The US media announced the offseason ratings of 30 teams: the Lakers and Rockets were awarded A, the Warriors received B, and the 76ers may drop to F_Operation_Players_Harden


Original title: US media announced the offseason ratings of the 30 teams: the Lakers and Rockets were awarded A, the Warriors received B, and the 76ers may drop to F

After several months of rest, the new NBA season is about to arrive again. Most teams in the league have completed building their core lineups. To this end, the American media “yardbarker” gives ratings based on the operations of each team so far in the offseason. , among which the Lakers and Rockets were awarded A, the Warriors were awarded B, and the 76ers may fall to F.

Pelinka’s off-season operations were nearly perfect. He first signed four core players in Reeves, Rui Hachimura, Russell and Big Eyebrows with a series of value-for-money contracts, including a four-year, $56 million extension for Reeves. The contract is one of the best currently in service.

At the same time, he also signed new players such as Vincent, Prince, Reddish, Hayes and Wood, replacing players such as Schroeder, Lonnie Walker, Beasley, Bamba and Troy Brown Jr., achieving The lineup has become taller and younger.

Considering the Lakers’ salary situation, it’s hard to ask Pelinka to hand over better operations.

Rockets: A

The Rockets’ A rating may surprise many people, because Houston paid a number of premium contracts during the offseason, and the players they signed were not top stars, and there is a big gap with the outside world’s expectations.

The reason why the Rockets received a high grade of A is that the first point is that Houston hired Uduka, a serious elite coach, and the second point is that the team did not sign back Harden and chose to continue to train young people Amen Thompson and Whitmore.

Last but not least, the Rockets management chose to introduce many fierce and tough veterans such as VanVleet, Dillon Brooks, Landale and Jeff Green. Their arrival will reshape the Rockets’ team culture.

Warriors: B

The most critical operation of the Warriors during the offseason was to replace the “high-risk, high-reward” Poole with the stable veteran Paul. This means that the team has completely abandoned the strategy of competing for the championship and cultivating young players in the past few seasons. .

Secondly, the Warriors renewed Dream Chaser with a four-year, US$100 million contract. The latter jumped out of the player option, saving the Warriors a large amount of luxury tax and achieving a win-win situation for both parties.

Finally, there is the signing of Joseph and Saric, two veterans who fit the team’s system and rotation. How the Warriors’ ratings will ultimately change is closely related to Paul’s health.

76ers: C+ (highly likely to drop to F in the future)

If Harden is further forced to play, or even fails to work in the opening stage, this score will quickly drop to F.

From the perspective of lineup configuration, the 76ers’ operations this offseason were lackluster. They introduced Beverley, signed Bamba, and renewed Paul Reed. Their role was limited and they could only receive a C+ rating.

Determining Philadelphia’s final rating depends on how the management handles Harden’s pressure. Judging from the current situation, Harden’s final departure from the team will inevitably be very unpleasant and will also lead to a sharp decline in Philadelphia’s overall rating.


The rest of the ratings are as follows

A+: Spurs

A: Sun

A-: Pacers, Mavericks, Jazz

B+: Cavaliers, Hornets, Trail Blazers

B: Pistons, Celtics, Grizzlies, Bucks, Timberwolves, Knicks, Thunder, Kings

B-: Magic, Wizards

C+: Nets, Clippers, Pelicans

C: Nuggets

C-: Bulls, Eagles

D: Heat, Raptors

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