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[New Hangzhou New Asian Games]”Campus Football” stirs up vitality and creates a new model of beautiful education in Hangzhou in the Asian Games era_Hangzhou Net


[New Hangzhou New Asian Games]”Campus Football” stirs up vitality and creates a new model of beautiful education in Hangzhou in the Asian Games era

Recently, walking on the streets of Hangzhou, you can see people actively participating in various sports everywhere. Basketball, badminton, table tennis, cycling, running… The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, which is about to open, will bring a different kind of vitality to the city. The infection and transmission of this vitality have also created a new model of beautiful education unique to Hangzhou.

On the campus of primary and secondary schools in Hangzhou, when “campus football” is mentioned, children and parents are full of praise. “Playing football not only exercises children’s physical fitness, but also exercises their endurance and perseverance.” said a parent of a player from the football team of Qiuzhi Primary School in Hangzhou. In the eyes of many parents, football can help children make new friends and cultivate team spirit. It also allows children to have fun playing sports and learn and improve from each other during the game.

It is understood that since 2016, the Municipal Education Bureau has regarded the development of youth football as an important starting point for building a “beautiful education” at a high level, with a campus that “teaching is the foundation, competition is the key, the system and mechanism are the guarantee, and educating people is the foundation” Based on the concept of football development, we explore and implement an all-round campus football development mechanism of “integration of teaching, training and competition”, forming a new situation of campus football development in which government and society are jointly promoted and sports and education are coordinated, creating a thriving “Hangzhou Model” of campus football education. .

.2023 is the year when the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Hangzhou Asian Para Games will be held. Since the beginning of this year, Hangzhou has held the “Mayor’s Cup Asian Games Young Football Players” campus football primary school league, the “Asian Games Little Feet” 2023 Hangzhou campus football children’s exhibition event, the “Welcome Asian Games” Hangzhou youth campus football elite summer camp, and the “Welcome Asian Games” Hangzhou youth campus football elite summer camp. Activities such as the “Asian Games” Hangzhou Youth Campus Football Elite Invitational Exchange Tournament, the Hangzhou “Mayor’s Cup” Campus Football Elite League and the Primary School Men’s Best Team Challenge Competition have created an atmosphere to welcome the Asian Games “hand in hand” and ignite enthusiasm with “ball” good atmosphere.


“Football is not only a sport, but also a way of education. It also integrates team spirit, humanistic feelings, cultural connotation and other aspects. We need to pursue deeper pursuits.” said the relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau.

Campus football culture and education is a part that cannot be ignored in the promotion of campus football in Hangzhou. Improving the level of football is a long-term project. In addition to excellent physical fitness, it also requires strong judgment and adaptability.


In the future, Hangzhou will focus on the construction of a second classroom for campus football, further open and revitalize school football fields, and further optimize the use of football stadiums to establish venues that can be used for training, experience, salons, study and other functions, so that children can understand The history of football development, teams and other derived cultures. Hangzhou is further exploring the unique charm and comprehensive educational ability of football in the growth process of young people, exploring the Hangzhou model of campus football development, and promoting the beautiful education of campus football in Hangzhou to a new level.

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