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Gathering energy and concentration, the 2023 International Basketball Expo Basketball Lecture Hall was held – China Daily


China Daily, November 9 (Reporter Sun Xiaochen) The 2023 International Basketball Expo Basketball Lecture Hall was successfully held at the Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on Wednesday. With the theme of “Gathering Energy, Gathering Hearts, Gathering Strength”, this conference brings together leaders, experts and scholars in basketball and related fields, focusing on in-depth insight output, typical case sharing, and interpretation of hot trends, and builds a platform to bring together all parties’ insights, ideas, and brainstorming. A smart kinetic energy gathering platform to help the high-quality development of Chinese basketball.

Work together to build a basketball intelligence engine

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that it is necessary to “accelerate the construction of a sports power”. The revitalization and development of the three major sports represented by basketball has become a critical task for building a comprehensive sports power and is a symbol of achieving a sports power. As an important brand activity of the Basketball Expo, the Basketball Lecture Hall is positioned as an “enabler of basketball development”, gathering intelligent energy and playing an important role in thinking first and strategic leadership.

Guo Zhenming, Secretary of the Joint Party Committee of the Chinese Basketball Association and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association of the Basketball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, said in his speech: “There is still a long way to go to revitalize basketball, and we must go through ‘major surgery’ to build a more competitive and open development. system. Therefore, we hope that all parties can provide suggestions and gather strength for the development of Chinese basketball. The Chinese Basketball Association will carefully listen to constructive opinions from all parties and work together to promote the construction of a strong basketball nation.”

As the host of this event, Wu Zunyi, deputy mayor of Jinjiang Municipal People’s Government, said that Jinjiang, known as the “Hometown of Basketball in China”, has a very developed basketball culture. In recent years, efforts have been made to build a “sports city” and explore the application of “Jinjiang experience” in sports. Practical innovation in the field, hoping to “build the Basketball Lecture Hall into a smart engine for the development of Chinese basketball and help the high-quality development of Chinese basketball.”

Open exchanges and discussions on the path to high-quality development of basketball

The road to building a basketball power should be based on the modernization of Chinese-style sports, activate endogenous kinetic energy, release unlimited development potential, activate the advanced productivity of basketball, and leverage all the energy that can be united. Therefore, the Basketball Lecture Hall gathers authoritative scholars and senior practitioners in the field of basketball to discuss the construction of basketball core competitiveness in multiple dimensions.

Bao Mingxiao, professor at Beijing Sport University, doctoral supervisor, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and executive director of the China Sports Policy Research Institute, delivered a themed report on “Core Logic, Strategic Points and Key Issues in Comprehensively Building a Basketball Power”. He particularly emphasized that “promoting basketball Movement from the edge of the country’s economic and social life to the center is the core logic of comprehensively building a basketball power. All construction goals and work tasks should be carried out around this main axis and main line. Only by adhering to the development orientation of ‘two comprehensives’ and ‘two comprehensives’ With a work guideline of equal emphasis on development, basketball can steadily enter the main battlefield and main position of the economy and society, and we can build a truly basketball power.” At the same time, he said that comprehensively building a basketball power is a long-term, multi-system complex project. The key directions include “strengthening the strategic fulcrum of competitive basketball, solidifying the strategic foundation of mass basketball, expanding the strategic space of the basketball industry, and building the strategic high ground of basketball culture.”

The first roundtable dialogue session, “The Road to Upgrading China’s Basketball Competitiveness,” was hosted by Zhang Qing, a well-known sports marketing expert and founder and CEO of Beijing Juazhidao Sports Consulting Co., Ltd. Xu Jianbin, head of the business operations department of CBA, Wang Haibin, chairman of Genjian Sports Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Guan Weijia, director of the basketball department of Sports Weekly, respectively discussed professional leagues, youth talent systems, basketball big data, and international basketball cutting-edge trends. Wait for hot topics to be discussed. Regarding the new concept of the CBA League, Xu Jianbin made a key interpretation: “In the new season, the CBA ‘In the Name of the City’ will be more down-to-earth and more able to closely connect the city and the fans. We hope that every club will be committed to becoming Symbols and representatives of the city.” Regarding the construction of basketball reserve talents, Wang Haibin gave his own judgment based on relevant data, “Compared with basketball powers and even Japan, there is a big gap in the number of young people receiving professional training. For example, Japan’s data The number is 500,000, while ours is 20,000; and teenagers from basketball powerhouses play 60-70 games per capita every year, which is also an important direction for strengthening our shortcomings in the future.” Based on the “Men’s Basketball World Cup White Paper” released this summer, Guan Weijia believes that Chinese basketball should focus on “the first is league-based, the second is to encourage overseas study, and the third is to consolidate youth training, and especially to Profit is the fundamental goal of professional leagues.”

