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Go to Paris to meet China’s three-person basketball team to welcome a new starting point for the Olympic Games_Competition_Results_Tokyo

Go to Paris to meet China’s three-person basketball team to welcome a new starting point for the Olympic Games_Competition_Results_Tokyo
Go to Paris to meet China’s three-person basketball team to welcome a new starting point for the Olympic Games_Competition_Results_Tokyo

Original title: China’s three-person basketball team went to Paris to welcome a new starting point for the Olympics

People’s Daily Online, November 10 (Reporter Hao Shuai) At the Tokyo Olympics, three-person basketball became an official Olympic event for the first time. The Chinese women’s team won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, and the Chinese men’s team finished eighth.

Not long ago, the FIBA ​​three-person basketball rankings released showed that as of November 1, 2023, the Chinese women’s and men’s three-person basketball teams ranked first and third in the world respectively. According to FIBA ​​rules, the top three men’s and women’s teams in the world will directly qualify for the Olympics. Also qualified are the Serbian men’s basketball team, the French women’s basketball team, and the U.S. men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, affirmed the efforts of China’s three-person basketball team at the theme event of “Play Brightly, Direct to Paris” and the Chinese three-person basketball national team successfully qualified for the Paris Olympics on the 9th, and used the word “Wandering Earth” to describe this event The process of qualifying for the Olympics. “How many kilometers have you flown, how many take-offs and landings, how many hotels have you stayed in, how many times have you played on the court, and how many protective gear have you used? Only you know these data.” Yao Ming said: “Although I am an old athlete, I have never experienced a journey like yours. This journey is very unique, and I hope these stories can be better told to inspire more young people to participate in basketball programs. Here I would like to express my special thanks to you, coaches and athletes for your efforts on our behalf. “

Yao Ming, Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, delivered a speech.Image source: Chinese Basketball Association

At the meeting, 3×3 national basketball team athletes and coach representatives reviewed the road to qualifying for the Olympics and looked forward to the Paris Olympics and the future development of 3×3 basketball.

Guo Hanyu, an athlete of the men’s team, said: “The flight time is about 200 hours. It is indeed very hard on the trip. It is the strength of the entire team that supports me and we move forward together towards the goal.”

Comparing the differences between preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and the Paris Olympics, male team athlete Yan Peng said: “It will be very difficult to compete in Paris this year because of the changes in the FIBA ​​competition system. It is very difficult for us, but we have not given up. , persisted until the end. Thank you to the staff, coaches and those behind the scenes for always supporting us.”

Zhang Yi, an athlete who represents China’s three-person national women’s team, talked about her personal feelings along the way. She said: “Although we have achieved the number one ranking in the world in points, the process may not be as smooth as everyone sees. Our whole season is very long, and the games are also very intensive. But since we choose to represent the country, we will not make any excuses. We must be worthy of the jersey we are wearing and do our best in the game. To win every game.”

Talking about the prospects for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Wang Zhanyu, head coach of the Chinese three-person basketball national men’s team, believes: “Through this year’s competition, our players’ abilities have been greatly improved, and they have become more familiar with the level and characteristics of outstanding international players. It also helps us formulate different plans based on the characteristics of our opponents in subsequent preparations. After qualifying for the Olympics, what we need to do is to better formulate plans for next year, prepare carefully for preparations, maintain the enthusiasm for the game and the spirit of fighting, and go all out Achieve the best results wherever you go.”

Xu Jiamin, head coach of the Chinese three-person basketball national women’s team, said: “Our team’s goal remains the same. Whether it is a domestic or international event, we will go all out to achieve the best results. After winning the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, The media and fans, including ourselves, also have higher expectations for the Paris Olympics, and there will be more breakthroughs in the original results.”

As Yao Ming said: “The 2024 Paris Olympics is a new starting point. We believe that driven by the power of role models and the joint efforts of all parties, our three-person basketball career will continue to flourish and bloom brilliantly.”Return to Sohu to see more


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