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The facilities and services highlight the “professional style” Xingongti has been praised by the team and fans

The facilities and services highlight the “professional style” Xingongti has been praised by the team and fans
The facilities and services highlight the “professional style” Xingongti has been praised by the team and fans

Original title: Xingongti was praised by the team and fans

Our reporter Wang Yang

This Tuesday night, the Beijing Guoan team beat the Cangzhou Lions in the Chinese Super League. More than 30,000 Beijing fans sang all the way after the game and left the stadium in an orderly manner. This is the fifth home game of the Guoan team undertaken by the upgraded Xingongti this season. The hardware level of the professional football field helped the team play a wonderful game and brought more shocking audio-visual enjoyment to the fans. Let the happiness brought by football radiate to every corner of the city.

20-year-old Xiao Li is a sophomore at a university in Beijing, and all he can afford is a low-priced ticket of less than 200 yuan. According to his recollection, in the past, the seats of the low-price tickets of the Lao Gongti were not very good, which affected the effect of watching the game. Xingongti has been transformed into a professional football field, and the stands are closer to the lawn. Although he is sitting in the stands on the third floor, he has a wide field of vision. “I can really see all the goals!”

To provide fans with a better watching experience is an important indicator for Gongti to transform from a comprehensive stadium into a professional football stadium. For this reason, many experts and scholars involved in the renovation and reconstruction project of the Workers’ Stadium have put in a lot of effort. Sports technology engineer Qiu Jianjia “supervised” the field during these home games, sitting in the stands to observe the details, hoping to continuously improve the design functions of the stadium.

“From the perspective of fans, the professionalism of Xingongti is mainly reflected in the three aspects of vision, sound and lighting. Take the two large LED screens inside the stadium as an example. The previous large screens were installed vertically at 90 degrees. To ensure the visual comfort of every audience in the stadium, the large screen adopts an oblique downward angle design, so that audiences on the upper, middle and lower floors do not have to stretch their necks to watch. 260 speakers are evenly distributed inside the stadium, so that fans can clearly Hear the on-court broadcast and the score report. The venue lighting system also complies with the technical standards of FIFA and AFC, making the lawn of the stadium look bright and not dazzling.”

Qiu Jianjia said that the design of the 68,000 seats also takes ergonomics into consideration, not only increasing the backrest, but also widening the seat spacing and row spacing to varying degrees, so that fans will not feel tired after sitting for two or three hours.

In addition to the hardware, the software of Xingongti has also been upgraded. Li Dandan, Director of the Large-Scale Events Department of Zhonghe Gongti Company, who is in charge of the operation of the New Workers’ Stadium, said that in order to prevent fans from finding the stands, the New Workers’ Stadium has retained the relative positions of the 24 stands of the Old Workers’ Stadium, and placed them at the entrances, exits, and stairs of each stand. , elevators and corridors conspicuously set up signs, plus two guides at the entrance of each stand, and two information desks on the first and top stands to ensure that fans can find their seats quickly.

Since the opening of the new season, Xingongti has also been affirmed by the team. Guoan striker Zhang Yuning, who once played in Europe, said that even if Xingongti is placed in the European country with the most developed football, its level can still rank in the forefront.

Patricio, the foreign coach of the Nantong Zhiyun team who once led the team to Beijing, said: “Xingongti is an amazing professional football stadium. The momentum created by the audience can bring passion and motivation to the players on both sides. If you love Football, I think you’ll revel in the atmosphere.”

According to statistics, of the 5 home games that the Guoan team has played, only 2 games were played on weekends and 3 games were played on weekdays, but the average attendance rate reached more than 41,000 people per game, ranking first among the 16 divisions in the Chinese Super League.

Behind this, it is directly related to the perseverance and dedication of Zhongbo Group, the wholly-owned shareholder of Guoan Club, in recent years. Sinobo Group has always ensured the relatively stable operation of the club, and at the same time spared no effort to promote the quality assurance and on-time delivery of the reconstruction project of the New Workers’ Stadium. Zhongbo is also actively raising funds and continuing to invest in the team.

It is understood that in order to ensure that the stadium lawn and the team’s performance will not be affected, Zhongbo has declined more than a dozen artists’ applications for concerts after the new Gongti was put into use.

(Editors in charge: Chi Mengrui, Gao Xing)

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