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Beijing Enterprises defeated Jilin 92-76 player ratings: 4 players received full marks, 2 players received good marks, and 5 players failed | Zhang Fan | Yu Changdong | Liu Xiaoyu | Zou Yuchen_NetEase Subscribe

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In the CBA regular season, Beijing Enterprises defeated Jilin 92-76. In this game, Beijing Control played relatively easily, although there was slack in the third quarter, which caused the opponent to chase some points. However, Beijing Enterprises tightened up again in the final quarter and beat Jilin to win.

It was a perfect performance from all 4 people in the audience. Among them, Zhang Fan and Jin Xin have become shooters. Especially for Zhang Fan, the overall ups and downs this season are still relatively large. However, in this game Zhang Fan made 5 of 7 three-pointers and scored 17 points, 2 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 steal. This is the Zhang Fan that Beijing Control is familiar with. There is also Jin Xin, who has gone berserk in two consecutive games. Today, they hit 4 three-pointers and scored 13+8. The two of them have become stable scoring points.

Even Zou Yuchen and Chen Guohao are maintaining extremely efficient performance. Especially Zou Yuchen, who scored 14+11 on 6-of-7 in this game. He has become the basic player. At the same time, Chen Guohao is really gradually adapting to and dominating the CBA arena. He scored 18 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists on 9 of 13 shots from the field, and on the defensive end, Chen Guohao could also limit the opponent. If Chen Guohao can improve his mid-range shooting in the future and he can really become an offensive and defensive player, then this will be a further improvement for Beijing Control.


Felder and Sampson are good performances. Among them, Felder’s shooting percentage today was too bad. He only made 4 of 16 in the game. This shooting percentage is still a bit bad. However, Felder’s assists are the basis. He can revitalize the team in every game and sent out 14 assists in the game. As for Sampson, his biggest highlight is positivity. The offensive end dunked, and the defensive end showed enough vitality. Even holding the ball, blocking shots, counterattacking, assisting, and shooting are all showing his aggressiveness. He has no problem with being a rotation player.


It is a pity that Li Weihao, Meng Zikai, Yu Changdong, Riller, and Liu Xiaoyu all failed to pass the test. Especially Li Weihao, who is inexperienced and unable to control the defense and has no rebounds. As for Meng Zikai, his condition in these two games was not very good. And when Liu Xiaoyu and Yu Changdong play together, the team will definitely be constipated. After all, Liu Xiaoyu didn’t shoot, and his performance has declined severely this season, and his overall performance is still disappointing. Riller couldn’t play the ball at all when he was targeted today, and the physical confrontation was obviously not enough.

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