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If swimming is all about speed, then synchronized swimming is all about beauty. On May 25, the “Charm of Hangzhou” 2023 National Synchronized Swimming Championship kicked off at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Swimming Hall. This is the first time that Hangzhou has held the highest level domestic event of this event, and it is also the first time that a synchronized swimming event has been held in China since the introduction of the new rules of the World Swimming Federation. More than 100 athletes from 8 teams from all over the country will present a competition in 4 days. A wonderful “water ballet”.

Domestic debut of men’s single event

At the end of last year, the World Swimming Federation announced that the 2024 Paris Olympics will allow male athletes to participate in synchronized swimming team events, saying that this is a milestone in the history of synchronized swimming. As early as 2015, male players had already appeared in the men’s and women’s doubles event of the World Swimming Championships. It can be said that male players participating in the flower game has become a trend.

This national championship is also unconventional. For the first time, a men’s single event is set up. Although the two events of skill optional and free optional are not enough for the number of applicants, they only rank without awarding medals, but they have already created the history of Chinese flower tours. Rapid development in a more inclusive direction.

The 16-year-old Yang Shuncheng just represented the Chinese team in the World Cup in Egypt not long ago and won two gold medals. In this competition, he participated in multiple events such as single skill selection, mixed doubles skill selection, and collective skill selection. Everyone wants to be a champion. After finishing the men’s singles technical optional competition for the first time, the teenager said bluntly: “Now male players have more opportunities, and I hope to show the charm of male synchronized swimmers.”

What are the advantages of twins

In synchronized swimming competitions, it is not uncommon for twin sisters to join forces in women’s doubles. From Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting, who made historic breakthroughs, to Wang Liuyi and Wang Qianyi, who represented the Chinese team in the World Championships in the last two years, are all famous twins. combination. In this competition, the reporter also found three pairs of twins. It was Lin Yanhan and Lin Yanjun, sisters from Beijing, who won the championship in the women’s double skill self-selection on the first day of the competition.


“Compared with other combinations, we may have a better understanding, and the unified movements will be faster.” When talking about the advantages of the twins in the double event, Lin Yanjun said that they grew up together and started pairing to practice flower games at the age of 9. , It has been more than ten years, and the long-term relationship makes it easier to understand each other in life and training, which is difficult for ordinary partners to do.

In fact, apart from tacit understanding, twins have another big advantage, that is, the height, leg length, and proportion of the two are also very close, and they can present better visual effects in the water, which is naturally more conducive to “impressing” the judges. Get high marks.

However, although they won the championship, the sisters are still relatively modest. “The performance is not bad, but there are still many problems. I need to go back and watch the video to summarize and adjust.” Lin Yanhan said that the new rules are a challenge for everyone, and it is necessary to attack the difficulty.

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Cold knowledge of the flower tour project

Underwater speakers: The impedance of water is 3600 times that of air. Synchronized swimming pools must be equipped with excellent underwater speakers to ensure that athletes can hear music during underwater competitions.

Pool transparency: Olympic-standard swimming pools are between 2.5 meters and 3 meters deep, and transparency is also very important, because it is convenient for judges to see all the actions of athletes underwater.


No swimming goggles: Synchronized swimming is a sport with artistic performance, and facial expressions are also very important. Athletes cannot wear swimming goggles so that the judges can see their facial expressions.

How to fix the hair: Athletes use gelatin and jelly powder to fix the hair to ensure that the hair will not unravel when doing movements in the water, but washing the hair after the game is very troublesome, and often needs to be soaked in hot water for half an hour

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