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China’s three-person basketball team advanced to the Paris Olympics for the first time. Shenzhen team’s youngster: fought until the last minute_Game_Liu Changjiang_Liu Qian


Original title: China’s three-person basketball team advanced to the Paris Olympics for the first time. Shenzhen team’s young player: fought until the last moment

In the early morning of November 2nd, Beijing time, good news came from the FIBA ​​official website. The Chinese three-person women’s basketball team ranked first in the world in points, and the Chinese three-person men’s basketball team ranked third in the world in points, and they also locked in a spot for the Paris Olympics.

The list of thanks released by the WeChat official account of the Super Three League includes two post-2000 players from Shenzhen Longhua Qihang-Liu Qianhao and Liu Changjiang.

What are the stories behind the Paris Olympics? Duterong Media reporters contacted two young players born in the 2000s and listened to their stories.

In January this year, the national team convened 35 players for selection to screen and reserve personnel for the Paris Olympics. This team has become a matrix composed of several teams that are a mix of current CBA players, elite players from the Super Three League, and foreign players, competing in various leagues to “brush points.”

The rules of the Paris Olympics are very difficult. The points range is reduced from 100 players to 25 players. The effective points are the total points in the 12 months before November 1, 2023. The player’s personal points are based on the highest 9 points in the events participated in throughout the year. Add up.

According to the rules, personal points are composed of 5 parts, team performance ranking, winning games in advance, personal scoring performance (cumulative), personal data (cumulative), and personal shooting value (cumulative).

“It takes a long time to train and compete, and the selected players will have to miss many games, and may not even be able to represent the club this season, but we still decided to fully support the national team’s Olympic plan and cooperate with the work without hesitation.” Shenzhen Longhua Qihang head coach Jiang Jin said.

Liu Qianhao in the game

Liu Qianhao, a post-2000 player from Shenzhen Longhua Qihang, entered the national team selection in January and eventually participated in the Hebei Handan FIBA ​​U21 National League, Romania Constanta FIBA ​​3×3 Masters, and Mongolia Ulaanbaatar FIBA ​​U23 National League Finals. , and the FIBA ​​U23 World Cup in Lublin, Poland.

Liu Changjiang in the game

Liu Changjiang, another young player born in the 2000s, followed closely and was selected for the national team in April. He and Liu Qianhao participated in the FIBA ​​U21 National League in Handan, Hebei, and the FIBA ​​U23 National League Finals in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and represented the Beijing team. Participated in the Abu Dhabi Masters.


In the FIBA ​​U21 National League in Handan, Hebei, Liu Qianhao stepped up when he was lagging behind against the Mongolian team and scored 8 points in a row, leading the China U21 Men’s National Team to complete a great comeback and win the first-day championship 21-19. Liu Changjiang’s performance is also worthy of praise. Although he unfortunately lost to the US team by one point, he still dared to fight and score 8 points. In the end, the team won the championship with its outstanding performance and successfully gained points.


Photo after winning the championship

There is no night or day in the world, only driving and racing

Starting from September, Liu Qianhao participated in a total of four races within one and a half months, and all the races were closely connected. The longest journey took more than fifty hours to reach the destination. There are only two things in the whole process, go to sleep when you feel sleepy, and play the game when you wake up. He emphasized that during that time, he was the same as all his teammates who were fighting around the world: there was no day or night in the world.


“I’m a little scared when I see airplanes now,” Liu Qianhao said.

What impressed Liu Qianhao the most was the journey from Romania to Mongolia. He took a bus from a small town in Romania to the airport, and then transferred to Turkey. As a result, the plane was delayed and he sat at the airport for more than ten hours unable to sleep. Then he After more than ten hours of flight, we finally arrived in Mongolia.


The scenery photographed by Liu Qianhao in Romania

After arriving in Mongolia, Liu Qianhao fell asleep on the bus to the competition. “It took a long time for someone to wake me up. I really felt like I had fainted.” Recalling that scene, he laughed helplessly.


However, because the four players of the national team had scored points in different competitions around the world before the FIBAU23 National League Finals in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, they were in poor condition and lacked tacit understanding, and failed to advance to the quarterfinals. This result became The regret in his heart.


For Liu Changjiang, the one that impressed him most was the Abu Dhabi Masters. After arriving at the competition venue, Liu Changjiang had a long journey and was not used to the local food. He was severely acclimatized and suffered from diarrhea. At the same time, his teammate Liu Lipeng still persisted in fighting even though he had a high fever. Liu Changjiang played almost every game in this round of the series, and finally ended up in Beijing, China. The team lost to Lausanne 12-21 in the quarter-finals and unfortunately stopped and finished sixth.


“We really want to win every game, but there is a strong uncertainty in three-on-three, and we must fight until the last minute,” Liu Changjiang said.

Their sense of responsibility and mission kept them going until the end


Looking back on this ups and downs journey, the word Liu Qianhao said most was “sense of responsibility”. It is his unshirkable responsibility to fight for the country. Liu Changjiang said that he will always remember the “sense of mission” of wearing the national team jersey and can persevere no matter how tired he is.

When the good news came that the three-man Chinese men’s basketball team had advanced to the Paris Olympics, the two of them hugged tightly and celebrated their glorious moment.

Players participating in the global competition this time include: Zhang Ning, Zhu Yuanbo, Guo Hanyu, Liu Yuxuan, Yan Peng, Zhu Songwei, Zhang Dianliang, Lu Wenbo, Qi Haotong, Zhao Jiaren, Zhou Yanxu, Li Haonan, Wu Xingrui, Liu Lipeng, Chen Jianghe, Yue Hongbo, Li Shengdong, Wang Yansong, Zhang Wei, Yu Ximiao, Lu Pengcheng, Huang Haoran, Ma Diancheng, Liu Jiayun, Huang Xu, Zhang Bo, Feng Haoran, Zhao Baiqing, Zou Yang.

Please remember their names, they are the ones who led China’s three-person basketball to the Paris Olympics and to the world stage.

Picture source: FIBA3X3 three-person basketball league, @中国三三级片National Team

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