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Kunming Urban Weekend Cup Football Challenge Concluded Successfully


  Original title: The champion teams of the two categories were announced and the Kunming Urban Weekend Cup football competition concluded successfully

On November 4, the 2023 Kunming City National Fitness Series and the Kunming Football Association’s 2023 “National Fitness Day” series of activities – the “China Sports Lottery” 28th Kunming Urban Weekend Cup Football Competition ended at the Yunnan Hongta Sports Center At the end of the day, in the much-anticipated finals of the Glory Group, Yinhao Fanyun Football Youth Training United defeated Morningstar Yunnan Normal University 3-2, and won the championship trophy for the first time in the City Weekend Cup; in the public group competition, the creator ·Ronggang Steel Pipe defeated Kunming Zhonghui 4-1 to win the championship.

This event is guided by the Chinese Football Association, hosted by the Yunnan Provincial Sports Lottery Management Center, Kunming Education and Sports Bureau, Kunming Sports Federation, and Kunming Media Center, and hosted by the Kunming Football Association and Kunming Metropolis Times Media Co., Ltd., Yunnan It is co-organized by Hongta Sports Center and implemented by Yunnan Xiongguan Sports Development Co., Ltd. After more than two months of fierce competition, the final rankings of the two categories of this tournament were freshly released. Inhao Fanyun Football Youth Training Team and Morningstar Yunshi Oita won the glory group championship and runner-up, and Meijiya won the third place. . In the competition of the public group, Creator Ronggang Steel Pipe and Kunming Zhonghui won the championship and runner-up respectively, while Happy Craftsman and Kunming Qichan Football Team tied for third place. Zhu Xiaoqiang, Shi Pengcheng, Li Yiliang, and Adili Tursun won the Outstanding Referee Award in this competition.

This event attracted a total of 36 teams to register, and they competed in two categories: the public group and the glory group. The Glory Group gathers all the current strong teams in Kunming amateur football. Spring City amateur football enthusiasts work together to present the highest level competition in Kunming amateur football on the high-quality competitive platform of the Urban Weekend Cup Football Challenge. Starting from the group stage, almost Every game is a strong confrontation, which is highly enjoyable to watch. It shows the style of Kunming’s amateur team and leaves behind many classic battles and classic scenes.

It is worth mentioning that over the years, the youth training work of the Kunming Football Association has been continuously deepened, and the youth training has achieved remarkable results. It has discovered and cultivated a large number of outstanding young talents, and many of them have appeared in this competition. , the addition of new blood injects more vitality and charm into the game. At the same time, there are also many former professional players participating in the City Weekend Cup for the first time. Star players such as Gu Wenxiang, Shuangbijia, Zou Yucheng, Zhang Zhichao, Shen Jixing, etc. participated for the first time, making this tournament shine with “stars”. It has effectively improved the overall level of the event and promoted the high-quality development of Kunming amateur football.

With the hardware support of Kunming’s high-quality football field facilities and the continuous construction of social football fields, playing in teams in their spare time has now become a healthy lifestyle for Kunming people. This mass group is for “grassroots” players The participating players showed their persistence and love for football. They used the ball to meet friends and enjoy the fun of football. The continued holding of this event also satisfied the people’s yearning for a high-quality and beautiful life. (Reporter Wang Shan)

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