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How good is the Uruguay team for the 2022 Qatar World Cup?Analysis of Uruguay national team strength level

Recently, the Uruguay team officially announced the World Cup lineup and shot a video specially for the official announcement list. In the video, as the head coach of the Uruguayan national team points to every place on the country map, people from all walks of life and all ages show up and announce the list of players selected for the World Cup squad in different ways, which is eye-catching.

Uruguay is not a first-line favorite among all World Cup teams, and even in South America, Uruguay is far less eye-catching than Brazil and Argentina. However, Uruguay’s connection with the World Cup is quite deep. In 1930, the first FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay, and the Uruguay team was also the champion of the first World Cup. In the 1950 World Cup, Uruguay defeated the host Brazil and won the championship for the second time.

However, in the ensuing 72 years, Uruguay lost its former courage. In the past three World Cups, their results were the top four in 2010, the top 16 in 2014, and the top eight in 2018. Uruguay ranks 14th in the latest FIFA rankings.

In this World Cup, Uruguay are in the same group as Portugal, South Korea and Ghana. In the knockout round of the last World Cup, Uruguay defeated Portugal. In this match, Uruguay has a certain psychological advantage, but Portugal obviously cannot be underestimated. The Ghanaian team has excellent physical fitness. The “handball grievance” caused by Suarez when the two sides played against each other 12 years ago will also make Ghana high-spirited and may pose a certain threat to the Uruguay team. The South Korean team defeated the German team 2-0 in the last World Cup, and Uruguay also needs to be vigilant. It can be said that Uruguay still has a high probability of qualifying, but if you are not careful, you may be out.

Diego Alonso is the current coach of the Uruguay national team, and this World Cup is also the first time in his coaching career. Compared with the “442” system of the former head coach Tavares, Alonso likes to try new formations, such as “4231”, “433”, and “4141” in the game. However, he has been in office for less than a year, and the disadvantages of inexperience may appear in the World Cup.

There are many veterans in the Uruguayan team’s roster this time, and Suarez is undoubtedly the most famous player in the team. The 35-year-old has represented the Uruguayan national team in the league this season and has maintained an efficient performance despite leaving the mainstream league. However, age and physical fitness have added uncertainty to his World Cup performance. Cavani, who is the same age as Suarez, will also play in the World Cup for the fourth time.

On Uruguay’s front line, in addition to these two legendary veterans, there are also new forces. Nunes, who plays for Liverpool, is one of the best. His performance in this World Cup, which is still on the rise, has attracted much attention.

In the midfield position, Valverde, who plays for Real Madrid, is their core. This will also be the first time in his career to play in the World Cup. Bentancur from Tottenham also has a good performance this season. In addition, Vecino has both offensive and defensive capabilities. He can defend when he retreats, and he can enter the opponent’s dangerous zone when he advances.

The defense is led by two veterans, Godin and Caceres. The veterans of this Uruguayan national team are helping young players to quickly integrate and gain confidence; in the World Cup, their experience will be the team’s most valuable asset.

Of course, this World Cup may also be the last dance of many Uruguayan stars. Whether Nunes, Valverde, and Bentancur, the new generation and Mesozoic players can take the lead, depends on the World Cup in Qatar. (Reporter Wang Junbao)

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