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BAIC Men’s Basketball Team lags behind and never gives up – Sports – China Engineering Network

BAIC Men’s Basketball Team lags behind and never gives up – Sports – China Engineering Network
BAIC Men’s Basketball Team lags behind and never gives up – Sports – China Engineering Network

Original title: BAIC Men’s Basketball Team lags behind and never gives up (theme)

In the end, the opponent was narrowly defeated by 1 point to continue the unbeatable home record in the new season (subtitle)

Photo by Beijing Evening News reporter Chen Jiakunwen and Liu Ping

Return to home and win. Last night, the Beijing BAIC Men’s Basketball Team defeated Nanjing’s top-ranked Sujiu Team 103-102 – from falling behind by 22 points at most to narrowly winning by one point in the last minute, the Beijing team continued its record of undefeated home wins in the new season. What’s even more gratifying is that foreign aid Evans found his form and played his “strongest game” since joining the team.

After four consecutive away trips, the Beijing team finally returned to their home court. In this away journey, the team achieved 3 wins and 1 loss. The continuous traveling caused the team to suffer from colds in large areas. In the last game against the Shanghai team, foreign aid Leaf missed the game due to fever, and many players came on the field with illness, which also affected their performance. Back at home, injuries still plagued the Beijing team. Leaf has not practiced with the team. On the morning of the game, he went to the hospital for a physical examination. It was not until the last moment before the game that he was confirmed to be able to play.

Since the first two home games were played at the Capital Gymnasium, last night’s game was the first time the Beijing team played at the Wukesong Cadillac Sports Center this season.

Foreign aid Evans played his “strongest game” since joining the team.

The team only played well for half a quarter, and the situation on the court was controlled by the Nanjing team. The Beijing team only scored 2 points in the last 5 minutes of the first quarter and fell behind 21-27. Leaf was out of form and never played again after being substituted midway through the second quarter. His physical condition was obviously not suitable for high-intensity games. In this way, the Beijing team only has one foreign aid available, Evans. The Beijing team did not have very effective methods on both ends of the offense and defense, and the point difference continued to widen. The Beijing team fell behind by 22 points at most, and fell behind 43 to 60 at halftime.

After changing sides, the situation on the court changed accordingly. Evans’ layup and 3-pointer, Zeng Fanbo’s jumper and chasing 3-pointer, Zhai Xiaochuan’s self-shooting and self-grab… The perseverance of the will drives the courage to fight. , the extremely high concentration brought a very high success rate, and the Beijing team narrowed the point difference to 1 point in just half a quarter. After missing several scoring opportunities, the Beijing team entered the final quarter with a score of 69-77.

In the last quarter, the Beijing team once again narrowed the point difference to 1 point, but could not overcome this hurdle repeatedly. Xirelijiang, the coach and player of the Nanjing team, took the field himself, and the two teams entered the final battle. The Beijing team tied the score with Evans’ 3 free throws. After that, the two teams alternated the lead and continued to see each other, and every round touched people’s hearts. In the end, under pressure, the Beijing team did not let their opponents make the final attack and won with a 1-point advantage.

In this game, Evans changed into a pair of red boots. His previous performance has been questioned a lot. Before this game, he averaged 11.2 points per game, averaged only 3.8 3-point shots, and shot less than 22%. In the last game they lost to the Shanghai team, when Leaf was absent due to illness, Evans failed to step up and only scored 10 points. But the whole team still gives him a high degree of trust. Coach Leyden said: “He has struggled a bit offensively in the past few days, but we have always believed in him.” The trust was rewarded, and Evans finally played for the team. The final “strongest battle”. In 39 minutes and 25 seconds of playing time, Evans scored 34 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, including 18 points in the fourth quarter.

After the game, Evans said calmly: “This is what I should do. Whether it’s scoring, assisting or rebounding, I hope I can help my teammates as much as possible. My teammates also trust me and give me a lot.” Encouragement makes me better.” Fan Ziming commented: “He has this strength, I think this is his normal level.” Head coach Leyden specifically praised Evans’ performance and believed that he played a decisive role in the game. His role is not only in scoring, but also in rebounding, assists and defense. He is an indispensable player for the team. “His performance helped the team play team basketball.”

This Friday, the BAIC Men’s Basketball Team will continue to play at home against the Shenzhen team.

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