China’s high-priced ice cream that “doesn’t melt” raises doubts (video) | 1 hour does not melt | Zhong Xuegao

China’s high-priced ice cream that “doesn’t melt” raises doubts (video) | 1 hour does not melt | Zhong Xuegao
China’s high-priced ice cream that “doesn’t melt” raises doubts (video) | 1 hour does not melt | Zhong Xuegao

[NTDTV, Beijing time, July 06, 2022]Recently, topics such as “Zhong Xuegao”, a high-priced ice cream in China, “not melted after 1 hour” and “burned with fire” have been trending on Weibo. The public questioned that the brand of ice cream contains additives that are harmful to health. Zhong Xuegao issued a statement in response, but it caused more doubts.

Recently, several videos on the Internet have shown that the “Zhong Xuegao” ice cream will not melt for an hour at a high temperature of 31 °C. Some people burned it with a lighter, and the ice cream was scorched and did not melt.

Ice cream does not melt at high temperature. (Screenshot of Weibo)

Netizens questioned: “Is this ice cream or snow glue?” “Who dares to eat ice cream that won’t melt?”

Zhong Xuegao’s company responded on July 2 that Zhong Xuegao’s ice cream had high solid content and little water, so it did not melt.

On the 6th, Zhong Xuegao also issued a statement saying that carrageenan was added to the ice cream, and an appropriate amount of carrageenan helped the ice cream to maintain a relatively stable state, and the added amount met the national standard.

“We believe that it is not scientific to judge the quality of ice cream by baking, drying or heating it,” the statement added.

However, netizens didn’t buy Zhong Xuegao’s statement, and they all ridiculed: “I just added an appropriate amount of carrageenan to increase the taste, and new materials for fireproof, waterproof and heat insulation are here!” “Oh, there is no gold bar in it, but why am I? It costs more than 20 to buy carrageenan.”

Zhong Xuegao is known as a “luxury” in ice cream, and the price is tens of yuan. People mock him as an “ice cream assassin” because it is mixed with cheap ice cream and sold, accidentally attracting consumers.

In addition, Zhong Xuegao advertised that the price of his ice cream is expensive because of the special raw materials. Now Zhong Xue Gao ice cream has been exposed as “high temperature does not melt” and “burning”, netizens ridiculed: “So the reason for the high price is the additive?” “It’s not the price of ice cream, but the price of glue.” Black technology that has never come later.”

Some netizens ridiculed: “No wonder Zhong Xuegao’s shop called ‘melting and refunding’. Originally thought that the cold chain was confident and the after-sales service was excellent, but now I found out that the additives were added well.”

(Comprehensive report by reporter Luo Tingting/responsible editor: Wen Hui)

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