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Summary of the Chinese Super League: The championship content is the lowest in history, and referee controversies continue to cause public outrage_Haigang_match_season


Original title: Summary of the Chinese Super League: The gold content of the championship is the lowest in history. Referee disputes continue and the Football Association attracts public outrage.

According to news on November 6, Beijing time, the final round of competition for the 2023 Chinese Super League came to an end a few days ago. The league rankings have been settled. Some are happy and some are sad. It’s another year’s summary. Compared with the leagues in previous years, although this season’s Chinese Super League has welcomed back fans and the football market has recovered, the overall quality continues to decline. The gold content of Harbor’s championship is also considered to be the lowest in history. The Football Association continues to The emphasis on refereeing disputes and penalties has still not improved, and incidents of wage arrears are still common. When will the pain of the post-Jinyuan football era end? When can we rebuild our healthy league? Will next year be better?

Shanghai Haigang won the Chinese Super League championship this season as they wished. This is also the second time in the history of the Haigang team that they have won the championship. The last time was five years ago. However, this time the championship was full of twists and turns. Although it was 17 points ahead of the second place Shandong Taishan, it was only 5 points behind the opponent. It almost gave up the championship. What is even more ironic is that in In the Tianwangshan decisive battle with Taishan team, both teams sent off two players each. In order to maintain the tie and win the championship, the quality of the two teams’ games was appallingly low. Is this the competition between the top teams in our Chinese Super League?

In fact, Harbor could easily win the championship. In the first stage of the league, they achieved an unbeaten record of 8 wins and 2 draws, successfully took the top spot and established their lead. What is the status of Harbor’s championship rivals at this time? The Taishan team suffered from internal and external troubles. The general lost contact, leaving the team without a leader. Jin Jingdao, Sun Junhao and others were arrested, resulting in a significant decline in the team’s strength. The seaport had already opened up a big gap at the beginning. After selling last season’s absolute main force Malcom, the offensive power of the Three Towns dropped sharply. Davidson was in no condition and Stanciu was absent-minded. Half of the first 10 games were draws. After selling Stanciu again in the later period, they withdrew from the competition early. Crown row. Guoan also committed an old problem. Poor recruitment resulted in the team’s first victory in the fifth round. After the first stage, no one believed that Guoan was still competitive.

Haigang has the strongest lineup in the Chinese Super League, and it is natural that it should lead with a huge advantage. Frankly speaking, Haigang’s failure to win the championship is the last thing that should happen, but this last thing that should not happen has almost become a reality at the end of the season. Perhaps it was because of too much lead that led to slackness, or perhaps because of too much interference from external factors. Since losing in the 22nd round, Haigang’s record has continued to decline. It only defeated Yatai in the 25th round, and lost to Zhejiang, Henan team, Chengdu team, and Guoan team have repeatedly missed the opportunity to win the championship in advance. There are serious problems with the mentality of coach Javier and the Haigang players. If the Taishan team can defeat Haigang at that time, it is really hard to say who will win the final championship.

We cannot say that Harbor won the championship by luck. After all, the players played the game one by one. But compared with the current environment, the quality of the game, and the strength of the competitors, the championship won by Harbor is indeed The gold content is not high. The main players in Haigang, such as Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao, Lu Wenjun, Wu Lei and others, have also reached the end of their careers and cannot guarantee a stable playing state. The contract of the core foreign aid Oscar will also expire next year. By then, there will be a question mark as to whether this season’s Chinese Super League champions will still have the strength to win the Chinese Super League. So I have to say that the timing for Harbor to win this championship this season is just right.

Referee controversy continues, Football Association fines draw public outrage

After the end of last season, the outside world made negative comments on the referee’s performance throughout the season. A year later, when we re-examined this issue, we found that there was almost no improvement. The quality of the referee’s penalties, the uniformity of the scale, and the Understand the rules, everything seems to be in place.

In the 2023 Chinese Super League, almost from the first round, there will be at least one controversial penalty in every round. Among them, handballs in the penalty area were missed in the first three rounds; in the fifth round, the Tianjin Tigers played against Haigang, and Berridge’s winning goal was called off; in the seventh round, Shenhua played against Sanzhen, and Peng Xinli was given a red card for a foul. ; In the 12th round, the Chengdu team played against the Tianjin Tigers, and Palacios’ good goal was disallowed again; in the 14th round, when Taishan played against Haigang, Fellaini also scored a foul and was called for a foul. This penalty almost caused the former to strike out. , the referee Wang Zhe was also suspended; in the 16th round, Nantong played against the Dalian people, Gui Hong was called offside 100% of the single-handed ball. This penalty also caused huge controversy after the game. Interestingly, the Chinese Super League management The department had apologized to Nantong Zhiyun Club for the above-mentioned misjudgment, but the result could not be changed. Fortunately, Nantong successfully avoided relegation.

