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3-0!Manchester City has won 4 consecutive games and qualified. Haaland’s double-snap + 39 goals in 34 games is too scary. A new Champions League record is born_Young People_Restricted Area_Kovacic


Original title: 3-0!Manchester City has won 4 consecutive games and qualified. Haaland has double goals + 39 goals in 34 games. It’s terrible. A new Champions League record is born.

In the early morning of November 8th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the Champions League group stage competition continued. Manchester City is at home against Young Boys of Bern from Switzerland. From the opening moment, Manchester City had an overwhelming advantage. In the 23rd minute, Haaland scored a penalty kick created by Nunes and Manchester City took the lead. In stoppage time in the first half, Grealish assisted Foden to score. In the 52nd minute, Harland completed a double ring. Lauper received a red card and was sent off. In the end, Manchester City defeated Young Boys 3-0 in an 11-on-10 match. While winning 5 consecutive games in all competitions, Manchester City also qualified for the Champions League group with 4 consecutive wins.

1. There is a huge gap in strength between the two teams. As the defending champion, Manchester City’s total worth is as high as 1.25 billion euros, while the young man’s is only 56 million. The two teams met in the last round, and Manchester City easily won 3-1 away from home.

2. After scoring twice, Haaland once again set a historical record with 39 goals in 34 games. Haaland became the only player among the top 50 scorers in the history of the Champions League with fewer appearances than goals.

In the 5th minute, Manchester City played a wonderful match. Kovacic’s pass happened to be everywhere, Grealish returned the pass selflessly, and Lewis’ shot was cleared by the opponent’s defender on the goal line.

In the 17th minute, Kovacic was brought down on the penalty area line. Manchester City received a perfectly positioned free kick. Walker’s shot and Foden’s follow-up shot were all saved by the goalkeeper.

In the 20th minute, Nunes moved around in the penalty area and was knocked down by Lauper. The referee decisively awarded a penalty kick.


In the 23rd minute, Haaland’s penalty kick easily deceived the goalkeeper and Manchester City took the lead.


In the stoppage time of the first half, Grealish sent a pass like Beckham’s, and Foden broke into the penalty area and scored.


In the 47th minute, Nunes did not pass the ball after getting rid of the penalty area, but chose to eject from the outside of his instep.


In the 52nd minute, Haaland broke away horizontally in front of the penalty area and then turned around and shot, scoring twice.


In the 73rd minute, there was a panic in the young people’s penalty area. Lewis responded and Kovacic’s shot missed.



Manchester City starting: 31-Ederson, 82-Lewis, 2-Walker (61’4-Phillips), 3-Dias, 24-Gvadiol, 5-Stones (46’6-Ake ), 8-Kovacic (80’11-Doku), 27-Nunez, 10-Galish, 47-Foden, 9-Harland (61’52-Bob).

Manchester City substitutes: 18-Ortega, 33-Carson, 25-Akanji, 16-Rodri, 19-Alvarez, 20-B seat.


Young starters: 1-Racioppi, 17-Janko (64’27-Bloom), 4-Armenda, 13-Camara, 23-Benito, 21-Garcia (76’19- Persson), 20-Nias, 30-Laoper, 7-Maglinic (87’39-Males), 15-Elia (76’35-Gonvula), 9- Iten (64’14 – Chaiwa).

Young substitutes: 26-Von Ballmos, 40-Magino, 11-Colli, 18-Nsame, 22-Rudani, 28-Lustenberg, 77-Montero.Return to Sohu to see more

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