witnessed the growth of their children over time, and the family has gained confidence, self-reliance, self-discipline, self-improvement, and never back down. A family of four who practiced martial arts from the fields to the factory, and continued to train in martial arts from sunny days to violent storms, Liu Long’s Family of Martial Arts in Pizhou, Jiangsu Province gained health and family love from martial arts, and also appreciated the profoundness of martial arts culture. Relatively speaking, hard training has sent 6-year-old Guangxi girl Ma Jingmei to the ranks of MVP. In addition to the dedication and waiting behind the family, there is also the self-confidence gained through sports.

The grand background of the integration of sports and education has made batches of sports campus models stand out. Sports gives them confidence and innovation, and also allows them to better understand how to plan their own lives. Zhao Yunhe, an 11-year-old Shanghai girl, has achieved a series of good results on the ice rink. She is also the team captain off the ice. She is a top student in all subjects and a super academic who takes the initiative to participate in Olympiads, Xinao and English speeches. Li Boning, who entered the Zhejiang U13 echelon because of his love, is impressive on the court and has a clear life plan off the court: his grades have always been at the forefront, and he has taken the initiative to learn Japanese, English, German, Spanish and Arabic. For a better life plan. Relatively speaking, the details of Yunnan boy Wang Fa, who won the U14 men’s singles championship at the Guangzhou Station of the China Youth Tennis Tour, put down his racket and bag and picked up a small backpack, which makes people see the self-improvement, sunshine and progress of contemporary young people. of growth.

They reflect the current status of life and sports today, and they also point the way to a better life!

The shortlist of the “Better Life Sports Model” figures of the Second China (Chengdu) Life and Sports Conference is as follows:

Character title

Shortlisted candidates

Sports role models


Ou Minghui

Zhang Jing

Sports fashion role model (male)

Jiang Zhigang


Zhang Yansen

Sports fashion role model (female)


Zhang Li

Qiao Ni

Sports promotion role model

Dai Zhe

Zhang Dan

Sunken squid

Movement leads by example

Lai Hongjing

Liu Yong

Fu Xiangming

sportsmanship role model

Li Zhanzhe

Lu Lord

Feng Lijuan

sports team role models

Licheng No. 2 Middle School

Huipu middle school

Phoenix Racecourse Equestrian Team

Sports family role model

Magnesium cyanine

XIXIand mom

Pizhou Martial Arts House

Sports campus role model

Wang Fa

Li Boning

Zhao Yunhe


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