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Panoramic view of China’s basketball development and highlights of the first International Basketball Expo-China News

Panoramic view of China’s basketball development and highlights of the first International Basketball Expo-China News
Panoramic view of China’s basketball development and highlights of the first International Basketball Expo-China News

China News Service, Jinjiang, Fujian, November 6th (Reporter Sun Hong) The finals of the China Men’s Three-person Basketball Super League (“Super Three” League), the finals of the women’s exclusive basketball event “Pink Storm”, the original event “Constellation Jihad”, Cheerleading Innovation Challenge “Midfield Infinitive”… The first International Basketball Expo (“Basketball Expo” for short) to be held in Jinjiang, Fujian Province has many highlights.

On the 6th, the Basketball Expo held a press conference to inform about the latest progress in preparations for the exhibition. The first Basketball Expo with the theme of “Jinjiang Basketball City, Heroes of the World” will be held at Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Fujian from November 8th to 12th. It will present a panoramic view of the development of Chinese basketball and create a carnival for basketball lovers.

Liu Yudong, a member of the China Basketball Hall of Fame and promotion ambassador for the professional basketball exhibition area of ​​the Basketball Expo, said that the Basketball Expo not only joins hands with all parties to create a new exhibition brand and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the basketball industry, but also serves as an accelerant for the high-quality development of Chinese basketball. He hopes that using Jinjiang as a window for the spread of basketball culture, more people will love basketball and enjoy the happiness it brings.

On November 6, a press conference to prepare for the first International Basketball Expo was held in Jinjiang, Fujian.Photo by Liu Yi

As a sports city in China and an important sports industry base in the world, Jinjiang City has more than 10,000 sports companies, 22 national brands such as ANTA, Xtep, 361°, Zhongqiao, etc., and 34 international brands in cooperative operations, with products and services all over the world. Globally, it has created the “Jinjiang Experience” for the development of China’s county-level private economy. Wu Zunyi, deputy mayor of Jinjiang City, said that unlike previous exhibitions, the first Basketball Expo will feature many features such as the gathering of industry leaders, rich exhibition content, high-end industrial forums, and exciting events, which are worth looking forward to.

It is worth mentioning that the “Chinese Basketball Culture Exhibition” covering an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters will comprehensively and three-dimensionally present the development process of Chinese basketball since it was introduced to China in 1895, as well as all major events that have occurred in Chinese basketball up to now. The development history of the four major professional basketball leagues in China, namely CBA, WCBA, NBL and Super Three League, famous players and live interactions with fans will be specially planned and displayed on site.

In addition, the display part of the China Basketball Hall of Fame will recreate the original scene of the first China Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April this year. The hand models of the guests of the first Hall of Fame, the gowns for the entrance ceremony and the live stage will be displayed at the Basketball Expo 1: 1 presentation.

The Basketball Expo is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Basketball Association, China International Trade Center Co., Ltd. and the Jinjiang Municipal People’s Government. It has five themed exhibition areas: professional basketball, women’s basketball, trendy basketball, youth basketball, and rural basketball, integrating events, experiences, interactions, Integrating forum meetings, theme activities and other contents, it is a cultural event that gathers the energy of basketball. (over)


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