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Milan VS Newcastle first appearance exposed: Pioli’s strongest attack, the new Dutch ace leads Giroud’s charge_Hernandez_Natural_Sitting in charge


Original title: Milan VS Newcastle first reveal: Pioli’s strongest attack, the new Dutch ace leads Giroud’s charge

At 00:45 in the morning on September 20th, Beijing time, the first round of Group F of the UEFA Champions League will stage an eye-catching strong dialogue. The Rossoneri AC Milan will face the new Premier League tycoon Newcastle United at home.

After entering the new season, AC Milan’s overall condition is pretty good, winning 3 consecutive games in the first 3 rounds. Unfortunately, in the 4th round of Serie A, they suffered a huge humiliation. They were beaten 5 goals in a row by their local rivals Inter Milan in the away game. , suffered a miserable defeat 1:5. You know, the last time a team lost to Inter Milan by 5 goals was 49 years ago.

After suffering a huge humiliation in Serie A, AC Milan naturally hopes to find some psychological balance in the AFC Champions League. In the first game, they will face Newcastle United, a new and powerful Premier League tycoon. If they can win a victory, it will definitely boost the team’s performance. morale. It is worth mentioning that AC Milan has never faced Newcastle United before in the history of the Champions League, so this will be an encounter where the outcome is difficult to predict. In order to defeat the opponent as much as possible, it is expected that AC Milan coach Pioli will go all out and use the full lineup to play.

In the goalkeeper position, the main goalkeeper Maignan is naturally guarding the AC Milan goal; in the defense, as expected, Pioli will still arrange the 4-back formation he is accustomed to for the sake of safety, and there is a high probability that he will be the starting 4th back. The defense will be Calabria, Malik Jaff, Kjaer and French wing Theo Hernandez. Among them, Malik Jiafu and Kjaer will serve as a double central defender combination; while Calabria and Theo Hernandez will be separated on both sides and serve as full-backs.

In the midfield, there is no doubt that the main midfielder who is responsible for interceptions and steals in Milan’s midfield will be England midfielder Loftus-Cheek; and he and Loftus-Cheek will form a double midfielder combination. The one should be Bosnia and Herzegovina’s iron waist Krunic. In front of the double midfielder, it is natural that the Dutch attacker Reijnders sits in the frontcourt and serves as the offensive commander, passing the ball and feeding the cake, leading the Rossoneri’s frontcourt offense. The two ace wingers who form an offensive response around him should be Portuguese international star Rafael Leao and American international Pulisic. The three of them joined forces to deliver artillery shells to Milan’s forward line.

On the forward line, there is no doubt that it is French striker Giroud who is charging forward for AC Milan. Based on the above analysis, AC Milan’s final expected starting lineup against Newcastle United is:Maignan; Calabria, Malik Yaff, Kjaer, Theo Hernandez; Krunic, Loftus-Cheek; Pulisic, Reinds, Rafael Leo; GiroudReturn to Sohu to see more


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