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Won by 55 points on the field!Efficiency value has been leading the Lakers for a long time, and the losing streak cannot hide the glory of James: I am the chosen one_Season_Ham_Heat


Original title: Win by 55 points on the court!Efficiency value has been leading the Lakers. Losing streak cannot hide the glory of James: I am the son of the chosen one.

After losing to the Heat by 1 point, the Lakers suffered a losing streak for the first time in the new season. Living in the fiercely competitive Western Conference, the Lakers with 3 wins and 4 losses can only be ranked 10th, not only lower than teams such as the Pelicans and Thunder, but even worse than the Spurs ( Ninth) and the Rockets (eighth), which have been in decline for three years. Due to injuries, the Lakers, who have fully strengthened their lineup in the offseason, have struggled extremely since the start of the season. Hamm frequently faces the dilemma of having no one available.

As the saying goes, “A hero is revealed in times of crisis.” During the most difficult stage of the Lakers’ season, James, who was about to turn 39, once again carried the team on his shoulders.

The Lakers’ original plan for the new season was to reduce James’ playing time. Hamm publicly stated that he would limit James’ playing time to 28-30 minutes.

As a result, James subsequently played 36 minutes per game. In the 7 games so far in the new season, James still averaged 35.9 minutes per game. This data is the second highest value of James’ playing time per game since 2018.

Judging from the game situation, it is difficult to blame Ham for using James in this way, because the team cannot do without James. Whenever James comes off the court, the team quickly loses control. As long as James comes on, the situation quickly stabilizes.

In just 7 games, the Lakers outscored their opponents by 55 points when James was on the court, and the team lost a total of 77 points after he was off the court. This perfectly explains why Hamm kept James on the court for a long time without saying anything.

It is worth mentioning that James has only rested for a total of 95 minutes in the 7 games so far in the new season, during which the Lakers lost by 77 points.

This is closely related to James’ impact on offense and defense. When James is on the court, the Lakers’ offensive efficiency is 116.7, which drops to 91.2 after he comes off the court. The same is true for the defensive efficiency. When he is on the court, the Lakers’ defensive efficiency is 107, and the points lost per 100 possessions after he comes off the court increases to 127.8.


This kind of performance allows James, who is about to turn 39, to still lead other stars in terms of real efficiency value in the new season.

James ranks first in the league with an efficiency value of +48.6, ahead of second-placed George (+37.7) and third-placed Tatum (+31.2).

Ranked 4-7 are Dillon Brooks (+28.9), Pope (+26.4), Jokic (+26.3) and Edwards (+25.3).


It’s hard to imagine that the 38-year-old James can still maintain such terrifying dominance. So far this season, he is still averaging 25.3 points, 8.4 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 1.57 steals and 1.14 blocks per game.

Among them, the overall shooting rate of 56% is only lower than when he played for the Heat in 2012 and 2013, and his rebounds, steals, blocks and other statistics are all higher than his career average.


From a data perspective, James is truly the chosen one, as his latest social media posts say.

After losing to the Heat in the previous game, James said that even if he had never been to the Heat, he would still maintain his dominance.

Not long ago, James retweeted this statement with the following text: “Absolutely, I will still be like this! I am the Chosen One! Nothing can change this. If I don’t go to the Heat, the number of rings may be reduced, but it won’t Change my dominance from start to finish.”

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