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Premier League star’s father was kidnapped for 13 days and will be reunited with his family after being released for medical examination – Sports – China Industry Network


Original title: The father of a Premier League star was kidnapped for 13 days and was released after a medical examination and will be reunited with his family.

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China News Service, Beijing, November 10 (Reporter Li He) According to British media reports, the Colombian Football Association confirmed that the father of Premier League Liverpool player Luis Dias has been released by the armed group that kidnapped him.

According to reports, Díaz’s father, Luis Manuel Díaz, has taken a military helicopter to the city of Valledupal, where he will undergo a medical examination before returning to his family. It is reported that Diaz is in good health and has no signs of abuse.

Previously, Díaz’s parents were captured by local rebel groups at a gas station in Colombia near the Venezuelan border. Subsequently, Diaz’s mother was rescued immediately, while Diaz’s father was imprisoned for 13 days.

According to previous news, after Diaz’s father was kidnapped, the rescue operation searched the forest on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, involving 130 police officers and 120 military personnel from various police departments, and dispatched helicopters and a helicopter equipped with professional radar. s plane. The police also offered a reward of 39,000 pounds for information.

Image source: Colombian Football Federation social media

Reuters reported that the Colombian government blamed local anti-government armed groups for the kidnapping. Representatives of the armed group have also claimed that Diaz’s father will be released “as soon as possible.”

In the Premier League match on the 6th, Beijing time, Dias scored an equalizing goal for Liverpool. After scoring, he showed off the slogan “LIBERTAD PARA PAPA” on his vest and called on the local Colombian rebels to release his kidnapped father.

Dias also updated his social media updates after the game. “This goal is dedicated to the freedom of my father and all those kidnapped in our country.” Dias also called on “international organizations to intervene.” “This pain will only end when my father returns home safely,” he said.


Image source: Liverpool Football Club official Weibo

The kidnapping of the elder Díaz also aroused public dissatisfaction in Colombia. Following the incident, hundreds of people gathered in Barrancas, Colombia for a massive protest demanding the release of Díaz’s father.

Now that the old Dias has returned safely, according to media reports, “There were touching scenes in the community where the couple lived, and people drove through the streets to celebrate. Most of them wore clothes with the number 23 and Louis Dee on them. Liverpool jersey with Yas name on it.”

Diaz’s cousin told the media, “After so many days of grief, it is very exciting to learn that he (Dias Sr.) has been released.”

“We are very satisfied and we are happy that it is over,” he added.


Image source: Colombian Football Federation social media

Colombian President Gustavo Petro also responded via social media, leaving a message: “Long live freedom and peace.”

The Premier League Liverpool Club also immediately expressed its gratitude to those who provided help in this matter: “We are delighted to learn of the safe return of Dias’ father and thank all those involved in ensuring his release.”

The Colombian Football Federation issued a statement saying it was grateful to all those who assisted in the release of Luis Manuel Díaz, including the government, army and police.

The statement also emphasized: “Football is a passion for peace. Let no one try to destroy this reality.”

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