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CCTV5 live broadcast: Wang Yidi hits Ito hard! There is a fierce battle between Ma Long and Ocha King Manyu! _Sun Yingsha_National Table Tennis_Table Tennis

CCTV5 live broadcast: Wang Yidi hits Ito hard! There is a fierce battle between Ma Long and Ocha King Manyu! _Sun Yingsha_National Table Tennis_Table Tennis
CCTV5 live broadcast: Wang Yidi hits Ito hard! There is a fierce battle between Ma Long and Ocha King Manyu! _Sun Yingsha_National Table Tennis_Table Tennis

Original title: CCTV5 live broadcast: Wang Yidi hits Ito hard! There is a fierce battle between Ma Long and Ocha King Manyu!

On November 3rd, Beijing time, the 2023WTT Frankfurt Championship is in full swing. Good Table Tennis will report and live broadcast the game for everyone! Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Chen Meng, and Sun Yingsha lead the eight main players of the national table tennis team. Currently, Fan Zhendong, Chen Meng, and Liang Jingkun are out, while Sun Yingsha, Wang Chuqin, Wang Yidi, and Wang Manyu are promoted!

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The draw groups are as follows:

In men’s singles, Ma Long and Fan Zhendong are in the top half, while Asian Games men’s singles champion Wang Chuqin and Japan’s top brother Tomokazu Harimoto are in the bottom half.

Detailed reading: Zhang Benxia signed a contract with Wang Chuqin and Fan Zhendong from the same district. It will be difficult to win the championship!

In the women’s singles, Sun Yingsha and Wang Yidi are in the upper half, Chen Meng and Wang Manyu are in the second half, and Chinese table tennis rival Mima Ito is in the upper half and is expected to be directly defeated by Wang Yidi.

CCTV live broadcast: Chen Meng fights Wang Manyu and Wang Yidi blocks Japan’s Ito Sun Yingsha vs. Tian Zhixi

2023WTT Frankfurt

Table Tennis Championship detailed schedule

On November 2nd, Beijing time, the national table tennis star Wang Yidi swept India’s first long-term rubber player Batra and Zhang Benzhi 3-0 and the Danish star Grote 3-0;

Grand Slam Malone 3-0 Egyptian star Assal, Ito Mima narrowly defeated the host German player Nina 3-2;

Wang Manyu revenged Yuan Jianan 3-1.

On November 3, Beijing time, the men’s and women’s singles quarter-finals will be held.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, Hina Hayata played against the Romanian beauty Szokos. Her opponent had just defeated Chen Meng. Later at 21:35, Wang Chuqin played against the Korean star Lin Zhongxun. Her opponent defeated Liang Jingkun 3-1…

Sun Yingsha played against Korean genius Shin Yubin at 22:10, and the match between Zhang Benzhihe and Lin Yunru took place at 22:45.

At 2:00 a.m. the next day, Wang Yidi played against Mima Ito, and Lee Sang-soo played against French starlet Le Brun.

Wang Manyu faced South Korean Zhu Qianxi at 3:10. His opponent played 7 games with Sun Yingsha.strengthNot to be underestimated.

Malone faced German star Ocharov at 3:45. The old rivals met again, expected to be 3-2.

The men’s and women’s singles quarter-finals will be held at 8pm on November 3, Beijing time.

The 21-year-old girl who swept Sun Yingsha is popular! At 1.76 meters tall, she looks like Liu Yifei and is praised as the most beautiful woman in the national table tennis team.

The men’s and women’s singles semi-finals will be held at 8pm on November 4, Beijing time.;

On November 5th, Beijing time, at 8pm, the men’s and women’s singles finals will be held.;

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Is Sun Yingsha expected to compete with Wang Manyu for the championship? Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin?

Highlights of the 2023 Asian Table Tennis Championships

1. Qian Tianyi, the goddess of national table tennis, looks so beautiful in a casual outfit!Tomboy Sun Yingsha arrives in South Korea

2. Zhang Benzhihe was beaten by Wang Chuqin! Feelings of disastrous defeat: My twisting and pulling is useless!He knows everything

3.Liang Jingkun replaces Ma Long! Fan Zhendong kills Lin Yunru! National table tennis wins 3-0!

4. The reason for Chen Meng’s loss was exposed! Wang Manyu’s celebration caused controversy! He won a key game before the Olympics

5. Break through the world’s first, second and third place! Wang Manyu roars to win the championship!Give Ma Lin a hard time

6. Fan Zhendong lost the championship! Malone cried!The whole audience chanted three words: Wang Hao and Liu Guoliang, did you hear it?

7. Li Sun announced a major turning point in Wang Manyu’s career, Sun Yingsha understood the overtones, and Chen Meng had a sense of crisis

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