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82 million pounds wasted!Manchester United gives the green light to Brazil Compass to leave the team in the winter window and enters the countdown_Barbosa_Anthony_Flamengo


Original title: 82 million pounds wasted!Manchester United gives the green light to Brazilian compass to leave the team in the winter window and enters the countdown

The British media “Daily Mirror” reported that Manchester United and coach Ten Hag have completely lost patience with “Compass” Anthony and have given the green light to his departure. It is expected that Brazilian forward Gbagbo will be introduced in the January winter transfer window. Sa, Anthony will join Brazilian Flamengo on loan as part of the deal.

Manchester United’s forward attack group has fallen into a continued downturn this season, and they are all struggling to score goals. The team’s goal guarantee last season, “Prince” Rashford, who scored 30 goals, only scored 1 goal this season, and the high-priced new aid Hoylund only scored 3 goals, while Garanacho and Martial also only scored 1 goal.

Manchester United are now making plans for signings in the January winter window, while Sir Ratcliffe’s proposal to buy 25% of the club is still in the board approval stage.Before this major new investment is finalized, Manchester United must comply with Financial Fair Play regulations and can only consider low-price signings or loans. Their goal is to add more offensive options on the front line and try to find a stable and efficient scoring point.

The 27-year-old Brazilian forward Barbosa has scored 18 goals in all competitions for the Brazilian giants Flamengo this season. Since his contract will expire at the end of 2024, it is expected that only 20 million pounds will be needed to acquire this productive forward. The most important thing is that Flamengo is also interested in selling Barbosa to avoid leaving the player for free when his contract expires. According to the “Daily Mirror” report, the Brazilian giants hope to receive part of the transfer fee and at the same time be able to loan “Compass” Anthony for at least one season.

In last summer window, under the strong support of coach Ten Hag, Manchester United spent a sky-high transfer fee of 82 million pounds to sign 23-year-old Brazilian winger Anthony from Ajax. But this talented winger, who had high hopes from the Red Devils fans, except for making people shine in the first few games after joining, then fell into a long-term slump.

Not only has he not scored a goal this season, he has also been suspended for several games due to domestic violence charges, and his form has plummeted. According to reports, Ten Hag has gradually lost patience with his beloved disciple and has given him the green light to leave the team. However, Anthony’s contract does not expire until 2027, so a permanent transfer is unlikely.


However, Manchester United may face competition from AC Milan for Barbosa.In 2016, Barbosa moved to Inter Milan from Santos for a transfer fee of nearly 30 million euros, but his performance was mediocre. He played a total of 10 times for the Serie A giant, but scored 1 goal, but he still hopes to prove himself in European football. .In addition, Premier League rival West Ham United negotiated with Flamengo Club about joining Barbosa in January last year, but failed to reach an agreement.

Other potential targets for United include 31-year-old Porto center Mehdi Taremi, who impressed while playing for Iran at the World Cup, especially as his contract expires next summer. In addition to him and Barbosa, the Red Devils have several other forwards on their shortlist. Ivan Toney and Osimhen are both under consideration, but the transfer fee is expected to be sky-high.Return to Sohu to see more


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