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2023 Lihu Half Marathon starts with a gunshot and the most considerate gold medal service creates a smooth running experience_Event_Wuxi_Binhu


Original title: 2023 Lihu Half Marathon starts with a gunshot, the most considerate gold medal service creates a smooth running experience

At 8:00 on November 5, the 2023 COLMO Lihu Half Marathon (hereinafter referred to as the “2023 Lihu Half Marathon”) started with a gunshot at the intersection of Yinxiu Road, Taihu Avenue. The scale of the 2023 Lihu Half Marathon reached a new high, with 18,000 people running enthusiastically in the intoxicating autumn scenery of the lakeside.

This year’s event is hosted by the Wuxi Binhu District People’s Government, hosted by the Wuxi Binhu District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and Huipao Events, and is technically certified by the Chinese Athletics Association and supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Track and Field Association.

After fierce competition, the top three places in the men’s half marathon event belonged to Peng Jianhua, Pan Jun and Xu Xiong respectively, with the championship time of 1 hour, 08 minutes and 30 seconds; the top three places in the women’s half marathon event were Yang Bingyang and Guo Cuiling. and Gao Chao, the women’s champion time was 1 hour, 24 minutes and 56 seconds.

The youngest gold medal event continues to be upgraded

City courtesy welcomes runners from all over the world

When the Lihu Half Marathon was first held in 2016, it won the honor of the “Most Beautiful Track Features Event” certified by the Chinese Athletics Association. In just three years, it won the honor of the “Gold Medal Event” of the Chinese Athletics Association, becoming the youngest person in the country that year. The “gold medal” half marathon event. After being canceled last year due to the epidemic, this year’s Lihu Half Marathon made a stunning debut after being renovated and upgraded. It continues to create a better competition experience for all participants in terms of event route setting, competition service guarantee, etc.

In terms of track design, the 2023 Lihu Half Marathon generally continues the previous classic route design. 18,000 runners will start from the intersection of Taihu Avenue and Yinxiu Road, run through the morning light of Lihu Lake and witness the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake. Autumn scenery. This year, the organizing committee set the end point of the half-marathon at Sunac Cultural Tourism City, further adding to the rich experience of “entertainment, shopping, and travel” for the players after the race.

The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee said in an interview with reporters: “The route retains the previous core settings in order to display the natural and cultural features of the city to the greatest extent and present the most beautiful scenery of Wuxi Lakeside in autumn to all runners. , making everyone feel that their trip is worthwhile. At the same time, we have made innovative changes to the end of the event. We hope that everyone can experience the event and the city while immersing themselves in having a “Lihu Half Marathon” with their family and friends. ‘A wonderful weekend.”

Marathon is the best gift a city can give back to the society! In addition to the event organizing committee, Wuxi Binhu continues to bring cultural and tourism benefits to runners this year in order to welcome runners from all over the world. The reporter learned that from November 4th to 6th, all contestants and their colleagues will be able to enjoy 16 scenic spots including three 5A-level scenic spots, Lingshan Scenic Spot, Yuantouzhu, Three Kingdoms Water Margin, Nianhua Bay, and Sunac Cultural Tourism City. 50% discount on tickets for scenic spots.

The most considerate gold medal service creates a smooth running experience

Independent brand events inspire new vitality for high-quality development

In recent years, Binhu District has continued to support the construction of a sports power with high quality. Last year, 69 sets of 700 public sports and fitness facilities were updated or newly built, and 21 public sports facility projects were built using idle urban land. The per capita sports venue area reached 5.65 square meters; The upgrade and reconstruction project of three major ancient roads (Guanzhang, Zhuangyuan, and Junzhang) was completed, and the Binhu “Millennium Ancient Road” renovation project won the 2022 Wuxi City Third People’s Heart Project Gold Award. At the beginning of this year, Wuxi Binhu proposed to build a new highland for high-quality sports. Among them, the efficiency improvement of self-owned brand events represented by the 2023 Lihu Half Marathon will further promote the exploration of institutional systems and path models for the integrated development of regional sports, and promote it through major events. High-quality development of sports integration in the Yangtze River Delta region.

After the expansion of this year’s event, the Lihu Half Marathon Organizing Committee still adopted the “withdrawal and alternate mechanism” during the registration stage, which was well received by many runners. During the expo from November 3 to 4, the reservation mechanism for collecting items will be activated to ensure that every runner can experience the smooth process of collecting items. On the race day, when the contestants passed the finish line, the race volunteers hung the finisher medals symbolizing honor for the contestants, and used the 2023 Lihu Half Marathon customized subway card to take public transportation for free to leave the race, maximizing the service of the gold medal event. Create a smooth running experience.


According to the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee, this year’s Lihu Half Marathon has recruited and trained nearly 2,000 volunteers from Wuxi Taihu College, Wuxi College and other schools. In addition, a total of more than 400 people participated in the medical emergency services of this event, 35 of whom were equipped with mobile AED emergency equipment. All departments worked together to ensure the safety of the players.Return to Sohu to see more

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