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1-0 Red Bull Salzburg!Lautaro scored and Inter Milan’s strength crushed the Champions League rotation and qualified ahead of schedule_Game_Barella_Sommer


Original title: 1-0 Red Bull Salzburg!Lautaro scores Inter Milan’s strength to crush the Champions League rotation and qualify ahead of schedule

In the early morning of November 9th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the Champions League group stage continued. Red Bull Salzburg faced Inter Milan at home. Throughout the first half of the game, Red Bull Salzburg took the initiative on the scene, while Inter Milan, which rotated multiple players in the lineup, was somewhat passive. In the second half of the game, Inzaghi replaced many main players one after another. In the 85th minute, Lautaro scored a penalty kick created by Barrera. In the end, Inter Milan defeated Red Bull Salzburg 1-0 in an away game and qualified from the group two rounds in advance.

1. In the first round match between the two teams, Inter Milan won 2-1. Inter Milan has been in pretty good shape recently. In this game, they have won 4 consecutive victories in all competitions. In another group match, Real Sociedad defeated Benfica and scored 10 points.

2. In this game, Inzaghi made a substantial rotation of the lineup. Lautaro, Dimarco, Barrera, and Dumfries were all on standby on the bench.

After the 3rd and 4th round of the group stage, Real Sociedad and Inter Milan both reached 10 points, Red Bull Salzburg had 1 win and 3 losses, and Benfica lost all 4 games.

In the 13th minute, Salzburg Red Bull dribbled continuously in Inter Milan’s penalty area and hit the ball higher than Stroup’s shot.

In the 23rd minute, Sucic’s long shot hit the defensive player, and his strength and speed slowed down. Sommer easily won the ball.

In the 26th minute, Ulmer’s cross from the wing seemed to be a pass and a shot. Sommer went out to save the ball.


In the 35th minute, Calhanoglu took a free kick. With Bastoni unmarked in front of the goal, he failed to swing his head in place, and the ball hit his head and missed the baseline.


In the 42nd minute, Thuram made a pass from the bottom, and Sanchez responded like a nanny. Facing the defensive player who was attacking, Fratai actually fired an anti-aircraft cannon.


In the 51st minute, Calhanoglu took a free kick and shot the ball directly.


In the 67th minute, Sucic continuously swayed in a small area of ​​the penalty area to avoid shooting from an angle. Sommer quickly fell down and saved the ball.


In the 73rd minute, Inter Milan got a corner kick opportunity, but Thuram almost hit the ball and missed the opportunity.


In the 84th minute, Barrera’s shot hit the defensive player, and the referee decisively awarded a penalty kick.


In the 85th minute, Lautaro made a steady hit and Inter Milan finally took the lead.



Red Bull Salzburg starting lineup: 24-Schlager, 70-Dedic, 6-Baido, 31-Pavlovic, 17-Ulmer (46’27-Duart), 7-Ka Pardo, 10-Sucic, 18-Bistrup, 30-Gloch (88’32-Folsom), 19-Konate (88’45-Nene), 23-West Mitch (79’21-Ratkov).

Red Bull Salzburg substitutes: 1-Mantel, 41-Krumule, 11-Fernando, 15-Diambu, 39-Morgala.

Inter Milan’s starting lineup: 1-Sommer, 15-Acerbi, 31-Bicek (46’6-Devery), 95-Bastoni, 36-Damian, 30-Augusto, 16 -Fratesi, 20-Calhanoglu (60’21-Aslani), 22-Mkhitaryan (68’23-Barela), 70-Sanchez (68’10-Lautaro) ), 9- Thuram Jr.

Inter Milan substitutes: 12-Di Gennaro, 77-Odeiro, 2-Dumfries, 8-Anautovic, 14-Klassen, 32-Dimarco, 44-Stabile.Return to Sohu to see more

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