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Leonardo beat Wu Lei to become the top scorer in the Chinese Super League. It’s time for the naturalization department of the national football team to start_Goals_Game_Players


Original title: Leonardo beats Wu Lei to become the top scorer in the Chinese Super League. It’s time for the national football naturalization department to start

In the 30th round of the Chinese Super League, the Zhejiang team defeated Shanghai Shenhua with a score of 2-1. Leonardo, the Brazilian foreign aid, contributed a goal and an assist in this game. With this goal, Leonardo finally got his wish and won the Chinese Super League Golden Boot with 19 goals. The Zhejiang team also relied on his help to win tickets to the AFC Champions League.

As a player on loan from Shandong Taishan to the Zhejiang team, Leonardo before the summer transfer window, many people believed that he might return to his parent team Shandong Taishan or continue to stay in Changchun Yatai. What is unexpected is that he finally chose to loan to the Zhejiang team. Playing for two Chinese Super League teams throughout the season is unusual in the history of the Chinese Super League. However, Leonardo did not stop scoring goals because of the change in environment.

After 30 rounds of games, Leonardo topped the scorer list with 19 goals, 1 goal more than his teammate Musiekui, and also surpassed Wu Lei to become the top scorer in the Chinese Super League this season.It is worth mentioning that in the last round of the game, Wu Lei scored 2 goals and almost overtook Leonardo.

Leonardo is the eighth Brazilian player to win the Chinese Super League Golden Boot. Previous Brazilian players include Junior, Muric, Malcon, former TEDA forward Luis, naturalized player Exxon, Luo Guofu and Gaola. special. You know, Leonardo is only 27 years old and he was born in 1997. If he can maintain a stable state, he may continue to play in the Chinese Super League until 2030.


Therefore, many fans suggest that the naturalization department of the national football team can consider introducing Leonardo, because his main characteristic is strong adaptability. His previous performance in Shandong Taishan was squeezed out by Shandong coach Hao Wei, but in Changchun Yatai, he scored 10 goals in 13 games. After coming to the Zhejiang team, he scored 9 goals in 16 games. It can be said that he is better than Wu Lei and has better adaptability. In addition, Leonardo has played in South Korea and Japan before and can be said to be a late bloomer.


What’s even more amazing is that Leonardo not only scored many goals, but also had many assists. He also has 7 assists this season, which is enough to call him the great Giroud of the Chinese Super League.


Judging from his performance throughout the season, Leonardo has demonstrated outstanding personal abilities and teamwork spirit. His stable and determined goal-scoring ability won him the title of the Chinese Super League Golden Boot, and also won him praise from fans and the media. His experience of playing on loan between two different teams also reflects his ability to adapt to new environments and his football talent. This makes people wonder what kind of addition Leonardo will bring to the national football team if he can join the national team and become a naturalized Chinese player.Return to Sohu to see more


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