World Cup Switzerland vs Cameroon, who can win? Cameroon vs. Switzerland. Prospective

World Cup Switzerland vs Cameroon, who can win? Cameroon vs. Switzerland. Prospective
World Cup Switzerland vs Cameroon, who can win? Cameroon vs. Switzerland. Prospective

At 18:00 on November 24th, Beijing time, in the first round of Group G of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Swiss team will face Cameroon. So who will win Switzerland vs. Cameroon? The following editor shares the analysis of the results of the World Cup match between Switzerland and Cameroon.

Qatar World Cup 2022 – Switzerland vs Cameroon, who will win

Swiss team

The “Saber” is out of its sheath, eager to break through

The Swiss team is a frequent visitor to the World Cup. It has never been absent since the 2006 World Cup in Germany. However, the Netherlands and Italy, which are recognized as European powerhouses, have been absent in recent World Cups in turn. The overall strength of the Swiss team should not be underestimated. In the World Cup preliminaries, with an unbeaten record of 5 wins and 3 draws, they overwhelmed the Italian team and directly qualified for the World Cup as the first in the group.

Now in this Swiss team, there are many players who have played in the five major leagues. They have good personal strength, outstanding defensive ability, tacit team cooperation and rich experience in competitions. Players such as Arsenal’s main defender Xhaka, Borussia Mönchengladbach’s goalkeeper Sommer, and Turin’s Ricardo Rodriguez all participated in the last Russian World Cup. West”, known as Shaqiri et al. The 34-year-old Sommer is at the peak of his career. In the match between Borussia Borussia and Bayern this season, he made 19 saves in a single game, setting a Bundesliga record in one fell swoop. In the previous world preliminaries, he played quite steadily. In 8 games, his team’s goal was only penetrated by the opponent twice.

Last year, the coach of the Swiss team changed, and Petkovic, who had led the team for nearly 7 years, left the team. Murat Yakin, who has been coaching in Ruichao for many years, took office. Although the new head coach is not a big name, he has allowed the Swiss team to continue its stable performance.

Nearly 4 times into the World Cup finals, the Swiss team broke through the group 3 times, but it is always difficult to go further. The closest to the quarter-finals was the 2006 World Cup in Germany. In the last World Cup, the Swiss team drew 1-1 with Brazil and defeated Serbia 2-1 to qualify as second in the group, but lost to Sweden in the quarter-finals. Now ranked 15th in the world, the Swiss team is eager to achieve new breakthroughs.

cameroon team

“African Lions” advance hard

After 8 years away from the World Cup, the “African Lions” Cameroon team is back. The Cameroon team has advanced to the World Cup finals 7 times in history. It is the first African team to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup. It has won the Africa Cup of Nations 5 times. But in recent years, Cameroon’s football strength has declined. The last two World Cup finals were in 2010 and 2014, but they lost all six group games.

The Cameroon team’s road to the World Cup in Qatar has also taken a lot of trouble. In their away game against Algeria, with Ekambi’s goal in overtime, they reversed their opponents 2-1 and finally advanced with the away goal advantage.

The coach of the Cameroon team is their legendary old captain Rigobert Song. Captain Abu Bakar is currently playing in the Saudi League. He is very familiar with the weather and environment in West Asia and will provide useful suggestions for the team. The goalkeeper Onana, who plays for Inter Milan, has a first-rate response and is good at hitting points. Another star worthy of attention is Shupo Moting, who is in full swing at Bayern. He has scored 10 goals in 14 games this season.

However, if the Cameroon team wants to qualify, they must first pass the two hurdles of the Serbian team and the Swiss team, but they have never won a European team in the World Cup since the 1990 World Cup. (Source: Beijing Evening News, reporter Zhuo Ran)

Preview analysis of Switzerland vs Cameroon match

Besides clocks and sabers, Switzerland has football.

It is the 12th time to enter the finals, 3 times to enter the top eight, and the last two consecutive rounds of 16… The Swiss team’s World Cup results are quite good. Currently ranked 15th in the world, it also shows that he is not an ordinary person. Just because it is too low-key and lacks big-name players, the presence of the “Crusaders” in international football has always been very low.

In the 2010 World Cup, the Swiss team defeated the current champion Brazil 1-0. 4 years ago, they drew with the “Samba Legion” 1:1. In intercontinental competitions, the “Swiss Army Knife” is often called the “giant killer”. Going to this cup, the Swiss team coach Jakin has already said that he will create the team’s best record in Qatar.

The Cameroon team, participating in the World Cup for the 8th time, should be the African team with the strongest “sense of presence”. The team reached the quarter-finals in Italy in 1990, creating the best result of an African team in the World Cup. Although the Cameroon team has never made it out of the group stage in the cup since then, the 38-year-old “Uncle Mira”, who was a super substitute at the time and scored four goals alone, still makes people talk about it.

In this European-African battle, the “Crusaders” will face the roughness and boldness of the “African Lion” with the precision and delicacy of a “Swiss watch”. At present, the Cameroon team ranked 43rd in the world is inferior to the Swiss team on paper. It is worth looking forward to whether the “African Lions” can counterattack. (Source: China News Network, reporter Wang Zumin)

Editor in charge: Zeng Shaolin

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