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Yao Jia, leader of the national figure skating training team: We must go all out to win every competition


Original title: Yao Jia, leader of the national figure skating training team: We must go all out to win every competition

On the 2nd, the national figure skating training team held an open training at the Capital Gymnasium. The team members are actively preparing for the upcoming China Cup. “Milan (Winter Olympics) is a long-term goal. It is very important for each athlete to do well in each station (competition) and achieve long-term goals through many short-term goals.” Team leader Yao Jia said.

Yao Jia said that at present, men’s single and pairs skating are expected to compete for a seat in the 2023-2024 ISU World Figure Skating Grand Prix finals to be held in Beijing in December; and for other young athletes in the team, taking Qualifying for the World Championships is the next goal.

Peng Cheng/Wang Lei, the pair who won the Shanghai Super Cup figure skating pairs championship early last month, also appeared in this public training. The two said that they are getting better and better with each other and are making steady progress towards their goals.

Since “holding hands” in March, the old teammates and new partners have performed brilliantly in the game; at the public training that day, reporters also observed that the communication between the two was sufficient and the atmosphere was relaxed. In this regard, Wang Lei said: “From communication to technology to running-in, Peng Cheng is a very good partner. There may be some problems during training, but the communication is better, so the solution is relatively smooth.”

How two experienced veteran players adjust their mentality and start over is a question that has always attracted much attention. Wang Lei and Peng Cheng gave their own answers respectively.

“Treat yourself as a newcomer, compete with the attitude of learning more and comparing more, look for gaps and learn more.” Wang Lei said.

Peng Cheng said: “I always say that I am normal, but it is really difficult to achieve it. Because it is not only the expectations of others, but also my own expectations of myself. But back to the essence, skating is because of happiness… My My original intention is to stand on the field by myself, and don’t forget why I started just because I have gone far.”

Next, the two will go to Chongqing to participate in the Cup of China, and then the Finnish Grand Prix. Team leader Yao Jia revealed that Peng Cheng/Wang Lei need to try their best to stand on the podium in every next race to have a chance to be shortlisted for the Grand Prix finals.

Yao Jia also revealed that Chinese men’s single skater Jin Boyang has been in good form recently and is focusing on training and competition: “Jin Boyang’s hook four (quadruple hook jump) has recovered. How to maintain quality and integrity in the competition? This is a question that needs to be considered next. The French station starts tomorrow. According to the team test two weeks ago, his condition is good now.”

As the fourth station of the six-station International Skating Union Figure Skating Grand Prix, the China Cup will be held in Chongqing from November 10th to 12th. The host Chinese team has 3 men’s singles, 3 women’s singles, 3 For pairs skaters and two pairs of ice dancers, this is also the station with the largest number of participants for the Chinese figure skating Grand Prix in recent years. Chinese players such as Jin Boyang, An Xiangyi, Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu, Peng Cheng/Wang Lei will all appear. (Gao Meng)

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