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Original title: The first Youth League Softball Stadium: young players show the spirit of unity and hard work

China News Service, Guilin, November 6 (Zhou Lishuo, Ou Huilan, Ning Changrun) On November 5, the first National Student (Youth) Games (hereinafter referred to as the Youth Association) softball competition officially started at the softball field of Guilin Tourism College. Nine teams including the Guangzhou Softball Team, Jiangsu Nanjing Softball Team, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Softball Team participated.

“Zhang Yuxuan started training softball when she was in elementary school. When she first started training, her hands were covered in blisters and even bruised. I was very distressed, but I knew she loved playing softball. The only thing I could do was to encourage her silently. , support her. After this competition, no matter what the result is, I hope that she and the members of her team can uphold the sports spirit of unity, hard work and never give up.” The father of Zhang Yuxuan, a player of the Henan Luoyang softball team Zhang Guanjun said in the audience.

It is understood that a total of 8 teams from Group A and Group B will participate in the four group round-robin matches on that day. When all teams finish the group round-robin schedule on November 9, the event organizers will proceed according to the points ranking of each team. Schedule of qualifying and super round races.

Softball players hit the ball during the game.Photo by Zhou Lishuo

Athletes swinging bats passionately on the softball field.Photo by Ning Changrun

In the afternoon of that day, the third game of the Youth League softball group round-robin match was between the Hong Kong softball team and the Guangzhou softball team. Huang Zi’en, the leader of the Hong Kong softball team, said that the team’s participating members are all middle school students aged 15 to 18. They have passed the training and screening of the Hong Kong Softball Association of China and stood out. The Federation was established in 1937 and has been committed to the development of local softball in Hong Kong.

Up to now, the Hong Kong Softball Association of China has about 2,000 members participating in various events organized by the association, such as open leagues, age-group competitions, elite competitions, etc. The Hong Kong Softball Association will also conduct training for the Hong Kong, China softball team and send teams to participate in various international and national competitions.


The bowler throws the ball.Photo by Ou Huilan


Softball players prepare to hit the ball during the game.Photo by Zhou Lishuo

In this round-robin group match, the Guangzhou Softball Team temporarily leads the Hong Kong Softball Team with a score of 15-0. “This is my first time participating in a large national competition. Not only me, but everyone is very nervous about this competition. I hope I won’t make so many mistakes in the next competition, and I also hope to challenge myself through this competition. , break through yourself.” Hong Kong softball team catcher Lu Xiaoni said after the game.

“Our federation sent a team to participate in the Second Youth Games of China. After four years, I am very happy to participate in the national competition again. I hope that this competition will allow our young team members to accumulate more experience and achieve success in the next few group round-robin matches. Progress. I hope there will be more opportunities to bring Hong Kong softball players to the mainland to participate in major national competitions in the future.” said Quan Chi-wai, head coach of the Hong Kong softball team.

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