What is even more ironic is that the Football Association originally wanted to reintroduce foreign whistle law enforcement after the Asian Games to reduce the pressure on the league management department, including the league referee department, and at the same time improve the quality of law enforcement in key games, but in the end it failed to happen. In fact, in the current Chinese football environment, it is unrealistic to completely eliminate the mistakes and omissions of local whistles. Inviting foreign whistles to enforce the law is just an emergency. There is no solution. How to train our own referees is the top priority. Heavy. Just like the penultimate round of the Tianwangshan battle, Maimaitijiang’s law enforcement ability was unanimously praised after the game. The law enforcement was decisive and the standards were uniform. Although two people were sent off each, they were all justified. This is The best referee ever.


However, as the number of controversial penalties increases, it will also aggravate the players’ impatience on the court. When the anger rises, they will inevitably make some extraordinary actions, which will also lead to additional penalties from the Football Association after the game. But for a fine, the Football Association must also be reasonable, but it seems that they have not done this well.

This season, many Football Association fines have caused public outrage after being announced, with Aziz and Zhang Xizhe being the most obvious. The controversial point of Aziz’s ticket was whether it was a violent act. However, the referee, linesman and even the video assistant referee did not whistle Aziz during the game. Apparently the referee believed that Aziz was fighting. The purpose of the game was to fight for the ball, and there was no violent foul. However, the Football Association later sent the three towns a ticket in vain, and the three towns also responded by fining Aziz $1 to mock the Football Association; Zhang Xizhe’s ticket The controversial point is that the punishment is too severe. He was suspended for 7 games for insulting the referee. This is an unprecedented fine. When the fine was issued, doubts arose from the outside world: “I’m not afraid of you being punished, I’m afraid that you will be punished according to your mood.” Beijing Guoan The official also issued a long article in response to the Football Association’s fine, saying that he did not believe that darkness would forever cover the earth. The meaning of this statement is obvious.


The above are just for the players, not to mention that the Football Association also issued rare fines because of coaches’ remarks on social platforms. Instead of solving the problem, they first solved the person who raised the problem.

Wage arrears scandals are commonplace and the league has gone through the motions and become useless

At the beginning of this season, the Football Association stipulated hard requirements, one of which was that there should be no more unpaid wages. However, this was like child’s play. After the halfway point of the league, the unpaid wages scandal once again hit the headlines. In the second half of the season The Chinese Super League is just going through the motions, with many teams performing haphazardly. They all have one thing in common, which is unpaid wages.


The first is the Shenzhen team, which has been owed wages for more than a year and has not paid wages since the pre-season winter training. Obviously, it can pass the admission this season, which also shows that there are problems within the Football Association. Also due to salary arrears, many main players left the team during the second transfer. The team’s strength was greatly reduced, and the hope of relegation was completely extinguished at that time. And the foreign aids Alessandrini, Vacso and others on the team, He also disappeared from the public view without any news. The Shenzhen team official did not give any explanation. There is a high probability that he has already left the team.

The Cangzhou Lions are one of the teams that suffers from the most serious wage arrears besides the Shenzhen team, and they are also the team with the most obvious failure. After confirming relegation, the Cangzhou Lions began a losing streak as if they were going through the motions. After losing by a big score, the team had no intention of fighting. Locadia and Skolic also refused to return to the team after the summer window. The latter even sued the Cangzhou team to the International Court of Arbitration for Sports. Although the Cangzhou team can still appear in the Chinese Super League next year, if the funding problem cannot be solved, there is a high probability that they will be disbanded.

Of course, these two teams are not the only ones who owe wages this season. Dalian, another relegated team, also faces this problem. The top-ranked Sanzhen and Zhejiang teams are also worried about money. The former even sent their main player Stan Qiu Selling in exchange for cash solves the dilemma. In this season’s Chinese Super League, money + stability have become the prerequisites for achieving good results, and this is likely to become the most important factor in determining the team’s ranking next season, or even in the next few years. Key factor.

Will it affect the club when the verdict will be announced in the match-fixing case?

Although the rankings of the Chinese Super League this season have been settled, there are still unresolved matters. Many active players have lost contact during the season. Following Li Tie and Chen Xuyuan, the anti-gambling and anti-corruption trend has spread to every club. Jin Jingdao , Sun Zhunhao, Guo Tianyu, Gu Chao, Hou Yu, Qin Sheng, etc. Recently, three more people were even taken away from a Chinese League One team, and all of them have played for the Chinese Super League championship team. When will these players be declared worthy of attention, and are their actions personal or club-related? Will their teams be implicated? This series of question marks have yet to be announced. If the club is implicated, how should the Football Association characterize it? How to punish? As the new leader of the Football Association, Song Kai may also face his first problem after taking office.


Will next year be better?

Finally, it comes to the clichéd question, will the Chinese Super League next season bring us hope? Obviously, the goal of most Chinese Super League teams is still to survive. Only by surviving can they have a future.

There is a high probability that the championship teams will still be the ones that are operating stably, and there will only be more relegation teams. The quality of foreign aid may further decline. Of course, this depends on whether the Football Association will launch a new policy. If the Football Association relaxes its foreign aid policy or relaxes club transfers, perhaps our league will see some signs of recovery.

A healthy league needs to have wealthy clubs, competitive teams, dark horses, unpredictable games as motivation, and passion, instead of being able to think about what will happen after 90 minutes every time the game starts. result. (DD)Return to Sohu to see more

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