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The “Ice Sail” is raised in the “Ice Sail”, figure skating elites gather in Beijing again – China News Service


China News Service, Beijing, November 9. According to the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, the 2023-2024 ISU World Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals will be held at the National Stadium from December 7th to 10th. This is the return of this event to Beijing after 13 years. It is also the first ISU world figure skating top event that Beijing has successfully applied for in the post-Winter Olympics era. It represents the highest level of competition in the field of figure skating and will become the first international figure skating event in the world. An excellent stage for players to showcase their skills and style.

The finals are hosted by the International Skating Union and co-organized by the Chinese Figure Skating Association and the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau. The competition groups are divided into adult groups and youth groups. The competition items include men’s single skating, women’s single skating, pairs skating and ice dancing. The top 6 players/combinations with total points in the first six stations of the Grand Prix will be qualified for the finals, and the players/combinations ranked 7th to 9th will be qualified as substitutes.

Data map: Peng Cheng and Wang Lei in training.Photo by China News Service reporter Xing Rui

As of now, the 2023-2024 Youth Group Grand Prix races have all ended. The Chinese young combination Shi Wenning/Wang Zhiyu relied on their outstanding performance in winning the bronze medal in pairs skating in the Austrian station. They ranked 8th overall and qualified as substitutes for the finals. The other Against Chinese players Yang Yixi/Deng Shunyang, they ranked 9th overall and qualified as substitutes for the finals.

As for the adult group, the first three stages of the competition have ended. American players Ilya Marinen and Isabelle Levito have achieved first and second place in men’s single skating and women’s single skating respectively. They are basically certain to win. Arrive at the Beijing finals. Four players, Xiao Chuanwen, Yamamoto Souta, Lorena Hendricks, and Sakamoto Kaori, also hold a gold medal in the sub-station competition, and are only one step away from reaching the finals.

From November 10th to 12th, the fourth leg of the China Cup will be held in Chongqing. The pairs skating team Peng Cheng/Wang Lei, who have been paired for more than half a year, will launch an attack on the finals. In addition, Peng Cheng/Wang Lei will also participate in the fifth Finnish race back-to-back.

2023-2024 season ISU World Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals event emblem

In August this year, the 2023-2024 International Skating Union World Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals event emblem “Ice Sail” was officially released. The emblem takes pure “ice” as its source of inspiration, and uses the “translucent” properties of ice to integrate the athletes’ figures with the longitude and latitude of the earth, forming a “figure skating sail” moving forward. At this point, flying the “ice sail” in the “ice sail” will leave a mark in the figure skating competition.

At present, the registration process for event media has been launched. Media reporters can log on to the official website of the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau to check relevant information. Preparations for competition organization, sports exhibitions, venue operations, reception and transportation, media operations, television broadcasts, marketing, ticket sales and other preparations are progressing steadily. The event organizing committee looks forward to serving athletes, coaches, media reporters and the global figure skating hobby. Participants will bring an ice feast and experience the competition level and urban charm of Beijing, the “Double Olympic City”. (over)


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