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ox!Ratings of the Lakers’ six key operations in the off-season are released: Reeves gets an A when he renews his contract, Wood gets a B+ for bargain hunting_Trade_Russell


Original title: Cow! Ratings of the Lakers’ 6 key operations in the off-season are released: Reeves gets an A when renewing his contract, and Wood gets a B+ for bargain hunting.

Last season, the Lakers relied on mid-season trade operations to counterattack all the way to the Western Conference Finals. During the offseason, Pelinka made another clever move. He not only renewed the core lineup through a series of value-for-money contracts, but also introduced multiple new players at once. , achieving a taller and younger lineup.

For this reason, the US media “Fadeawayworld” rated the Lakers’ 6 key operations during the offseason, among which Reeves’ contract extension received an A, and Wood’s bargain hunting received a B+.

Before the trade deadline last season, the Lakers acquired Russell in the Westbrook deal. The latter quickly provided the offensive firepower and three-point shooting the Lakers needed, and his overall performance exceeded expectations.

It wasn’t until the Western Conference Finals against the Nuggets that Russell’s shortcomings of unstable offense and unreliable defense were fully exposed, causing the Lakers to miss the Finals.

During the offseason, the Lakers initially planned to sign and trade him away. After failing to find a suitable deal, the Lakers used the cap space provided by the Bird Rights to sign Russell because the contract was more cost-effective and made it easier for the Lakers to trade mid-season. Earned a decent rating of B-.

Second deal: Signing Vincent (B) for 33 million in 3 years

Vincent is the biggest new player signed by the Lakers during the offseason. In the playoffs last season, he averaged 12.7 points, 1.4 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game. He averaged 6.1 three-pointers per game and shot 37.8% from the field. , providing the Heat with reliable three-pointers and defense.

However, Vincent’s performance during the regular season was poor, shooting only 33.4% from three-point range, resulting in a B rating for this signing.

The third deal: signing Wood for 5.7 million in 2 years (B+, may be upgraded to A)

Last season, while playing for the Mavericks, Wood averaged 16.6 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game, while shooting 37.6% from three-point range.

If he carries a contract with an average salary of about US$15 million, Wood is a bad inside man with obvious defensive shortcomings. But when the Lakers only paid him a basic salary, Wood at this time is a capable player. Averaged 20+10 cost-effective space-based insiders per game.


The fourth deal: Rei Hachimura’s 3-year, 51 million contract extension (A-)

Both players who joined the Lakers at the trade deadline last season, Hachimura and Russell’s growth curves are completely opposite. Hachimura declined first and then improved. During the regular season, he lost his core rotation position. As a result, he failed in the playoffs. He shot a brilliant 48.7% three-point shooting rate and successfully entered the starting lineup.

Such performance, coupled with a reasonable price, gave Hachimura a near-perfect score. The only concern is whether Hachimura can continue his shooting performance during the playoffs.


Fifth deal: 4-year, 56 million contract extension for Reeves (A)

Judging from Reeves’ performance on behalf of the United States team in the World Cup during the offseason, Reeves should receive higher scores. This four-year, $56 million contract can be regarded as the most valuable contract currently in service.

During the playoffs, he averaged 16.9 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game, and shot 44.3% from three-point range. I believe he will play a more important role with the Lakers in the new season.


The sixth deal: 186 million for 3 years to renew Brother Nongmei (A+)

The value of the deal itself does not reach the A+ level, because Brother Nongmei has considerable injury risks.

But from the team’s long-term perspective, this deal can be regarded as a masterstroke. On the one hand, it solves the team’s pressure to renew the contract before the salary cap rises next year, and at the same time continues the current momentum of the championship.

On the other hand, the Lakers are ready for signings in the post-James era, giving reassurance to all potential stars who are willing to join the Lakers. Even if James will leave the team or retire soon, the team will not be in ruins. As long as he joins the Lakers, You can join forces with Brother Nongmei to continue competing for the championship.

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