Work together to explore and develop the diverse value of basketball

Taking stock of this year’s basketball hot words, “Village BA”, which is popular across the country, must be on the list. This conference specially invites Guizhou Province, the “cradle of Village BA”, to bring fresh experience of outstanding cases of mass basketball. In his sharing entitled “New Model of Rural Revitalization, Sports Helps Take a New Path”, Wang Yuanyuan, the second-level inspector of the Guizhou Provincial Sports Bureau, particularly emphasized that “sports set the stage, cultural opera, and brand empowerment, and the ‘Village BA’ has gradually embarked on a new path.” A new approach to county practice for Chinese-style modernization, “and formed a focus on investigation and research, asking the people for their needs, advice, and results; adhering to the “authentic flavor”, focusing on innovation in the competition system, and expanding the coverage of competition participation; adhering to integrity Innovation, focus on diversified integration, and expand new “sports +” business formats; adhere to the system concept, focus on multi-party linkage, and enhance the social influence of the event.

As the most popular collective ball sport in China, basketball creates huge value on traffic media platforms. Therefore, Ye Jueming, head of sports business of Douyin Group, released the “Douyin Sports Basketball Ecology Research Report” at the conference site, using first-hand data Interpret the basketball content ecology and development trends in the short video era. He said, “Basketball is Douyin’s largest sports field, with a huge scale of users and consumption; Douyin has more than 30 million users interested in basketball. From October 2022 to September 2023, basketball creators have broadcast live broadcasts more than 1.93 million times, and the number of live broadcasts has been viewed More than 4.7 billion times, more than 37.61 million video submissions, and more than 359.7 billion video views. The average monthly video views of basketball circle-related content exceeds 29.98 billion times.”

In the last dialogue unit of this conference, local governments, basketball clubs, and basketball sponsors were invited to discuss “Basketball Empowerment, Creating Infinite Possibilities Together” and share practical experience and regular insights into basketball value activation from multiple perspectives. Among them, Pang Zijie, deputy secretary of the Xiji County Party Committee in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, said that there are three main reasons for Xiji’s basketball popularity to rise: “First, it cannot be separated from the government’s establishment of a platform, guidance and non-intervention; second, it cannot be separated from the whole people.” Participation is purely down-to-earth; third, it is inseparable from everyone gathering firewood and joining hands to form a joint force.” Zhu Fangyu, general manager of Guangdong Hongyuan Club, said, “The value of professional clubs and basketball stars goes far beyond the results on the playing field. , and the values ​​of social responsibility, public welfare, industrial development and other aspects, are in a relationship of mutual promotion and common development.” Chu Kun, Director of the Brand Promotion Department of Yanghe Co., Ltd. believes that “through the combination of basketball culture and the dream culture of its own brand, especially It is to actively support the public basketball promotion represented by Village BA, to help more young people broaden their horizons, gain growth, and help them develop better in the future.”

On the first day of the Basketball Expo on November 8, guests from all walks of life discussed Jinjiang in the name of basketball, gathering energy, focus, and strength for Chinese basketball, and CHINA BOOM together! The Basketball Expo will last until the 12th. In the next few days, the Basketball Expo’s original brand events such as “Constellation Theme Streetball Game”, “Midfield Infinitive Cheerleading Innovation Challenge”, Super Three League Finals, “Pink Storm” Finals, etc. Hot events and activities will be staged wonderfully. “Jinjiang Basketball City, World Heroes Association”. A basketball festival for everyone, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy everything about basketball in Jinjiang!

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